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This hike was a fun one. We encountered all manner of hikers out here. There were the just out for a stroll variety and then the hard core this is my work out variety. For the easy stroll just walk up to the resevoir. For the more serious ones go on up to the waterfall. Note: there were plenty of signs warning about the dangers associated with the waterfall; also a law enforcement officer we chatted with on our way up said they usually "lose about one a year". Having said that, the waterfall fell into the category "probably safe if you don't do stupid things". Good hike and viewing the map it looks like there's another lake a little further up from the water fall. Will probably do that one next.

great hike! wear sunscreen, theres not a whole lot of tree cover in most areas

so worth it!

20 hours ago

Did this hike on Friday morning. We arrived via shuttle at the park. It was pretty busy, but thinned out as we got further along. The view at the lake is breathtaking.

21 hours ago

Easy and touristy!

Great little hike! We were lucky to hit it on a drizzly day, crowds were leaving, didn't have to wait on ladders going down, only on first ladder coming up - waited 10+minutes for group with small children who were crying and paralyzed with fear trying to descend first ladder. Beautiful slot canyon, would have continued further if thunder and rain hadn't threatened us.

21 hours ago

Once in a lifetime hike. Amazing views throughout entire hike, just have to remind yourself to look up. Walking through water most of the time, I recommend high-top boots with synthetic socks. Ski poles or a walking stick are necessary, as you are constantly stepping on mossy rocks under the water surface.

21 hours ago

Fantastic hike! Easy and relatively short. We stayed at Ponderosa and drove over to trailhead. 3.5 hours total roundtrip. The view from the cable housing quite literally took my breath away. The remains of the draw works and the history of it were very interesting. I highly recommend this hike.

21 hours ago

Watchman is a nice, short, easy hike with a great little 360° loop at the end, giving you views in all directions.

A diverse trail that covers three separate ecosystems. Great camping options (by permit only) and plenty of wildlife to see. Completed the whole loop in 5 days with occasional day hikes mixed in.

23 hours ago

Quick hike, rocky. Went counterclockwise, poles for the descent are handy. Lovely view from top.

My favorite hike in Yosemite. However I did it in the other direction, hiking up Mist Trail to Panorama, then down by the Four Mile trail. I find it more pleasant and the views more stunning this way.

Left upper pines campground at 5AM, was at glacier point at 9AM and took the shuttle at the four mile trailhead to the upper pines campground at approximately 11AM. I saw literally no one between Nevada Falls and Glacier point. There were heavy forest fires when I went so the view was a little hazy and there was a strong smoke odor, but it was still very much worth it!

I preferred this hike to half dome, although the cables at half dome are quite an experience...

Finally, I would not call this hike Moderate but Difficult due to the distance and elevation gain. Getting from illilouette falls to glacier point was quite grueling, and the hike down from glacier point basically exhausted any remaining energy I had left in my legs.

23 hours ago

Great hike! Take your time up to Nevada falls, things get easier at Little Yosemite Valley... Until Subdome that is. I found Subdome to be more difficult than the cables. It seems like it goes on forever.

Bring good gripping shoes and gloves for the cables! I was at the summit at approximately 9AM, stayed for 15 minutes and encountered lots of hikers on the cables on the way down.

Hiked up via mist trail and down by JMT to lessen the strain on the knees.

Amazing hike, possibly second only to the Panorama-Four mile loop.

Fun quick hike up. Really enjoyed the view enroute to the top. Remember the trail is a loop so you don’t have to descend from the cliff side.

The loop posted as-is is definitely not 22 miles. I think it would come in around 10/11 miles, so not sure what happened there. However, it goes through some beautiful and less trafficked areas and there a plenty of options to extend the loop. I will explore more portions on this area!


This is a HARD trail. Challenging in every aspect but the views are well worth it

1 day ago

Took our whole family, kids ages 9-17. While it is slippery and muddy, its a lot of fun. There are a few parts where the edges aren't for the faint of heart. The views are unmatched! Breezes are phenomenal, weather and be hit or miss. I've done this hike several times in sun and clouds. Get pics of the mountain goats!

Beautiful hike, with the upper and lower Copeland Falls close to the trailhead. Calypso Cascades at the end are fantastic. Be aware that if you arrive later in the morning, you will likely have to park in the lot 1 mile from the trailhead.

nice little stroll but very out of the way, so I'd honestly probably never do it again, but if you're coming through just once, it's worth it.

you drive right up to the views so it's not really a hike but it is stunningly gorgeous. we we're lucky enough to experience a clear day, being able to see all the way to the Canadian Rockies. apparently it's typical to not even be able to see the water!

The first 1/2 mile of the trail is very steep. I carry a couple of hiking poles and it helps me up these obstacles! You start with beautiful green bushes and wild flowers. You slowly immerse yourself in you aspen trees and it feels like you’re in a scary movie! Once you find yourself out of the woods, you get a breath of fresh air of just hills, mountains, and a gorgeous view! It’s so green! You’d think you’re in England seeing all of this! Walk a little further, cross a little stream, and BOOM! The lake just catches you by surprise! We were lucky enough to find ducks and their ducklings in their home. Of course these pictures don’t do any justice Ryan actually seeing this live. It’s a pretty easy hike if you go slow. It’s just the first part of the trail is pretty killer. There are people who camp at this area with their families so don’t expect peace and quiet at the lake.

Awesome !!!! Lower caves get lame because of the crowds but still cool! We did upper and was less crowded and more adventurous. We brought our 7 year old and she did great!. UPPER CAVE IS NOT HARD! Group sizes (10+) were the only problem. If u hike here in WA often u will be fine! Some boulder scrambling and balance is all that is needed! Pro tip: bring head lamps and gloves... ur welcome! Those who rate this 3 stars or below simply do not belong here. Enjoy! Please remember that this isn’t a factory outlet!

1 day ago

Great refreshing hike. Escape the heat of the desert with a fun tram ride experience.

1 day ago

Easy hike but sore muscles the day after.

Too crowded, very short and not an amazing view. Not very challenging (rather easy than moderate).

The walk took us a little over 1 hour. It's rather easy than moderate we think (and we're beginning hikers). The view at the top is not amazing, but overall we liked the hike.

started around noon but had a lot of shade. easy walk and great lunch spot next to Heron Pond (big log with amazing view) - would have done the full hermitage loop but had limited time. osprey on swan lake. active bear warning but never saw or heard any...

Beautiful hike. Two lakes and when the day is clear, Mount Rainer is larger than life. Go early to beat the crowds. If you don’t have a National Parks pass, bring $30 cash for the day fee. There isn’t a ranger station to pay someone. You pay via an envelope and drop box. The gravel road leading there is about 15 miles, much better for a truck or SUV.

Stunning...the shifting landscapes make this dynamic and always engaging. I started up Dispea and Steep Ravine to Pantol Station. This portion is through dense and beautiful forest. There’s a charming ladder to climb over a large boulder. From Pantol Station the Matt Davis Trail is a nice descent back to Stinson Beach. The day I was there the trail seemed to intersect where the fog hit the land to the left of me and a beautiful clear blue sky to my right. Not only one of the most beautiful sightings on a trail but one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen ever. It was fairly heavily trafficked but it was a Saturday. It’s a great hike.

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