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Beautiful waterfall, peaceful trails, easy terrain and clearly marked trails and trail maps.

11 hours ago

First time here. Easy walking but no maps anywhere. Noise from the road traffic was bothersome. Be aware of lots of dead trees. Trails are not well marked so we didn't venture too far off the road itself. Might try it again in the spring.

15 hours ago

the trail markings and maps are extremely confusing because there are different parcels abutting each other and there is not a single map for the whole area. but there are some very nice sections of this home and a great view of Hartford from the easy to access summit

Still my favorite in the area,

Nice relaxing out and back.
Smooth trail. No roots to trip on

Great views. The hike is what I scored. Frustrated with the app, though. I recorded it and it didn’t save and wouldn’t let me share.

Following this route made it very interesting, as you have to keep your phone out to make sure you go the right way. (Make sure you have enough battery). The route jumps around from trail to trail. First half is flat and the 2nd half has some moderate climbs, but overall, it’s a relatively flat trail. Nice route for a long 9 miles of solitude, as most of it is desolate.

Don’t bother following this route, just do some research and choose a colored trail to stick to (pink, blue, yellow). I tried following and it jumped around too much. The route ends in the middle of the blue trail, and has you head back. Next time I go I will pick a color and stick to it. Nice trails, easy terrain.

Even with the map in hands, we had some trouble at the beginning to find the blue trail, and got to wrong trail two times wasting a lot of time. It was supposed to take 3 hours and we took 5. We finally gave up on the map and GPS helped a lot. The trail itself its well market, however right on forks its bad signalised and confusing.

The difficulty is moderate, however as we took a lot more time it felt like hard.

As it was a beautiful day, the pond was like a mirror of the sky, which made all the trouble worth it.

I followed the Nipmuck Trail from the main parking lot and connected to the Breakneck Pond Loop Trail. If you approach this way, be careful--you will get to a meadow, make sure you bear right and find where the Nipmuck Trail picks back up (you will find a baby blue blaze). The white trail and a feeder road also stem from here. The trail itself is not demanding but you will find some narrow/mucky spots you have to scramble over. Pay attention to the blazes, as there are some break off trails.A fairly long and interesting trail, with some nice views. I did not find many bugs and did not come across another soul, despite going on a cloudless weekend day. I will do this loop again, as it certainly tires my dog out, but it's not my favorite at Bigelow. I'd like to take the white trail sometime when it's a bit cooler and my pup won't be so hot, as that looks more fun and challenging.

My wife and hiked the north/south loop including the falls Nice well marked trails moderate degree of difficulty as advertised

it was different with both the woods n the marsh,if u go there this wknd 9/15 do not where your deer outfit because bow season starts, I didn't like the gun shots either(squirrel hunters)

great view at the top

A quintessential CT country walk. I’m so lucky to have Huntington State Park close by. It’s beautiful any time of the year.

Really well marked. Beautiful woods to walk through but not much to see other than that. Quite a peaceful walk.

Nice and easy hike. The sounds of the nearby shooting range are a constant companion which I could do without though.

Beautiful area. The main trails are more like old country roads, and very easy to walk. They begin with incredible views of the marsh, and head into the woods. Once in the woods, there are lots of little side trails that all loop back to the main trail. These are not well marked if you’re looking for blazes, but the trails themselves are very obvious for the most part. Like the other reviews say, the mosquitoes are terrible. I had on bug spray, and still got eaten alive. I paused for a sip of water, and had a swarm on me. I couldn’t even count them. Will try again when it’s cooler.

Clearly the residents are not pleased with the overuse by mountain bikes of these trails. Lots of trails. Not hard, but on the creepy side (lone people sitting in cars on dead-end roads gives me pause. It’s pretty, but clearly bikers rule as the trails are quite weathered and narrow. Markers are crazy town. This map isn’t quite right, but keep in general directions. The ground is very worn. Some trash. Lots of broken glass at the trail head. Didn’t hear much wildlife, but lots of planes and machinery. Barking dogs - must not be fun having strangers pass by relentlessly.

16 days ago

Lightly trafficked trail with so many bugs that it was difficult to see ahead. Besides, until you reach the actual trail, which is about a mile from the parking, the passing cars and trucks kick up a lot of dust. We went there end of August, and unless there’s a better time to visit, we won’t be going back again!

Great trail. Very easy hike. The blazes are a little difficult to find but still enjoyable

Best trail I ever went! Me and my friend went with his dog and it was amazing!

This is a beautiful trail through the woods which seems to get very little foot traffic. There were also lots of chipmunks and frogs and the hoot of owls. The trail has a little of everything - flat section, ledge walks, and some small rock scrambles. That being said - we had to really create our own route because the section of the trail labeled “unmarked trail” along the pond no longer seems to exist. We reached a downed tree and then saw major flooding along the area that the trail was supposed to be on. So we turned back and went a different way where we avoided the pond entirely via a yellow trail that eventually summits the mountain. However, we were glad we did. That trail was very scenic and also rewardingly strenuous. My only other critique of this trail is that the markings are poor and you really need to rely on the map or you might get lost. But overall the trail is a great workout and a rewarding day outdoors as long as you stay alert and avoid the “unmarked trail”!

Great trail, has small side trails to go check things out. Can cut through to make the trail your on not as long. Some great views of marshlands. Can be buggy if you go in the morning so bring bug spray! Definitely gonna go again soon, see you there!

20 days ago

I found the map here in All Trails a bit confusing, you're probably better off trying to just follow the blue blazes. At one point this map took me through an area that others had clearly walked on (and was just as overgrown as the rest of the marked path), but when I reached the end where it met up with the blue trail again, I noticed it was cordoned off (but not where I entered). Also recommend wearing long pants - you walk through lots of overgrown areas, including lots of thornbushes that can do a number on your ankles. Otherwise a really pretty hike. If you're up to it, take a bag and clean up after the people on dirt bikes, who seem to leave a mess where they stop to take breaks - I picked up a lot of trash.

Great spot. Multiple trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. There is a map you can grab at the beginning if you don’t have the trail on your phone to help you with routes. Very clean. Well maintained. Started on red then to green, white, and finished with green. Great time with beautiful scenery.

Not very well marked and the trials were very narrow.

I went during a snowstorm at the beginning of the year it was beautiful!

25 days ago

Pretty well maintained trail with nice lookouts. Blazes could be cleaned up a bit. The local kids have painted the rocks, which is a shame. There is some highway noise from I-395 which does take away from it a bit. Terrain varies and changes quickly, so do won't get bored.

Great place of adventure. Lot of up n down parts to make the hike a solid workout as well

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