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16 hours ago

Heavy rains have done a number on the road in, but it’s still doable, and worth it. River ridge trail was really nice. We’ll do this one again.

A really awesome trail with great views. It would certainly be a 5 star review if the trails were marked better. Very easy to get lost. I have The AllTrails Pro and it bailed us out a couple of times.

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20 hours ago

trail running
22 hours ago

Was less populated so I would suggest taking someone with you! Great trail, would hike again.

As said below the Mattatuck trail stretches from Wolcott to White Memorial Preserve in Litchfield. the trail ends there and continues again further north heading all the way to Mohawk Mountain.!!!

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1 day ago

Great run! I would recommend starting counterclockwise.

Great trail, very easy walking, not a lot of people on this trail. Fairly secluded

First the positives. There are some beautiful spots throughout this hike. I saw 3 different species of butterfly and all sorts of wild flowers, apple trees, and grapevine. There are places you can sit and enjoy nature's splendor. Most of the hike is clearly labeled. The negatives. Part of the hike is very rocky, trees are down and there isn't a clear path. I took my mother (who has some slight knee problems) and she had a hard time with this hike. Also unless your dog is an experienced hiker I wouldn't recommend this hike for them.

My husband and I went hiking here recently after we’d had weeks of rain. The mushrooms had gone crazy around the trail. I’ve hiked here many times and never saw any notable fungi before this. What we saw this time was incredible, so many mushrooms of different varieties, shapes and colors. We started noticing them near the base of the trail only to find that they got more numerous and varied the farther up we went. I’m not a mycologist, but this was very cool.

This is a meet up spot for men. Not family friendly. Wish it was because it’s a very nice trail. We did it but were very uncomfortable when we returned to the parking lot. I googled around and confirmed what I thought was going on.

4 days ago

A nice walk. Nothing special though. Probably an ideal spot to sit on one of the millions of benches to read a book.

Great view, scenic area. Nice trail.

on West Rock Ridge Trail

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5 days ago

Easy, short (1.5 hrs tops) for fast paced hikers, slow incline, light blue trail overlooks Dawson lake otherwise route is mostly below tree line / flat

5 days ago

My dog and I went on this hike two days ago. I would definitely say this hike it more of a beginner one than a moderate one, for the terrain. For those looking to hike it, definitely download the map before you do. There were a few times a couple trails intersected and I was thankful for the map. I do have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the purple trail to the river. The river spot is really pretty and seems perfect for a picnic. I didn't enjoy the red trail as much, so next time I'll probably take the purple to the water and back to the parking lot. The trails were the best I've been on so far, super maintained and really well marked!

Beautiful place. I took a left on to a single track trail after a few hundred feet of gravel trail. It paralleled the highlighted rout above and let to the same tower lookout. Then continued on the m&m trail to Hartford rez no 6 for a swim!

Good hike, 5 miles and back in the rain

on Lake Chamberlain Loop

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7 days ago

nice trail

7 days ago

Very humid August day and rocks were a little slick. Short scrambles over low glacier ridges were a nice mix in, even having to lift the dog up onto some. Canopy covers well and there is minimal sun. If your into mushrooms....this is a good trail for you. The Orange circle trail on the way back cuts through some large boulders which kids would love.

7 days ago

This is a deceptively large patch of woods. There are some great trails (on west side) and some rocky ones (south and down the middle). Groton Parks and Rec is looking to decommission some of the poor or unmarked trails to improve the park. Great place for a dog walk or several mile loop hike.

Nice trail with the exception of broken glass particularly at the top. Not sure why kids can't take beer cans rather than bottles. Enjoyable and an easy hike even for a 14 yr old dog.

Loved the waterfalls! Wear bug spray next time. Easy

it's great for starting out and it doesn't take long

Stuck to the well-marked and well-traveled trails, mostly staying to the right at splits. Peaceful and secluded, despite some highway noise bleed.

9 days ago

very nice trail. lots of parking at the historic bridge, but no restrooms. the blue trail is extremely well marked. be sure to take the red/blue spur trail to the waterfall. did the entire north and south loop in 4 hours, with a half hour lunch at the pond. north loop is slightly up hill, but not excessive. of the south loop on the way back descends nicely.

such a beautiful spot I liked it a lot minus the dirty diapers in the trash scattered about from assholes who don't know how to pick up from themselves it could be a very lovely place I would not bring small children no strollers no dogs that's my opinion but a very awesome Place minus the trash

Worth it for the bridge and view from the “leap” point as well. Yes the main trail is pretty short but there are a bunch of other trails to explore in the park.

Really nice trails around a beautiful nature preserve, with an abundance of streams and waterfalls. I walked the entire loop with the exception of the trail up to Hardscrabble Road. It was just too hot and I didn't have time. Trails are generally well-marked. If you visit, you have to cross over into the Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area on the New York side and see the lovely waterfall. When I was there it was flowing to the point where I could not cross to the other side, so I had to retrace my steps back on the Orange Trail. Probably my favorite local falls because they are not overrun with people.

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