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So many different Falls to look at and a nice easy path right alongside them which goes up until reaching a bridge. Very Majestic. The park offers some shade and a nice picnicking area.

Challenging hike. I started at the north end of the blue loop and went counterclockwise, and I think that's the best way to tackle it. Would not want to come down Cobble Mountain the opposite way. There is one very tricky section just as you start to climb up Cobble Mountain where you have to hoist yourself up some big rocks. I managed to do it hiking alone but it was a little hairy. The views from the top were worth the effort. After Cobble Mountain there are some more vistas along the way, then you head down into forest and descend down to the brook. A bit more rock scrambling there. I took a quick break for a snack at the brook then headed up the other side of the blue trail, which has some sustained, gradual climbing but no real views. Just some nice forest hiking. Eventually the blue trail descends again down toward a campsite. You can walk along the road there and cut the loop short if you want, but I did the entire blue loop back to my car, with some more ups and downs and a little more rock scrambling at the very end. Rewarding hike, but I would not do it in any kind of bad weather. Proper footwear a must.

8 days ago

The route where you see the concave curve on upper right hand side is so hard. one section had us climbing down boulders. not fun but with 2 dogs...almost impossible. We baled out and joined the gravel road route. Very pretty place but the trails aren't trails.

nice trail with waterfalls, not many decent views but when you do see one it's amazing. give yourself about 5rs time and bring snacks.

Cool bridge nice waterfall

Wow. Easily the biggest payoff for least effort hike I've done. Spectacular series of waterfalls. As you ascend the very nicely constructed (mostly paved) trail there are benches and lookout areas along the way. The money spot is at the very top, where the water spills over a cliff edge and down into a sort of cave, then cascades down further. There was a photographer down below taking photos of the uppermost falls from a tripod. There are signs telling people not to leave the trails, which he ignored. Happy to report he made it back to his car. When the paved trail ends it pays to take the root-bound trail up to the right, where you can see the stream that leads down to the falls, and even walk out above the falls if you have the guts. I ventured out a little bit but wanted to be mindful of my footing on a wet day. At the end of the trail you cross a little bridge and can descend down the other side of the falls on the red trail, which doesn't have any great views but is a nice peaceful stroll back to the parking lot, with the sound of the woods keeping you company all the way. There was also a yellow trail that led back into the woods, but I'll leave that for another time. If you want a great spot to visit or take kids, with some absolutely majestic views this is it. Picnic tables near the parking area, and totally immaculate. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for sure! You can also fish for trout there if you want. Not sure why you'd do the red and yellow loop. All the views are on the other side of the falls - take the main (paved) trail up and the red trail back IMO.

29 days ago

Nice trail.

I very much Enjoyed this hike. Not very difficult...great for folks with not much experience hiking as well as families. Calebs Peak is a wonderful spot to stop and enjoy the view south through the Housatonic valley...pack a lunch!!

Great moderate hike..started from small parking lot off of route 341. Went up and over both St John's ledges and Calebs peak. Took about 4 hours with a stop for lunch on Calebs Peak...plenty of rocks to sit on and enjoy the view south of the Housatonic Valley

Hiking to Caleb peak was about a 1 mile rock scramble with nice views at the top. We continued on the AT just to get some distance in, although views weren’t as nice after the peak. A good day hike!

Waterfalls get nicer higher you climb. Go when there's snow or after rain

3/27/18 went to Macedonia Brook State Park. Go the way the map tells you to go because there's a moderate-hard rock scramble going up cobble, which was unpleasant going down in snow haha. Views on cobble are great and watch for bears saw bearprints a couple times

Beautiful hike. I went straight through to Cornwall Bridge. Easy climb up Caleb’s peak. The rock scramble coming down St. John’s ledges is tricky so be aware of that. Really beautiful right by the Housatonic River once you get down the ledges (and flat!). My hike totaled 11.4miles from 341 to Rt 4.

Short and steep, lots of nice waterfalls and cascades, there are facilities and picnic tables around the bottom, as well as a place to swim/wade.

3 months ago

Great hike

Was there in February with snow on the ground. There are a number of trail intersections, green and orange markings. I shortened the loop by taking one of these. I wish All Trails had these trails marked on their topo map. I could find no park maps anywhere. I relied on the GPS. Wonderful hike nevertheless. Only hiked 3 miles.

Beautiful and excellent run. It is not 5.3mi but 6.338mi for the full round circuit. Follow the blue Marks throughout the way and you will be in for a treat with stunning vistas and superb running terrain.

Beautiful falls. Perfect for a stroll with the family to just sit and relax.

My favorite hike in Connecticut. Rarely busy and always so much to see. Great views at the top and plenty of places to eat a snack in solitude.

6 months ago

Really nice varied hike that offers a few interesting challenges in spots, and great views at the top of Cobble Mtn. One of the best I’ve done in the area. Lightly trafficked on a beautiful fall Sunday.

Did the blue loop counterclockwise starting from the south parking area, which allowed us to scramble up the steepest part of the hike to the top of Cobble toward the end. Very cool. Recommend starting counterclockwise from the north parking area so you can do the scramble toward the beginning. Scramble section is not pet/kid friendly, but the rest is.

7 months ago

Excellent hike! I read the reviews prior to insure my dog could handle the terrain. I took the advice to hike it counter clockwise so I would hike up the scramble instead of down which was much easier. I highly suggest only bringing your dog if they are athletic and medium to small size. There is a spot that is a sheerish drop and involves some technical skill but was manageable because I hike my dog with a ruffwear harness that has a handle and he is trail savvy and waited for me to get into position to guide him down. A group suggested I was hiking the wrong direction but since I was alone I found it much easier to lower my 50lb cattle dog down rather than trying to lift him up that section. All in all great views of the valley, lightly trafficked, challenging and a good workout!!!

Be careful following the blue trail coming down cobble mountain lookout. It is very steep and rocky, but super fun!!! There is one part where it is about a 7ft vertical drop, which was really tricky to get down with my dog. Luckily a fellow hiker helped out, it would've been near impossible by myself.

Props to trail maintenance!!! The beginning of the blue trail was hard to see with all the leaves covering it but it was so well marked. The blue blazes marked the trail about every fifty feet.

The views at the top were stunning. Well worth the effort!

nice day out with the family. Easy enough to have my wife and 2 year old son with me, sometimes on my shoulder and other times on my back in his baby carrier. beautiful views, nice picnic and play area also. great also for a quick solo walk. choose when you come to avoid paying for parking. We paid nothing for parking today. perhaps because it was October or mid week.

Started at the south parking lot and went clockwise. Passed only a few other groups during the hike who were going counterclockwise and stopped on Cobble Mountain to enjoy the views. The scramble down wasn't too bad, only a couple sections required use of hands but definitely wouldn't recommend this in any kind of inclement weather. The eastern side of the road is more gradual but has the only switchbacks on the trail except the steep descent on the south end. Overall a great hike. Don't follow the park map if you have one from the CT website as a few of the view spots have no view. Blue blazed trails were well marked but you can find a few spots where people go around for easier paths for no more than 10-15 feet and re-join the trail.

This trail was awesome. Super short, but so enjoyable! The falls are gorgeous!

Nice place. Very clean. Gave a 3 star rating because it cost $9 to park your vehicle. I arrived to the park with three other friends we were on motorcycles, had to pay $9 per bike to park, so it was a total of $36 for us to park 4 motorcycles in one parking spot. We didn’t let the parking fee ruin our day, still had a great time, just will not be returning to Kent falls anytime soon.

Great for picnics, getting your feet wet, and a quick hike. Can get crowded, but much less during the week. The falls are quite beautiful, great place for families. (we went on a week day and parked for free)

Short and sweet. If you have bad knees (like me) and have trouble going up stairs I would take Advil first!! lol Take your time and don't get discouraged. definately worth the walk. lots of large steps but there is a hand rail if you need it! gorgeous views!

all good, a small waterfall hike in a well kept park. fyi-$15 cash to park car.

10 months ago

1st time hiking after baby & it was challenging. Don't plan on using the app while hiking- no service! It was beautiful. Not another living soul on the path. I didn't do the whole loop but I will next time around.

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