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Manchester, Connecticut Map

Nice trail. Beautiful views. However, the trails need to be marked better.

I ride my bike here all the time! Great rail path for biking, running, snowshoeing, and strollin’. Great scenery all around you, and cool off-shoots into the Valley Falls Park trails. It can be high traffic around the parking lot areas, but there’s nice quiet stretches in between.

1 month ago

Had a great hike. Dog also liked it

Great place.

3 months ago

I recommend parking at the Spring St lot. My major gripe with this place is between the parking lot and the summit of Lookout Mountain (the view) the park is very popular and therefore littered with broken glass and lots of foot traffic. I suggest veering right off of the white trail toward the pink trail for a bit more of a challenging and secluded route. After reaching the summit of Lookout Mountain venture beyond the viewpoint onto the yellow trail (which starts in the treeline 180° from the view on Lookout Mountain) toward the summit of Case Mountain. Eventually you will turn left onto the Yellow/Blue trail if you wish to head to the summit of Case. This leads you to a more remote and quiet area of the park, with interesting rock ledge formations, ascents, decents, traversing near large boulders and overhanging rocks, and squeezing through narrow walls created by tall boulders on either side of the trail. This is probably my favorite trail of all in the park. Overall difficulty is easy, there are no scrambles, no very steep grades, the only risky dropoff comes shortly after joining the yellow trail, as it intersects and follows a 30-40 ft high cliff face and eventually descends down a more gradual part as the ledge meets the hillside. There are some rocky areas and clearly some gradual elevation gain, but it never manages to phase me much (205 lbs 6'0").

Would recommend exploring all of the trails offered here, it may not be difficult or the best views, but it is a beautiful and interesting landscape.

Started from the Spring St. lot and went straight up to the top via the white and pink trails. Gorgeous view from the summit...lucky to get a cool, cloudless day my first time out! Continued down the pink trail and onto yellow-red for a while before doubling back. Really beautiful hike, looking forward to making this a regular spot :)

mountain biking
5 months ago

Started at the Vernon side of the trail this time. Awesome ride!

Favorite local trail all year round

easy trail. great views. Falls weren't runny well but other wise a great hike.

Nice hike across a ridge line, not the best views but lots of diverse landscape. I took white to blue, turned around and hooked up with the blue and yellow trail. The blue ad yellow trail was incredibly exciting! The path winded up and down rocky ledges and into some scraggly trees which reminded me of Mirkwood :p There's also a nice view of a pond and benches around the lower points to rest.

Overall great hike! I'll be back to explore some of the other trails that branch off from this location. :)

Nice flat trail, found a cool waterfall.

mountain biking
7 months ago

We had two cars, and wanted to ride one way so we left one car behind the First Congregational Church 359 US 6, Andover, CT. The second car we parked at the trailhead 175 Colonial Rd, Manchester, CT where there is a dedicated parking lot. By car it was 15 minutes one way between locations. From our start point we crossed RT 6 in front of the church to pick up the trail and then rode to the right heading west. The first 5 miles were a definite uphill grade, around mile 6 it became a downhill grade all the way to Manchester. Total distance between the two locations approximately 12 miles. Considering the trail is mostly hard packed dirt it was very well maintained, wider in some areas than others with a few road crossings. The scenery was mostly rocks that had been blasted through back when the railroad was built with a lot of ferns and greenery, but never saw the Hop River. There were mostly bikers on the trail, and everyone was very friendly. Other than the uphill grade for 5 miles it was a very pleasant ride. If you're looking for a nearby place to stay I highly recommended the Daniel Rust House in Coventry which is 12 minutes from the church by car.

8 months ago

This hike is super easy and offers different trails. You can go straight up to the top or take a more scenic route. The end scenery is great- You see all of hartford and Manchester!
Overall easy and fun to do for beginners. Just keep track of which entrance you came from and the trail you hiked. It's kinda easy to get lost coming down but if you pay attention, you're solid!

8 months ago

A good trail for the area, well-wooded and several trail options for different hiking needs. From the Spring Street parking lot, go up the paved road on the right, it quickly becomes a dirt trail (The White/Carriage Trail). From there, take Pink up to the summit. Decent inclines. I went up the stone staircase section and did not see any trail blaze on my way up. Summit views are of Hartford and Manchester, can see pretty far on a clear day. Roundtrip took me less than an hour.

Best in the area - less crowded than Talcott Mountain or Sleeping Giant, with lots of different marked and unmarked trails so you can combine routes for a longer outing or take a different route every trip. there is a wider, gravel option (carriage) but also more rocky paths. Yellow & pink trails are my favorites, but blue is good too!

9 months ago

Great view once you reach the summit. Pretty busy all year round, although everyone is friendly. Dogs are welcomed. Clear paths.

clear trails, lots of options.

Just OK views at the tops

I love that they have different hiking trails. The waterfalls view absolutely beautiful

very easy

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lots of options to vary difficulty. Great extension options if you follow the blue trail to Birch Mountain, or start at Birch Mountain and loop through Case.

Monday, January 02, 2017

a little slippery today but a nice clear day a great view of hartford a pond a waterfall . Temps in the 40s what more could I ask for :) white trail

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Great for running! I trained for a half marathon on this trail, which is a relatively flat route and easy to complete! The miles fly by. Started in Manchester and would run up to 5 miles out then back. Perfect weather and beautiful scenery in the fall!!! Only thing that can be tricky is crossing streets at intersections. Some have stop signs others just have crosswalks and not all cars will yield.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Great trail. It has a great uphill start and then levels off. It is always very peaceful.

Monday, October 17, 2016

NOT for biking. It is a long walk up and then it is downhill. If you are willing to walk up a mile and then ride down then fine. This is good for hiking.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I've hiked Case Mtn. many times and, like any other trails can be relatively easy or difficult depending on your route. The Shenipsit or "blue trail" runs through this area all the way to Gay City State Park in Hebron and if you're up for a challenge, this complete loop will run you about 22 miles parts of which are probably a level 2 scramble. The best approach is to print a Case Mtn. trail map and plan off of that. My favorite is to park in the Birch Mtn. lot (only about four spots but rarely used), follow the blue trail (rises about 150 feet in 0.15 miles) to the blue/yellow trail then back onto the blue all the way to Hebron's Gay City State Park (which has it's own set of trail options) and back. A real workout and full of interesting old stone walls, charcoal pits and glacial rock formations. My watch/tracker recorded a cumulative elevation gain of 350 floors and 4,000 calories expended. An exhausting but great way to spend a warm summer day!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nice hike with good views

trail running
Monday, August 22, 2016

One of my favorite trails. I use the white trail/carriage path loop to walk up to the summit, then I run down. The last part of the loop is back up again. I love that it provides differing levels of intensity, and the views are pretty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Awesome. A must do for trail riders walkers/runners. I started at the southern end and went 8.5 miles north so I need to do the rest on another day. The southern portions is 99%well maintained with a few sandy areas near road crossings to be careful of. Mostly tree covered so even during the high heat of the day it was comfortable.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


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