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Started at Pine Knob loop and Finished at the parking area for St Johns Ledges. Nice hike for a total of 8 miles one way.

Many trails. We completed the loop around the lake. It’s beautiful.

great view on the top.nice hike

Nice hike. Great view. A little rocky. Ran into a bear! Lol

This was my first hike since moving to Connecticut and it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful views, easy hike but long enough to feel like a good work out, and very dog friendly! Bathrooms halfway through the trail were a nice surprise. Also, the GPS directions to the trail head from this app were right on and it was easy to find!

4 days ago

I love this trail. I prefer to take the Paradise trial up since there is a steep rocky section and I find it easier climbing up the rocks if the trail is wet. Due to heavy rainfall many sections of the trial were wet and muddy.

A really nice day on this trail. Easy,not too many others gonna do this again when the foliage is brighter

This hike is not easy. The walk to the marker is sometimes steep and very rocky. We went after some heavy rain, and parts of the trail were small ponds. Beautiful hike, but should be rated moderate in difficulty.

5 days ago

Did this on Sunday, it was a gorgeous day! I brought my 11w old puppy with me and a friend. We started at about 1030 and ended around 3pm. Having the puppy made things a little slower but overall really enjoyed the hike! Tried to take the route preferred by commenters but I believe we ended up taking the opposite direction which means we were butt scooting down some of the rocks because it was so steep! Still a lot of fun though! Made me question how some of the other folks I saw pass us were making it up that way though.
It was pretty trafficked though.

Great hike! Especially during fall in CT. My husband and I hiked yesterday. We took the advice of others here and took a right at the fork to paradise lane trail to do a counterclockwise loop. The trail is easy to follow and accurately rated as medium. The rock ledges before hitting the peak were the hardest part. The view at the top was lovely, and going counterclockwise allowed us to enjoy the views on the way down as well. I tracked 6.35 miles and we finished right around 3 hours including our lunch stop at the peak.

Lots of dogs on Sunday.

way too crowded

Nice walk. The tree marks were not the easiest to find. When we made it to the tri State marker it was hard to find the blue marker from our trail. All in all it was a nice walk.

7 days ago

Don’t go on a weekend if you don’t like seeing other people on the trail.

Nice walk .. great for my 11 year old dog ! Few geocaches out there too our you are into that :-)

Really fun trail. Lots of options with some good bouldering spots, lots of running water and some stunning views all rolled into a deep forest hike.

Nice walk! Look for the heart tree ... you'll know which one it is when you see it!

7 days ago

Nice hike although many trees are down along the route so either around, over or under was a regular decision. Beautiful waterfall at the beginning of the trail.

9 days ago

Super easy to get to. 5 minute walk to the falls at the least. A beautiful view!

The trail was very hard to navigate but the view was worth it once we found it. It was decently easy as far as endurance just a very steep walk to the oven and steep down from the view point.

10 days ago

Hi ya'll I did this hike yesterday. I think it is accurately labeled moderate, although I'd imagine if you are a seasoned hiker on trails with incline it might seem easier. The most challenging parts of the hike for me, were the first 20 minutes before it splits, and the half mile up the rock scramble before the summit. However, there was plenty of flatter sections to allow you to catch your breath.
I took the suggestion of doing the loop counterclockwise, and am glad I did. Personally I don't think I would have liked climbing down the rock slabs. They were pretty damp and slippery. Also, because I did it counterclockwise I was able to continue looking out on the view as I made my way down. This hike took me about 3 hours 40 minutes. I definitely took my time going up. Made a few breaks, but was able to come down at a pretty good slip. Enjoy!

Nice leisurely bike ride. Easy to follow and wide trail. Don't expect any mind-blowing views. Would be a great trail for trail running.

Take a picture of the trail map before you head out. Around the group campgrounds, the orange blazes disappear for some reason.

Nice little hike. Still not sure what the devil's oven is supposed to be.

10 days ago

Nice waterfall.

10 days ago

Little spiderweb of trails, Take a picture of the trail map to help yourself out. Pleasant walk in the woods and the beginnings of some nice fall colors.

10 days ago

It's kind of a short little dinky trail, but I really liked it. The fall colors were just beginning to show themselves and the weather was great. The railroad trail was also a little bit elevated, so probably stays dry after rain.

10 days ago

Nice little hike. The western half mile back to HWY 80 is unmarked, but easy enough to follow. Blue blazes are placed frequently enough to make it fairly easy to stay on trail.

11 days ago

We found this trail to be beautiful on multiple levels. The rock features are amazing, and the view from the top of the tower is worth the relatively small bit of uphill climb. There was some standing water at the base of the trail (no wonder with all the rain we've received lately) - but it was minimal and the rest of the trail was easy to traverse.

Beautiful adventure...striking views and great work out with steep hills and rocks. Loved it!!!

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