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Nice, well traveled trail, clean and easy to follow. Very steep incline in the beginning which leads me to believe why it is marked moderately hard. A lot of people with dogs off the leash so it would be hard for birding but otherwise a great day hike.

great day out. we took out time and did almost eight miles. nice scenery.

Easy trail around the reservoir. Felt safe by myself.

some of the trails that break off this loop could use some love, but it's a beautiful short hike.

3 days ago

I’ve been here dozens of times. I have never been swarmed with bugs and mosquitos like this hike. It was beyond awful and we couldn’t get to the car quick enough. Typically 4-5* hike here.

3 days ago

The view of the water is beautiful from the bridge. To easy and flat for me. Good place to have relaxing stroll.

on Black Rock Trail

3 days ago

The view from the top is worth the hike. Too many litterbugs leaving their trash around though.

big area with tons of trails and other fun things to do.

great place. moderate traffic. definitely worth checking out and for making frequent trips there.

Great hike. Started at West Lane entrance. Went left at fork and took Blue/Red trail to Blue trail. Nice scenes. Great peak. Took Blue up to Blue/Yellow and cut back across East to starting point. AllTrails said we hiked 4.3 miles and burned 1431 calories. NICE. Definitely got a great workout. Would highly recommend. Can't wait to go back and do full loop.

Easy trail that is basically a road except for the upper vista connector. Lower vista has better views. Both vistas need to be cut back. Picnic tables everywhere. Nice pond for the dogs to swim in.

A really awesome trail with great views. It would certainly be a 5 star review if the trails were marked better. Very easy to get lost. I have The AllTrails Pro and it bailed us out a couple of times.

trail running
5 days ago

Great run! I would recommend starting counterclockwise.

overgrown bushes on trail, not really passable:(

This is a meet up spot for men. Not family friendly. Wish it was because it’s a very nice trail. We did it but were very uncomfortable when we returned to the parking lot. I googled around and confirmed what I thought was going on.

on Lilinonah Trail

10 days ago

I hiked this trail a few days ago. It was a really fun one! My dog and I did took the road to the blue trail since we couldn't figure out where it actually started. The scenery was amazing! He loved all of the little streams you came across. Even though it's in the middle of summer, the views were still awesome. I had read recent reviews before we went and knew that there would be some storm damage. It was definitely there, especially towards the end of the hike. Be prepared if you're following the blue trail, once you pass the boat, heading South East, you're going to hit a ton of down trees. Lots of going under and over. My dog and I loved it, but for others,it may be a little too much. We are definitely going to come back! We loved it.

10 days ago

Great a trail! Just make sure you where proper shoes. Fairly easy trail to walk with proper footware. Trail markers can be a little confusing so pay attention, lots of little side trials.

on Lake Chamberlain Loop

trail running
11 days ago

nice trail

11 days ago

This is a deceptively large patch of woods. There are some great trails (on west side) and some rocky ones (south and down the middle). Groton Parks and Rec is looking to decommission some of the poor or unmarked trails to improve the park. Great place for a dog walk or several mile loop hike.

Dogs can go off leash here

Loved the waterfalls! Wear bug spray next time. Easy

it's great for starting out and it doesn't take long

Stuck to the well-marked and well-traveled trails, mostly staying to the right at splits. Peaceful and secluded, despite some highway noise bleed.

very nice trail. lots of parking at the historic bridge, but no restrooms. the blue trail is extremely well marked. be sure to take the red/blue spur trail to the waterfall. did the entire north and south loop in 4 hours, with a half hour lunch at the pond. north loop is slightly up hill, but not excessive. of the south loop on the way back descends nicely.

Excellent mountainbike specific trail. Very difficult. If not very skilled do not go alone.

14 days ago

Nice hike, pretty clean park. Got alot of rain recently so mosquitos were out in force but will do it again. Several campsites as well. We stayed at Mootry lookout and Danbury looked pretty good from up there.

Bugs pretty heavy in swamp and its a swamp but dry right now.Bet its real pretty in the fall. Will come back.

This trail has tree cover for almost the entirety of the trail, which is nice on hot/humid days (like when I went). There are a lot of hills in this hike, but they were all manageable. There's also signs for a "lookout point"... Do NOT get excited; it's just a rock where you can see the pond through some trees, but it's a nice place to stop of a rest and a snack.

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