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Great for walking a non dog friendly dog. No one else here makes training easy

Definitely an amazing hike. If you’re new to trails the first .25 miles is a bit much because it’s steep but it’s really beautiful. Seeing the hueblin tower at the end is a perfect edition to the trail.

Okay hike. Not very exciting, and never found waterfall unless the spillway at the beginning is it. Trail was not always easy to follow. Probably would have been a little better with a state trail map. Overall good day but not as scenic or exciting as we hoped. We started from the spillway on Trail 1 road.

4 hours ago


mountain biking
15 hours ago

The place is really nice and scenic, but forget mountain biking...all the trails say no bicycles...you can only bike on the paved road going to the back parking lot. I don't get it. I WALKED some of the trail with my bike, and I see no reason why no bikes. ?? If someone knows why, please comment. It's no different than a Rails-to-Trails ride, just a small bit rougher. Otherwise, will be back to walk, not bike :-(

Bluff Point is a wonderful trail that leads you out to views of Fishers Island and Long Island Sound. The beach makes for an adequate swim day, and the second half of the loop is steep enough to burn off lunch.

1 day ago

Gorgeous, well-maintained, perfect for either walking with a group, riding a bike, or taking a jog by yourself

1 day ago

Really pretty waterfall! Hike was short and easy. Seemed to be a lot of teenagers “hanging out” in the parking lot. Lock your car.

nature trips
1 day ago

Not really a hike but more or less a woodland walking trail next to a fully operational historical site... gift shop ,icecream and restrooms next to the castle. You can take a tour for $6 per adult for the castle portion (worth it) or watch a free little movie near with admission area. Pretty neat in all honesty. Awesome views of the water along the outside of the castle.

1 day ago

Nice easy walk along the water. Good if you want to get outside and have a view but not be challenged. The board walk portion is clean and well built. Nice little park area at the end with beautiful ocean views. No shortage of places to sit along the way as its lined with an obscene amount of benches.

Nice little loop around the water. We went on memorial day weekend and wasn't aware it's a state park so there were campers sprinkled along the trail near the end which we totally were not expecting to walk through some people's camp sites. I'm guessing this could be a possibility through out the summer season? aside from that enjoyable hike, places to stop and sit on some boulders long the way to enjoy the view of the water. Wear sensible shoes as theres lots of roots on the path and a couple stream crossings.

Easy hike , waterfall , upper and lower ponds . Great for kids .

No dogs allowed.

I think you have the wrong trail in the map. Millington trail is the red blazes. I know this, because I passed the green trail twice like the devil’s hopyard map says. I think it might be the green trail or blue. The trail listed which is green is the woodcutters trail and the blue it’s just blue. It’s easy to see when you look at the devil’s hopyard map they provide. Great trail I just wanted to bring attention to this and make it so others weren’t as confused as I was. It says that it is connected to the orange trail, but it goes out to the left of the map out of any crossing. Or maybe it’s labeled wrong as the upper loop of the orange trail where you go down a bit to the end of the second loop go back up and skip devil’s oven. Just fallow the red blazes after the waterfall.

4 days ago

My husband and I love this area for hiking. It is utterly beautiful here. You can really get a great workout while seeing nature at its best. On the last stretch back to your vehicle is a bit steep which gives you that final burn, but if inexperienced make sure you leave a bit of steam for it.

4 days ago

Fairly easy hike with some great views of the river

4 days ago

Easy trail and great views from the old tower on top

Super easy hike. Wasn’t completely impressed with the fall...there wasn’t a lot of water

4 days ago

Great water falls.

Easy trail until you hike up to devils oven. Which has a big incline. Brought a dog and the dog could keep up.

Beautiful views of the falls and real easy.

Unreal sunset spot

Beautiful short trail. ((Wear pants)) very high grass. And tick repellent. But the greenery was Majestic. The view was beautiful. Good for kids. Me and Pearly Jam would come back . One THUMBS UP. Are time was 32 minutes there and back.

5 days ago

Awesome trail, perfect for dogs a view before the tower and the tower view was awesome. 2 THUMBS UP ! me and pearly jam will be back! Are time was 1 hour

Great for an after work walk!! Not hard but great to be outdoors and near a lake. They charge to park so that’s the only pitfall!!!

Second time going here. Absolutely my favorite. It's a work out climbing up the steep inclines. We
saw tons of red spotted purple butterflies and some turkey! my Wife almost stepped on a garden snake. lol

6 days ago

This was a good hike with lots of different trails and pretty scenery! The only negatives are parking not at entrance, and trails could be marked more often.

The falls cutoff was pretty difficult, but worth it... close to a 90% incline in some stretches... but it’s short, so don’t let it intimidate you too much

Nice hike. No place to park and the entrance on the side of the road.

The trail is very undulating but for the most part very relaxing. Lots of foliage keeps you out of direct sun light.

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