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trail running
13 hours ago

Ideal for point A-B trail runs. Hoping it lives up to its name and I spot some wild hops.

mountain biking
13 hours ago

The place is really nice and scenic, but forget mountain biking...all the trails say no bicycles...you can only bike on the paved road going to the back parking lot. I don't get it. I WALKED some of the trail with my bike, and I see no reason why no bikes. ?? If someone knows why, please comment. It's no different than a Rails-to-Trails ride, just a small bit rougher. Otherwise, will be back to walk, not bike :-(

on Squantz Pond Trail

16 hours ago

6/2018 Great hike be aware lotsa trees Dow due to recent tornado you’ll have to go over,under and around some but was nice and I saw no one else after look out rock

16 hours ago

Be aware some trees down across trail due to recent tornado. Still passable just a heads up

Very pretty, but make *sure* you bring your bug spray!

1 day ago

There are some falls that this route is leaving out. Watch out for a sign for them when you see the creek. It’s only .2mi out of the way.

It’s not a very hard hike at all. I cut out some of the loops and the extra long routes and it took maybe 2.5 hours.

My dog loved it there and I didn’t find one tick!!

Gorgeous, well-maintained, perfect for either walking with a group, riding a bike, or taking a jog by yourself

1 day ago

Absolutely beautiful

This was a very nice place to spend 1-2 hours. Bring boots and be prepared as this is a moderate hike. Quiet, nice views, cool rocks to climb, and a decent amout of wildlife. Trails are very narrow but well maintained. Toads, millipede and some butterflies were around.

Nice little loop around the water. We went on memorial day weekend and wasn't aware it's a state park so there were campers sprinkled along the trail near the end which we totally were not expecting to walk through some people's camp sites. I'm guessing this could be a possibility through out the summer season? aside from that enjoyable hike, places to stop and sit on some boulders long the way to enjoy the view of the water. Wear sensible shoes as theres lots of roots on the path and a couple stream crossings.

Easy hike , waterfall , upper and lower ponds . Great for kids .

I think you have the wrong trail in the map. Millington trail is the red blazes. I know this, because I passed the green trail twice like the devil’s hopyard map says. I think it might be the green trail or blue. The trail listed which is green is the woodcutters trail and the blue it’s just blue. It’s easy to see when you look at the devil’s hopyard map they provide. Great trail I just wanted to bring attention to this and make it so others weren’t as confused as I was. It says that it is connected to the orange trail, but it goes out to the left of the map out of any crossing. Or maybe it’s labeled wrong as the upper loop of the orange trail where you go down a bit to the end of the second loop go back up and skip devil’s oven. Just fallow the red blazes after the waterfall.

2 days ago

The trail was marked very well, but it wasn’t very scenic.

on Regicides Trail

3 days ago

Great afternoon hike! Took us about 2.5 hours at a good clip with a few pauses to take in the view. Pretty wildflowers. Will be back to explore more!

Second time going here. Absolutely my favorite. It's a work out climbing up the steep inclines. We
saw tons of red spotted purple butterflies and some turkey! my Wife almost stepped on a garden snake. lol

This is one of our go-to loops for a quiet afternoon. The trails are well maintained and easy to use. There are cliff faces for those feeling more adventurous.

7 days ago

love coming here. nice paved paths, picnic areas, places to stop and let dog take a quick dip. great for steelers and bikes. everyone always friendly.

7 days ago

nice, but very muddy on red trail around lake. Very rocky and full of tree roots. No good for any kind of wheeled carriage.

I am a beginner hiker and was recommended this trail by a friend that does it often-he gave me great directions. I wanted to have a bit of a challenge without the anxiety, and this trail was perfect. As long as you have a plan going in and pay attention to the very well marked trail, you will have an awesome experience and feel very accomplished at the end. I took blue/red to blue/yellow to blue/ and picked blue/red back to the opening. Stopped to have lunch on the summit right after I picked up the blue trail. Was still done in about 3 hours.

Wonderful view of the Catskills and the Taconic range at the top of Cobble Mountain. Some great scrambling continuing north on the blue trail. Hiking shoes definitely recommended. After this section it’s just some light descending, not bad at all. Full loop is roughly 6 miles.

Been here more times than I can count-there are endless little trails and off-shoots to explore. I generally park in the little dirt lot across from the boat launch parking area. From there I hop onto the Nipmuck Trail and loop around, and then sometimes tack on the Breakneck Pond loop afterward. Great place to take my dog. It is my quiet, peaceful happy place. A nice and easy hike to clear my mind.

8 days ago

I've done Macedonia Brook State Park so many times I've lost track but it's definitely a favorite. Today I found it more overgrown then I've ever seen it which means I was picking ticks off myself and my dog, unfortunately. I usually do the blue trail up to Cobble Mountain and back but decided today to continue past Cobble Mountain. I wasn't really interested in doing the entire loop but was more interested in seeing what I had never done before. Cobble Mountain really is the highlight of Macedonia Brook State Park in my opinion. I was hiking alone with my dog and discovered a crazy decent down a rock scramble that I'd have to say was pretty sketchy. So sketchy and so sheer at one point, my dog wasn't having any of it. I had to shimmy my way down on my butt to a safe spot where I could then lift her and place her down. We paced ourselves with our wobbly legs and paws and did it. This is definitely not a hike for a novice or anyone afraid of heights (which I am) and/or rock scrambles. I'd consider it a moderate hike to Cobble and then moderate-to-hard if you continue past Cobble. We continued down the blue a bit more, then took the green to the green-orange. We played in the brook for a bit and ended up taking the gravel road back to the start of the blue trail where the car was parked. Too tired after doing that insane rock scramble down to continue exploring the trails we'd never done. Level ground to calm our weary legs. All in all, did 4 miles in 2 hours, seeing beautiful views, scrambling crazy rocks and seeing NO ONE, starting from the blue trail, going clockwise. Enjoy!

A favorite nearby, a little longer, trail. So many beautiful views and stops along the ridge. Fun times.
We went Clockwise from Wigwam. A little confusing after the pan handle, I'm calling it the Bermuda triangle. Followed a steep rocky river bed up to Blue Orange back to parking. next time taking the cut through, short cut back.

Very nice :) My sister is not so experienced so it was tough for her to get through all the rocks, but the view was worth it and we took the orange/blue trail after the reservoir to shorten the hike. It was well-marked and the app helped a lot! Bring a lunch, lots of water, and good shoes! 4 hours, with the shortcut.

trail running
9 days ago

Loved this park!

10 days ago

much easier than moderate. easy plus, maybe.

Nice, quiet and beautiful hike, other than one steep small hill I would label this blue loop as an easy hike. Extremely light foot traffic, very well marked trails, a couple fisherman on banks of beautiful reservoir which the trail does include an on top of view of, will definitely do again but again would say easy not moderate.

Lots of interesting history, worth seeing at least once. Definitely great for families.

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