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Long but rewarding hike. Lots of little water falls on the way. Great views of South Sister and Broken Top.

great stress reliever

My favorite trail to run on the Wasatch front- never steep, great views alternating with shade!

15 hours ago

Beautiful hike and quite easy. Recent massive rock slide across the creek after the waterfall. Near the final creek crossing, you must climb over rocks which could be a little difficult but worth it. After the final creek crossing at the large waterfall, the trail continues for a short distance before the trail just ends. Lots of poison ivy and oak so watch your step. Just past the concrete structure where they used to mine quartz is a short trail up with nice view overlooking the creek. We had rain the night before but the trail wasn’t wet and hardly any insects.

Started at 3pm, plenty of parking available and only a handful of other hikers on the trail...most were returning from the Summit. Really enjoyed the switchbacks and the trail was easy to follow to the Saddle. Took a wrong turn from the Saddle to the Summit. FOLLOW THE STACKED ROCKS! I followed footprints leading me off of the trail onto a pretty steep/cliffy grade. Took a minute for me to backtrack and find the trail again. The view from the Summit was incredible...definitely a must see! And I was surprised to be the only one up there for almost an hour.
The hike back was a fun adventure with a few rain showers, spotting more wildlife (mountain goat/deer) and about 2 hrs of hiking in the dark. The lightning show was breathtaking! Made it back to the parking lot just before 11pm.
Needs for my hike included: Hydrating well before the hike to prevent cramping, sunscreen, sunglasses, an extra layer of clothing for the Summit and after dark, rain poncho, and head lamp. Took up 2L of water (had plenty left over that we gave to a family that was running low) and some snacks to keep my energy up (fruit leather, nut rolls, jerky).
Excited to hike Timp again soon and hope this review helps for any first time Timp hikers.

Awesome trail. Lots of AT through hikers, which is always fun.

great trail though be ready to get your butt kicked by it. compared to some other "hard" alltrails I've done, this one is VERY hard. otherwise awesome. I assume the difficulty keeps people away as i only saw 3 other humans in the 7 hours I was out there.

Enjoyable loop and a nice distance for a fun hike. Can backpack with a permit but some of the trails have limited space. Mostly single track on pine mountain trail. Some spots near noble mountain trail.

Avoid brushing up against any brush. I picked up a few ticks on the pine mountain section of trail that I quickly flicked off.

Some nice views and Indian creek was flowing in April.

16 hours ago

Tip: open the map and scroll left to where North Moat Mountain is. That is where you’re going. Not sure who gets to decide which path is the “official” one for these trails, but if you stopped where the red line does you’d never get to any of the views. Actual hike as measured by my Fitbit was just under 10 miles. Not recommended for anyone with less-than-stellar knees. Shares a parking lot with Diana’s Baths so get there early if you want a space. Bring $5 in cash for the Day Use fee. After deviating from Diana’s Baths we didn’t see anybody for another 3 hours. Lots of exposed smooth rock, slippery when wet, which it was in spots. Wear boots and long pants, bring poles if you’ve got them, lots of water, and plenty of snacks. If you want to make the trip educational, bring a field guide on mushrooms. I’ve never seen so many, of so many different kinds, in one place. Incredibly beautiful environment, but definitely the high end of moderate, if not hard. Glad I did it, but my knees are telling me I won’t be doing it again.

Trail is easy to get to... no 4WD needed.. and well maintained.

great for bikeing and walking

pros: great workout. dog friendly. blue trail up was very clearly marked. clean. pretty view.

cons: yellow trail down wasn't very clearly marked in some spots.

note: there are 2 areas where the yellow trail turns, instead of the usual double yellow mark there is a 90degree angle drawn on the rock that looks like an arrow, making people who are accustom to the "double marker means turn" indication of a trail turning, go in the direction of the "arrow" so DON'T go in the direction if the arrow because it means the trail turns 90degrees. haha. we found our way back to the proper trail easily. it look like several groups have done this as the "off trail" is warn fairly well making it look like you're going the right way. :)

Beautiful hike. I was amazed when I saw the falls. Had no idea such beauty existed so close to the Worcester.

amazing hike, can be done in one day best done in two. camp at lacal basin

20 hours ago

Kind of ran out of water but everyone I came across was really cool and the top was amazing!

Beautiful and worth the trek. Avid hikers, but 20lb+ of backpack adds a whole new element to it. Arrived at 730p Friday and Hiked 2 miles in the dark. The next day we hiked 16 miles (ended just before Frigid Pass). Last day we finished the remaining. Plowed through it based on time we had. Would have loved a leisurely 4 day backpack, but if can be done in 2 days. DEFINITELY recommend doing it counter clockwise. My guess is everyone wants to ease into it w a gradual climb on day 1, but it’s worth doing Buckskin pass 1st!Pays off later. Low 40s/high 30s at night. No bugs. Had a 1/2 day of relentless rain. Hand warmers were key! Hammock camped both nights, and even with some rain I was a happy camper! Was not overwhelmed by the amount of people on the trail. Surprised there wasn’t more actually. Very rewarding!! But bed feels good now.

Overall good trail, pretty easy, lots of interesting mushrooms and flowers along the path, varied terrain, but dissapointingly little variation in scenery. I would hike it again and recommend it to others, but don't expect any amazing vistas.

Great trail. Barkley and I had a blast.

21 hours ago

Do not go without a permit. BLM and the sheriff check several times a day. The fine is huge not to mention federal court and the bad karma from doing the wrong thing to Mother Nature.

Protecting the wave and surrounding area is critical. It is fragile beauty.

It took us 8 months but we finally won a permit. The effort was worth it. No one can really describe the mind boggling beauty of this hike.

It is as though you are on another planet. Enter the lottery every month until you are awarded a permit. It is truly the golden ticket.

Sandy in areas which is exhausting. Take the detailed map you get with your permit. We used it way more than I thought we would. You are on your own out there.

The ranger will stop you and examine your permit. Writing down the details. They keep careful track of who is out there.

21 hours ago

The beginning was not boring for us, as soon as we hit the trail, we came a crossed a large bull snake, he just wanted to be on his way! Then when we got to the canyon, we saw 2 woodchucks & a Fox. By the time we got to past the waterfalls & got to the pool, crystal clear water & ice cold, my friends & I took our girls & they were ready to take a swim. Hike back out was faster, watch for the poison oak, bring extra water & towels. In mid summer, go early in the morning, you will be in the sun the entire hike. We got there at 8am, & was done by noon!

Just a quick walk but a beautiful little spot.

We started trail just north of Crystal Lake campground. Nice uphill grade and good workout amongst the pines.

21 hours ago

Good up hill climb nice views

21 hours ago

This hike was not strenuous but it was fun and it did get my heart going when I kicked up the pace. I have to admit- it’s hard to keep pace with the endless beauty this hike brings. I was mesmerized by the wildflowers, trees, mountains, and wildlife all around. The lake at the top was peaceful and I saw a moose and all sorts of smaller creatures all along the way. It took me about 5 hours up and back- but I stopped many times to take it in and get photos. I highly suggest going in the afternoon- there is more wildlife and less people! Enjoy!

22 hours ago

This is a nice serene easy trail for a couple or family. Let ya of bigs so definitely come prepared. Not a long trail at all, but the waterfall on the end/on the way is quite beautiful. Great place to explore and make lasting memories.

22 hours ago

It is hard but a good workout. It took me about 3 hours round trip. I would suggest wearing hiking boots; the trail is very rocky. Good views.

22 hours ago

great hike great views, more than expected

Great place to ride mountain bikes with pretty shaded areas in trails on hot day and some cool bridges to cross.

22 hours ago

This trail was certainly a good hike. Beautiful wildflowers all around, handfuls of huckleberries (mostly between exit 0 and the trailhead). The lake was also beautiful and clean, but there was not much room to move around it.

Trail is steep. We had our 10 and 9 year old as well as a 2 year old and 2 week old (both being carried), so we could feel the burn heading up to the lake. It is a lot of up-hill, mostly the last part of the hike, but we kept a steady pace and powered through.

We ended up parking by chairlift 2 in the back of the ski hill as the road was not smooth enough to drive further (very rocky). The bulk of the berries we found were not far past there and we did not find many past the actual trailhead.

Lastly, there was a “no trespassing” sign on a tree that looked like it was prohibiting trespassing on the actual trail (at a Y), so we took a bit of a detour, but ultimately walked past the sign and arrived at the trailhead...not sure about that sign. Definitely recommend a map as there are a few Y’s in the road that leave you guessing otherwise (no signs).

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