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20 hours ago

Great, relatively short hike. My 8 and 11 year old kids love this trail!

One of my favorite spots in SECT. Nice easy trail, beautiful views from the bluff.

Echoing everyone, especially Matthew’s review. I did all the trail and the loop. One of my new favorites! The trail, especially on the nature loop and carters, was only a foot wide, if that. It fits the natural contours and landscape. Beautiful!
The history made it unique.

1 day ago

I love to go here for a walk or a run after work and it has beautiful views of the ocean! Go early in the morning if possible to avoid the crowds, especially if you plan on running or walking at a quicker pace.

It was HOT!!! 1st bit is quite steep. Great time nice trail. Good training for my Long Trail trek in September

very quiet, scenic and easy loop. except for a very small patch which is easy but rocky. you might have to get on ur 4s at one spot

Not great and you can hear the highway the whole time.

2 days ago

Easy/Moderate hike- nice variety of elevation gains/losses and far enough away from most of the crowds by the lake.

Great for a walk in the woods, I’d call it easy - not moderate.

Great easy trail loop...wouldn't classify this as "moderate". You can tell that some spots don't get as much foot traffic, but the trails are easy to follow. There are reforestation efforts going on so there are a lot of trees down across the path (but easy to get around or climb over). You do need access to get past the gate for parking, but that's easy to get from the town. Loads of mushrooms, pine trees, ferns, and toads along the way!

Beautiful views, and great hike..

Very pretty trail through the forest. Great for all levels of fitness.

Great loop for a trail run! Go twice for a 5 miler!

for the casual hiker it's a bit harder but worth the workout.

Blue/Yellow trail- Steep climb, worth every second for the view.

nice trail, walked our 2 dogs there....good shading, not too hot.

Nice experience

It was pretty enough but the trail is overgrown and hasn’t had upkeep in a while it seems. The trail takes you on the edge of some backyards, there is highway noise the whole trail, and the last part of the loop is the actual road.

Love this place; some steep parts but a great hike.

3 days ago

A gem

I am not a regular hiking person. It took me one hour forty five minutes to finish the blue trail. It was rocky, a lot of up and down. It's not easy for beginners. But if you want a good workout, this is the one. By the way, there are a lot of mosquitoes. Just be prepared.

3 days ago

All steep incline but well worth the view at the top!

trail running
4 days ago

great place to go trail running. some easy hills. great terrain, but people..please pick up after your dogs.

4 days ago

It's about a mile to the overlook with a fairly steep trail. The incline levels out once you start nearing the top but the first half or so is steep. I did have trouble following the town's trail map because there are unmarked trails that intersect the main trail. I wasn't quite sure at times if those were trails I should turn on or keep going. The direction also seems to be more exaggerated on the map than the hike actually is. My compass showed me going east slanting south, which made me think I hadn't hit the southern part of the trail yet. In fact, according to the map I was well south. That obviously led to me going past the turn onto the trail I was meant to take. I did notice on the way out that there are placards on the back of the trees that name the trails. It just would have been more helpful to have those facing people coming INTO the park, not leaving it. All the same, it was a very nice hike with really incredible views worth the mixups!

I parked on the eastern side off Chaffeeville Rd. There's a short walk to the utility corridor, which turns left onto a steep but relatively short hike. Once you reach the top, there's a trail that crosses. Go left and stay to the left to get to the overlook. Very nice views.

Meadow with flowers followed by the quaint falls makes a nice little hike. Beautiful July morning to be outside.

5 days ago

Nice loop/ walk.

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