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Great hike! Awesome waterfall!

11 hours ago

Easy hike by a beautiful creek. It was very serene to be surrounded by the sounds of the birds, the wind and the water.

Beautiful view at the top, took an hour up & down.

Hiked trail this past Sunday. The fire and subsequent mudslide have devastated the trail. It will need our help to restore it.

Hard going! First half straightforward, second half difficult route finding, mostly breaking trail and frequent thigh-high snow. Snowshoes would help a lot! At least there are now two sets of tracks to follow...

14 hours ago

Lots of homeless. :(

Love the Pudd! Go here religiously. So beautiful and peaceful. One time I saw a dude taking pics of some hot slut on a sports car. It was my favorite random thing that ever happened there! Lol

14 hours ago

Absolutely, my favorite hike in the area. Six Ridge Crossing’s on the north side of the loop are quite taxing. But the scenery and the beautiful forests make it all worthwhile. I plan on doing it again this fall just to experience the different colors.

Very nice trail with decent variety and a beautiful brook and small bridge, my wife and 4 year old enjoyed it very much. Easy to follow markings, took us about an hour at an easy pace.

best views of the boston skyline at the top of north drumlin! great little hike. love the harbor islands so much!

15 hours ago

Great trail. Very beautiful. Camped out on the reservoir. There was plenty of down trees for firewood and there are bathrooms. Camping by the lake was super peaceful and then at night we could see the milky way galaxy band. Great for beginner backpackers or a great way to test gear.

16 hours ago

It’s a strenuous one, but it’s beautiful! I do wish that they had the trails marked a little more… Sometimes it gets confusing. There are many incredible things to see on this trail though, So I think you’ll be pretty happy no matter what.

A nice easy day hike around a pretty lake. Some muddy/wet spots. A few spots on the trail have benches where one can stop and enjoy a nice view of the lake. Keep an eye out for snakes,and mountain bikes on the trail. I wasn’t intentionally putting mountain bikes and snakes in the same category, lol. Have fun,hike more and worry less.

This park and especially the trails,is a hidden gem! I’ve been day hiking at Fort Pillow for many years. Trails marked well but make sure you check in at the ranger office in the museum and get the paper map as trees fall across the trails and might leave you wondering which way to go. This park is a creepy place and can offer strange occurrences from time to time. I have talked to other hikers over the years who felt they were followed or unwanted by the “dead” who fell at the battle of this fort. Just google Fort Pillow Ghosts and you’ll see what I mean. Moderate hills, hiking shoes best and a pair of hiking poles. Enjoy!

Very nice trail, one of the better ones I've been on. Great views and a couple nice water features. Trail maintainers have done a great job, you can tell they are actively to working to repair the few washed out bridges and blow downs from the flooding this winter/spring. I started at the trail head at the Visitors Center and went south. Next time I will go north 1st and get the hilly section done with fresh legs. The road walking was a little unnerving, but only lasts a short while. Trail was very well blazed, would be tough to get lost.

Nice little hike. Did it with a 4 and 7 year old and had a great time for being close to home.

Absolutely relaxation. Beautiful walk

A challenge for trail running. A good hike. Very green during April. I had heard from another hiker there are rattlesnakes out so be careful at the top where the tall grass is.

We began the hike from Old Furnace State Park Parking area near Route 6. Using a map downloaded from DEEP, we began our hike. As other's have noted, there are a number of unmarked trails so you have to pay real close attention to the blazes . The view from the cliff is pretty this time of year (April). The hike itself is an easy one, family and dog friendly. Great starter hike for the hiking season.

20 hours ago

Great rock formations and the dogwoods are blooming so the woods are really beautiful. Lots of water running and beautiful views from the bluffs. Nice little hill to start out, but the rest of the trail is easy.

Good hike but easy to get lost as part of the trail has eroded and overgrown. You need a parking adventure day pass that needs to be purchased before you come up the mountain. There's no reception once you start the drive up to mountain. Have to cross the river a couple of times so it's good to bring some hiking sandals or water shoes and extra socks. Pack a lunch to eat at the top. Bungee jumping is at the top of the bridge. Very popular trail. Beginning half of the trail has shade, the end toward the bridge is sunny and hot. Bring lots of water. Start early cause it gets hot toward the top. Saw bighorn sheep on the trail too.

Trail was well maintained and absolutely gorgeous. I’m new to hiking, and really out of shape but with breaks on the hills i managed to middle falls and back. Couple muddy spots but no issue getting through/around them. Absolutely worth the hard work to get there!

The hike itself isn't noteworthy, short and generally lacking views. But the areas of the trail that weave past Burney Falls are wonderful. If you're looking for a true "hike," this probably isn't a great trail for you. But if you want an easy stroll around the perimeter of the waterfall, this is an easy way to stretch the legs. (Hiked in September 2017)

Nice area. Trail was hard to find at times or just not there.

What a hike! This one passes through a variety of scenery and terrain. There is no way we could have made it the last leg without our spikes. The trail seemed much longer than 4.4 miles. Loved the views of the reservoir and mountains. The waterfall was more beautiful than I had imagined. Wear good shoes! This hike is no joke. We saw a family with cheap flip flops and a baby strapped on one of their backs trying to scale those rocks.

Options for short or longer walks. Gorgeous! You would never know it’s so close to the city. Went on a Tuesday afternoon , quiet. Can only imagine what it might be like on the weekend. Watch your footing for roots and mud but otherwise very gentle.

Pretty trail but right now it is still under 2-12" of slushy snow in spots. With the melting snow, the length of the trail is flooded so if you don't have waterproof boots, forget about it. Additionally, the younger trees along the trail are still bowed over with icy, compacted snow, closing off the trail in places and forcing you to detour. As the anow melts, yiu can see the amount of damage done to the forest by our 3 Nor'easters. Be prepared to climb over fallen trees, and trip over the multitude of fallen branches. The rapid and waterfalls are ronning fast and hard, so the sunshine and the sound of water certainly made the hike worthwhile.

If you follow all the outer trails, this is an almost exactly 30 minute hike/walk. Wonderful area, lots of areas to bring kids (walking or just play). Currently the "beach" area is being rebuilt. The White Lower Yellow to Upper Yellow connector is a solid aerobic workout (short but nice). Absolutely a great trail for all ages.

1 day ago

Breathtaking !!! My fave place soo far.

By far one of my favorite hikes. The lake is beautiful!

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