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1 month ago

I love this trail! It feels like a moderate hike to me with outstanding views of the lake. It's well marked and there are a number of options to take. Park in the boat launch area if you don't want to pay.

Great walk - we will go back

I live in the same town as this state forest and it has never been a good place. There is always broken glass from kids partying and furniture being dumped in the parking lot. The place has never really felt safe the past times I have gone down there.

Great walk until shotguns started popping 20 ft away next to us on the trail by parking lot, shot guns being fired in direct line with parking area. apparently quail season is upon us. I do not intent my review as a complaint to stop hunting but would liked to have been better informed of the open season at the head of the trails right at parking lot or here on website to better inform myself. Walking along trails with excited hunters quickly aiming at prey that fly up from the ground do not mix well.

mountain biking
2 months ago

WMF is a very fun place with lots of variety, and I do a lot of trail running there. As far as mtn biking it is boring, but for a beginner it’s excellent. If you are looking for something remotely challenging WMF is not the place!

Most of the trails are carriage roads that you can drive a car on. There are some good inclines to work on your climbing skills, but that’s about it. There are no technical downhills or much of anything challenging. Plus, many of the trails, unless you know the less populated ones, can be very crowded on weekends. To that, many of the dog owners are very disrespectful and don’t abide by the leash laws (for the record, I am a dog owner!). When one points out that they are breaking the rules most get their hackles up and underwear in a bunch.

If you want a challenge head over to the Mattituck Trail by the Thomaston Dam. It’s quiet, unpopulated, a very challenging!

very well marked. this is my goto trail.

Hiked on 11/4/17. Beautiful Fall day. Parked at the boat ramp and headed north along the east side of the lake and completed the entire loop which was 7.8 miles on my tracker. Some really nice sections. Not much elevation change. Loved the ridge on the northeast section of the lake. Nice valley/gully type section with standing water and willows in the northwest section while I was heading backed south. There was a short road section at the north end of the lake to cut across before heading back south. Some great river views. Saw a few hunters and heard many shots. The disc golf course near the boat ramp section looked cool. Worth the 1 hour and 15 min drive!

Great trail, nice views and no mosquitos on November 4th!

Nice little loop trails, well marked, great little patch of woods and nature for where it is.
Never done the loop all the way around, but both sides of the lake offer various trails from single wide paths to old roads.

Not much elevation gain but don’t be fooled. This trail is very rugged in parts. The western side is more interesting and has a number of campgrounds you can explore. At the north end and on the east side you can hear the traffic from 84.

Great hike! Definitely will do it again.

Beautiful place to take a long hike

Beautiful! Red trail keeps you closest to the lake

2 months ago

Had a great hike around the pond on a beautiful foliage day!! Our older legs got a good workout on the up and down parts, but there are plenty of smoother parts too. Was lovely to always have the sparkling pond in view. Pond was rather low, so the falls were not heavy, so we’ll have to return in the spring. A+++++

I enjoy hiking these trails very much!

Great trail for beginners.

Very nice! Took our 10 month old baby and we had a blast.

This was a good hike. Lots of up hills. It was just over 7 miles, so I don't know where the 5.4 mile statement came from. A little off the regular path there is a beautiful cascading waterfall. It is small, but still very pretty. The trail is clearly marked and is easy to follow. Will be pretty in a few weeks with the changing of the leaves.

Awesome hike!

pretty but not too long. I rode horses there and it was pretty good although some low branches in the wooded area.

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