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Great place to walk or run. Very well maintained. Follow the blue blazes and hike to Heublien Tower via the Metacomet trail! Can be muddy if you choose this route.

8 hours ago

Very good hike. Great view from the top. Required a little bit of climbing. Great hike for tourist looking for slight adventure

10 hours ago

11 hours ago

This is "easy" from the parking lot to the first view. I made this a 3+ mile more "moderate" hike by exploring the red and blue trails and doing both sides of the river. There must be a shooting range close by though because there were gunshots over and over and over leading me to turn around on the Red Trail because the shots kept getting closer, making me nervous. Blue Trail is much prettier a trail than the Red Trail. Beautiful views...watch your footing!

We walk this regularly with our dogs. Hills are steep but the rest of the trail is mild. One of my favorite area trails.

We did the red trail to green. We wear our kids in back packs and found it very doable- we did watch our steps carefully on parts of the red though! Great place we will be returning soon!

such a beautiful trail. very peaceful. if you have tiny dogs like mine (Chihuahua) I don't recommend the boardwalk. the gaps in the boards became too wide and my dogs feet kept falling through so I had to carry him. but other than that it was nice.

trail running
2 days ago

Beautiful trail. Thank you to the volunteers who keep it so nice!

3 days ago

Easy walk on the board walk, great at sunset especially in the summer with the peepers!

Not well marked or maintained. very buggy.

Nice trails for all ages and fitness levels. It’s a boardwalk along the beach. Sandy, open atmosphere. I would consider this moderate to heavy traffic. Seems like it is a popular place to talk a walk.

5 days ago

Great family walking trail but equally good for trail running. It can get crowded on a nice summer weekend.

So many different Falls to look at and a nice easy path right alongside them which goes up until reaching a bridge. Very Majestic. The park offers some shade and a nice picnicking area.

Great hidden spot. Nice little escape. Small but great little trail run

Easy walking around the main loop. A ton of trails to explore in and around the main loop. Great views.

Nice loop, about 3 miles, can be completed in under an hour. Minimal incline. Great for all ages and fitness levels. Seems to be very well maintained. It is a good trail to fit into a busy schedule if you live nearby. This in the kind of trail I like when I want to get away from everything and not have to think about anything. I can leave my phone at home. I go out, come back, and I already know about what time it will be without having to look at the time constantly. If you’re in the area, check it out but, it’s nothing to drive a long way for as there are probably similar places closer to you.

Spent most of my run going on unmarked trails until I reached the Metacomet. Few trails named as mountain biking tracks that led back to the main parking lot.

Love this! The main trail itself is right along the water, fairly flat and easy. Many trails go off the side that loop back down to the water again. I love running here.

Starts out quite steep from the road but then levels out. We parked a car in Sunrise Park in Suffield and kept going until we met a trail that led to the park. This part of the Metacomet seems quite busy on nice days.

It was easy, mostly flat. Saw a bunch of deer which was surprising considering how close to the highway you are.

Went up the Metacomet trail, come to lake Louise about 1.6 miles. Pretty murky, has a little lookout. Continue on the Metacomet and you come to a parking lot for Wilcox park, the orange trail is to the left of the parking lot and then continued back on orange to yellow back to Penwood parking area. The trail back was less rocky and easier to run on

this is my all time favorite place to go for a hike. LOVE it. but c'mon people... pick up your dog poop bags. Why do you even bag it if your just gonna leave it on the ground?

nature trips
8 days ago

Its nice and calm neatly paved. Worth a short hike!

Me and my husband went on a day hike to Habbard Park. I was very disappointed at the map of the park which was kept near the parking lot as there was nothing that can be seen on that board. Then I noticed people walking and then followed them to the white trail... After a 30 minute walk I took a sharp left on to the blue trail. That trail was narrow and desserted. When we reached at the top of the trail the view from there was outstanding... On our way back we were only able to see the blue tail and was forced to hike that back... But after a minute or two of descending we understood its very risky and again we went back up to search for white trail. I was not able to find and took help of another family hiking. As they adviced to take the paved road we took that.. But again after half mile there was an intersection saying castle and radio tower. There was nothing written which should be taken to go back to the park or any evidence of white trail. We were so confused and took the road down hill thinking that will be the road back. It took about 3 miles to reach back to the park. Later we understood the fact that white trail was starting from the castle Craig. Anytime planning to go to this park please try to have a map of the trails handy as the trails are bit confusing for the newbies.

This park has stunningly beautiful vistas and trails. It is not for the weak of heart if do the Blue Trail - it is crazy steep but you feel like you've accomplished something when you get to the top. If you stay on the outer edges for the whole park you will find pretty and quiet paths. towards the center of the park it's very well-traveled.

Challenging hike. I started at the north end of the blue loop and went counterclockwise, and I think that's the best way to tackle it. Would not want to come down Cobble Mountain the opposite way. There is one very tricky section just as you start to climb up Cobble Mountain where you have to hoist yourself up some big rocks. I managed to do it hiking alone but it was a little hairy. The views from the top were worth the effort. After Cobble Mountain there are some more vistas along the way, then you head down into forest and descend down to the brook. A bit more rock scrambling there. I took a quick break for a snack at the brook then headed up the other side of the blue trail, which has some sustained, gradual climbing but no real views. Just some nice forest hiking. Eventually the blue trail descends again down toward a campsite. You can walk along the road there and cut the loop short if you want, but I did the entire blue loop back to my car, with some more ups and downs and a little more rock scrambling at the very end. Rewarding hike, but I would not do it in any kind of bad weather. Proper footwear a must.

8 days ago

The route where you see the concave curve on upper right hand side is so hard. one section had us climbing down boulders. not fun but with 2 dogs...almost impossible. We baled out and joined the gravel road route. Very pretty place but the trails aren't trails.

We did the blue to red trails with side track to a cave and quartz pit. Trail had pretty pond views and a couple of small brook crossings. I enjoyed it because it was pretty rocky with big flat rocks to walk on in places. Very well marked trails. No real breathtaking views but a nice short hike. Easy side of moderate.

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