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11 hours ago

Beautiful hike, even with the fog!

Amazing, beautiful hike! Very ICY! Take proper precautions

12 hours ago

Nice local walk with a decent pond.

Perfect place for mothers to bring their young ones for a power walk!

This hike is more than 6.3 miles when you stay on the marked trail. TONS of switchbacks. I tried to go the mapped trail on this app coming down and it was a bad idea for myself. It was along the ridge and some spots you would have to find another route to climb down because of small drop offs, very steep and I slid a lot. I did however shave off a mile of switchbacks but did not save any time since we had to be more careful climbing down.

Beautiful views, not very crowded.

14 hours ago

This trail can be done in a comfortable pace. Not strenuous. The scenic view of the ocean is EXPECTACULAR. We saw people riding their bikes, walking with their dogs, and some horse poop. The entrance is surrounded by poison ivy. I will not bring a kid here. I wore long sleeve shirt, pants, hat, closed shoes and it helped feel a little safer when entering the trail. This was for about 10mins of walking. It was a great walk and great views. PS this walk was on Dec 2017. I am unsure if fires, mudslide, rain have affected the area after that date.

Hiked this monster yesterday and this trail got my attention BIG TIME. After reading all the previous reviews we (a crew of three hiking ladies) were quite apprehensive...were we ready...will we make it? etc.
We felt prepared. We even bought ourselves trekking poles which, by the way, saved our bacon and I highly recommend for this trail.

The trail starts off being somewhat tame raising our confidence. In fact, it only gets really gnarly about 1/3 mile from the summit. At this point the trail basically disappears but there are green posts indicating the direction and sorta showing you which bolder you have to scramble over or which boulders you need to somehow squeeze between. Well we made it to the top but that last part was not fun. If and when I ever hike this again, I will pass on this last part of the trail and go check out the south face which is supposed to be just like the one in Yosemite (but smaller).

The way back was almost worst. Since we were tired (6 miles already”) it just seems tough. Every time we came upon yet another uphill portion of the hike, we would think “this must be the last one...” but NO. Even though we made better time going back (4 hours in but we were taking our time, and 3.5 back but we were worried about getting locked into the parking lot) it is just as hard.

So here are some recommendations:
1. Do not go on a hot day.
2. Take more water than you think you will need.
3. Trekking poles really help a lot.
4. Give yourself plenty of time.


off road driving
15 hours ago

Very pleasant and scenic drive throughout the Four Peaks mountain range. Light traffic and easy graded dirt road for the most part. Saw one car going by but wouldn't recommend the trail for any low clearance vehicle due to some washed out and rutted in places. Will come back for sure as it was worth the view!

15 hours ago

It was a tough trail for me as I haven’t been hiking in years, but it was worth it! I saw the faint petroglyph on the wall. Someone had scrawled their name over it but you can still see it! Just knowing an ancient people were there is amazing! Loved it.

15 hours ago

A nice long loop especially considering the urban area. The trail was mostly flat and almost completely dirt. People walking their dogs, people watering their yards, people out for a nice hike with their families, overall a very pleasant walk.

Did a solo hike here! Looking forward to going back with friends!

16 hours ago

good walk

Great hike, nice view. I loved the echo the caves made when we got to the top.

Usually I enter this trail from Lower to Upper Javelina. Initial trail hike begins in wash, climbing west out of the wash a couple miles in. Another option on this trail is to cross the wash east a tad further down and take Alamos trail south back to trailhead merge/resort area. Alamos trail popular with resort guests and dogs as you near end.

Great running hike!

22 hours ago

Awesome views throughout the hike! It is a very steep and rocky trail. It gave me a good workout. Look for the trail log in a rusted aluminum can once you are at the end of the trail!

Great hike. Lot's of rugged terrain.

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