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This trail actually came out to be closer to 4ish miles and the elevation gain was really not bad! The trail to the cabins/ruins is packed, you could probably even get by without added traction but it did help me (microspikes)! After the cabins I'd recommend snowshoes/skis as it's not packed, I tried to get up to the mining stuff and post-holed the whole time so I turned around. Beautiful views of the mountains both in front and behind, a really good sized parking lot (it does come up on you kind of fast so be prepared!) with no facilities but definitely a great hike! I'd love to see it in summer with no snow too!

14 hours ago

Nice uphill climb and easy wide trail. Love the waterfalls and creek. Great walk. Lots of bikers.

15 hours ago

Great trail. Very beautiful. Camped out on the reservoir. There was plenty of down trees for firewood and there are bathrooms. Camping by the lake was super peaceful and then at night we could see the milky way galaxy band. Great for beginner backpackers or a great way to test gear.

Very nice trail, one of the better ones I've been on. Great views and a couple nice water features. Trail maintainers have done a great job, you can tell they are actively to working to repair the few washed out bridges and blow downs from the flooding this winter/spring. I started at the trail head at the Visitors Center and went south. Next time I will go north 1st and get the hilly section done with fresh legs. The road walking was a little unnerving, but only lasts a short while. Trail was very well blazed, would be tough to get lost.

18 hours ago

I am trying to hike this weekend 4/28.. I see some roads are closed. Will I be able to hike to summit still?

Thanks for any advice !

Really nice trail, started with the steps, then thru the very steep descent. Good workout, and the view is amazing!!! My 9 year old got thru with no issues!

Thought it was a good trail, went during spring time and was kinda muddy but you could walk around most of it. Couple side trails that were nice also since part of it was closed due to bird nest during the spring and summer.

21 hours ago

One of my favorites for both my dog and child! Great intro into hiking with the kids, and having the playground to go on afterwards. The dog could hop in the pond and was very happy. It may only be just more than a mile, but if you want to make it longer you can loop the other colored trails. Will try going to the connected trails next time!

A great forest hike through the pines of Lassen. The trail weaves through the woods and crosses streams. I was hoping that the apex of the trail would yield great views and a nice spot for lunch. However, the trails just sort of ends into a meadow. (Though the meadow is quite beautiful.) A great hike if you're looking to be amongst nature, though other trails in the park have much better views of Lassen and the surrounding area. (Hike was done in August 2017)

Nice area. Trail was hard to find at times or just not there.

I love how the terrain on this trail varies...from evergreen forest along the roaring creek, to dry and rocky, to snow at the top! I was alone hiking, so definitely didn't attempt the snow without spikes. The distance measurement definitely doesn't take into account the walk from the gate to the trailhead since the picnic grounds are still closed. This trail is very manageable for most ability levels. There are lots of places to stop and take a break. The views are amazing.

If you follow all the outer trails, this is an almost exactly 30 minute hike/walk. Wonderful area, lots of areas to bring kids (walking or just play). Currently the "beach" area is being rebuilt. The White Lower Yellow to Upper Yellow connector is a solid aerobic workout (short but nice). Absolutely a great trail for all ages.

Definitely recommend early in the morning because it gets hot and there’s not a ton of shade but it’s a beautiful easy hike

Perfect spring day for a hike and this trail didn't disappoint. Hiked with my 3yo and 4yo and they were able to navigate. Glad to see it wasn't muddy!

Nice little walk in the woods but not many spots to viewing the pond, which I was hoping for.

1 day ago

Pretty busy spot for bikes. A good chunk of this trail is wooded, so it won't be non-stop views.

1 day ago

Fairly flat. Probably half of the trail is wooded, but some nice lake views are here too. Pretty busy carriage road!

1 day ago

Flat walk with a lot of beach for the people to spread out on once they get to the end. Not quite wheelchair accessible.

Easy trail that everyone in the family can enjoy. Will have to navigate over or around some of the down trees along the trail. Play by the water and collect some of the rocks.

Great fun on a mountain bike. Lots of options. Something for everyone.

1 day ago

Agreed a very solitary hike - did this trail last week and made it to the intersection between Rosalie and Abyss before I had to turn back due to trail pretty much disappearing from snow (highly recommend snowshoes!). Beautiful trail though with plenty of views - Mt. Bierstadt is visible throughout most of the hike. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one come summer with better conditions for a backpacking trip to the lake!

Nothing really too spectacular about it. Nice view of the bridge. But the bugs are crazy definitely wouldn’t recommend going without a good coating of bug spray. But it’s not hard at all.

1 day ago

Decent trail: A bit steep for some, and overgrown to the point of requiring pants after the first mile. The cabin at which most people end this hike is 2.4 miles in, making it 4.8 RT. The currently shown map listed at 9.5 RT is pretty inaccurate and I couldn't find a trail going west from the cabin. I followed the marked (plastic ties on trees) trail south-west for about 1 mile until I lost it along one of the streams feeding Mill Creek, south of Kenny.

Had a beautiful hike today! I made it to black lake and it was great. Started at the trailhead at 8:45 and got back about 1:15. I would’ve liked to take more breaks but I was racing a storm so I had to hustle. The trails were completely covered with snow but packed well enough that you weren’t falling through every other step. I had crampons which were a huge help. After Mills Lake the trail levels out for a bit but the final push to Black Lake is pretty steep. I was very lucky that I had the whole trail all by myself.

1 day ago

Hiked 4/21. Broke fresh trail as it had snowed about 5 inches overnight. Definitely needed snowshoes for the top 1/3. This trail is far more beautiful covered in snow than in the summer time, so get it while you can!

An absolutely beautiful day hike. Just be cautious because the trails need maintenance, there are a lot of fallen trees on the trails, which could prove an issue especially for kids. The white trail is pretty easy to navigate, but the section of the yellow trail after the ravine and deer lick falls gets sketchy because there is no actual trail because of debris. Hard to locate next marker due to circumventing fallen trees. My advice is bring a map and just stay alert for markers.

good trail cliffs, water falls, little bit of road walking, greats views of the lake. trail is more like 12.7 miles. 4-21-18

Beautiful hike. I did not go to the mountain area due to Turkey hunting season but will definitely try next time. You can also go boating in this area. All the sailboats where a pleasure to watch.

Loved it. Nice long walk and easy

Nice trail and easy enough for my dog and I. Trail markers towards the end got a little confusing and we ended up crossing the creak at a low spot to get back onto a spot we knew was the trail. We’ll do it again.

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