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this trail was one of the toughest i've done. was a good work out. there are so many rocks. and very steep terrain. i would say this trail is moderate/hard. i liked the views and i will be back for more

2 days ago

there are better trails around the reservoirs than this mostly gravel loop trail. explore the side trails.

3 days ago

Great trail for kids and dogs (just be aware that, unfortunately, not everyone leashes their dogs - blame it on the humans, not the canines). A bit of an incline, but mostly flat. Bring bug spray, look out for beautiful fungi, and take a break at the overlook. An hour well spent.

Nice relaxing out and back.
Smooth trail. No roots to trip on

Great views. The hike is what I scored. Frustrated with the app, though. I recorded it and it didn’t save and wouldn’t let me share.

great view at the top

10 days ago

tough start but well Worth it.

Great Forest views

favorite trail in northern CT

11 days ago

There is just the right amount of incline to get your heart pumping, followed by a gentle walk to the peak (newly redone - great visibility to town now), and then by the old stone house foundations which are fun to poke around and climb. Everything is well marked. Impossible to get lost on this trail. My dog is a huge fan. Best time to come is toward the end of summer, right after a few days of rain or damp weather ... the mushroom blooms are insane. Always present are the bright orange salamanders.

16 days ago

Part of the trail was marked CLOSED due to heavy damage from recent storms

17 days ago

I personally didn't care for this hike all too much. I brought my dog and wanted to get some exercise in for the day. It's good for that purpose, I came in just under 6 miles and it was mostly small up and downs with varied terrain and it was well marked. Overall I found this hike to be a tad boring with few lookout areas over a river/lake with extreme alage overgrowth. No vistas or rock ledges, or nice lake views. I traveled an hour for this one, I wish I traveled a little further north where I know the scenery gets better.

Clearly the residents are not pleased with the overuse by mountain bikes of these trails. Lots of trails. Not hard, but on the creepy side (lone people sitting in cars on dead-end roads gives me pause. It’s pretty, but clearly bikers rule as the trails are quite weathered and narrow. Markers are crazy town. This map isn’t quite right, but keep in general directions. The ground is very worn. Some trash. Lots of broken glass at the trail head. Didn’t hear much wildlife, but lots of planes and machinery. Barking dogs - must not be fun having strangers pass by relentlessly.

17 days ago

Not impressed at all. Boring. So many other beautiful places to hike/explore.

Good trail for hiking and working out. But leaves a lot to be desired. Considering there are several alternatives close by, I won't recommend it, unless you live close by and it's just convenient. Here are the issues:
1. Approach Road: it is just a single lane country road with no clearance on either side, for about 1/2 mile. If a car comes your way, I'm not sure how they will maneuver around yours.
2. Trails are not marked well. Large swaths of the trail are missing markers. Granted, a big part of hiking fun is getting lost and getting back on track; but what if you have to get back in a hurry, such as in case of medical emergency, rain or some other rush? A poorly marked trail is the worst.
3. The map at the entrance mentions only one trail; but I found markers in white (apparently the default) and then some yellow and blue ones. This will throw yiu off the trails even if you are careful. If there are 3 trails, they should be marked and mentioned; not randomly thrown around. Note that the yellow and blue ones are just in some places; and do not constitute clear trails.
3. On the positive side, there is a cell tower close by so cellphone reception is great. In fact I used AllTrails on cell to chart out my course.
4. Some may argue that since cell reception is good, one may call 911 to summon help in case of emergency. Well, I disagree. 911 is for life threatening emergencies; summoning them for getting back to the entrance of the forest is sheer wasteful of their strained resources. Adventure and safety need not be mutually exclusive; a properly marked trail will help everyone have fun and still be safe.

Great trail

very nice hike,great views, a lot of history, took the blue tail back, definitely recommend ed

This is a beautiful trail through the woods which seems to get very little foot traffic. There were also lots of chipmunks and frogs and the hoot of owls. The trail has a little of everything - flat section, ledge walks, and some small rock scrambles. That being said - we had to really create our own route because the section of the trail labeled “unmarked trail” along the pond no longer seems to exist. We reached a downed tree and then saw major flooding along the area that the trail was supposed to be on. So we turned back and went a different way where we avoided the pond entirely via a yellow trail that eventually summits the mountain. However, we were glad we did. That trail was very scenic and also rewardingly strenuous. My only other critique of this trail is that the markings are poor and you really need to rely on the map or you might get lost. But overall the trail is a great workout and a rewarding day outdoors as long as you stay alert and avoid the “unmarked trail”!

Great trail, has small side trails to go check things out. Can cut through to make the trail your on not as long. Some great views of marshlands. Can be buggy if you go in the morning so bring bug spray! Definitely gonna go again soon, see you there!

Fun trail. The overlook is great. Easy trail for dogs, too.

24 days ago

What a great hike! Lots of variety: easy in spots, rocky, steep, and challenging in others, boardwalks, wooden bridges, wide open fields, and the top is somewhat reminiscent of being in Acadia. My wife and I did this with our 2 and half year old who walked over half the way up before needing to be put in the backpack for some of the more complex, rocky parts. We did the meeker trail from Christian road following the yellow markings to the lookout (the shorter steeper trail) then following the blue markings to the lake view. Awesome trail! This is one of the better hikes we’ve done in CT as far as complexity/overall enjoyment!

Rustic and scenic.

Great hike. Love the AT, it’s always busy with through hikers and section hikers like myself. I actually did 9.5 miles under 4 hours all the way down to Hoyt Rd. When you come back, i would recommend not taking that right turn along Highway 55, not only it’s dangerous cause of traffic but pointless. There’s two nice views on Herrick trail, Amy’s lookout and Housatonic overlook. I would just stay on the AT and make a sharp left down (going south to Hoyt rd) Herrick trail and catch both views without walking the highway 55. Also, I would just continue on the AT past Hoyt Rd and hike leather hill for 2.2 miles and come back on the AT all the way Bulls Bridge parking lot. You’ll get plenty mileage and steep climbing. Imo, ofc. Happy hiking :)

26 days ago

great cardio not too hard not too easy rocky areas are not killer but definitely bring up a good sweat, excellent views very picturesque natural water flow through the mountain. recommend bug spray, very friendly people.

I went during a snowstorm at the beginning of the year it was beautiful!

great hike with beautiful views

good hike with two kids, 5&9

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