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Loved it!

Long beautiful trail. Really quiet but the sun still shines brightly thru the trees.
There's different trail difficulties.
Definitely a place for a long quiet walk or even birding.
Only found one point that really over looks the trees.

Pretty deece. Very quiet. Lots of skeeters. Some dog poop. Nice rocks. Pretty chill not too much inclines

3 months ago

Very humid August day and rocks were a little slick. Short scrambles over low glacier ridges were a nice mix in, even having to lift the dog up onto some. Canopy covers well and there is minimal sun. If your into mushrooms....this is a good trail for you. The Orange circle trail on the way back cuts through some large boulders which kids would love.

It was pretty enough but the trail is overgrown and hasn’t had upkeep in a while it seems. The trail takes you on the edge of some backyards, there is highway noise the whole trail, and the last part of the loop is the actual road.

on Westwoods Trail

4 months ago

nice woody trails,lots of mosquitoes.
easy to get lost for a beginner.

Great trail, be ready for a workout, and don't skip the steep route up to the top. great view from Bluff Head. You can see the sound, and for miles looking north.

4 months ago

Hiked green rectangle off Dunk Rock, picked up Yellow, and looped back on Blue Rectangle. Beautiful New England forest, Yellow could have been marked better.

Pretty good views in the beginning. Very easy with the exception of the first half mile. not very secluded and you end up hiking between residential homes.

4 months ago

One of my favorite trails... Many trail choices for everybody's liking.

Very good hike

Pretty trail with easy access to salt water lake and adjoining marsh. We saw a great egret and other birds. Close to train and houses, so quiet, but you can hear civilization. Trails can be confusing - make sure to get a map. The white trail had several offshoots which were also part of the white trail. If we hadn't had a map it would have been pretty confusing.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Started from a parking lot on Durham Rd. and jumped right on the blue trail. After we reached the top we crossed over on blue/white to blue/red (lone pine, I think) . Now before I start complaining about the mess we encountered i will say CT had a pretty intense storm a wk before so this could have been a contributing factor.

The initial climb is intense, steep and rocky i suggest having decent shoes. The climb is fairly quick then you’re at the top with a magnificent view. After the peak we continued on the blue trail until we hit the blue/white this trail cuts through to the lone pines trail. The blue/white trail was a mess, it looked like we were walking in a stream. It was extremely rocky, muddy and with all the downed leaves it was slippery. Even with the markers we kept checking this app to be sure this was a legit trail. After getting through that mess we hit the blue/red trail which was much more pleasant. We had to climb over a couple of huge downed trees and a cute bridge. Then it happened. We came to what looked like the end of the trail. There was a brook with absolutely no easy way across. The bridge that used to be there was broken apart on the other side. All we could do was laugh. There was a ginormous tree that had fallen over the brook. I decided to hop on some small rocks and jump up and walk over the tree, my bf found a longer muddier alternate route. Success we made it to the other side. Now we’re walking on a trail on the side of someone’s house. There are 2 barking dogs behind a fence a little cute one and a very large cute one. Again we checked, we were in fact on a trail, so continued to walk. The dogs continued to bark, the little one got out and was now barking at our ankles. I chose to just not give him eye contact and continue to walk. This little guy was after my bf. He would move and the dog would lunge toward him barking. Although I was practically in tears from laughter I was also hoping the big dog didn’t find a way out. After getting through that with no blood loss we continued walking. You uncomfortably walk through people’s back yards before you come to the horse farm. Walk down the dirt road to connect to “trail” again. We passed a group of horses and several free, very friendly dogs. The path was wide and muddy. We continued walking along the pond until we came to the main rd, took a right back to the parking lot. It was not an enjoyable walk since it’s pretty far and it’s a busy road. There may be another trail across the rd to connect you to the parking lot but I had no idea how to get there. I can see why a lot of people say this as a up and back trail not a loop. I say stick to the main blue and you’ll have a great hike!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

I cleared a lot of spider webs with my face.

Friday, September 22, 2017

visiting from Maine, walked the white trail by lost lake and returned on orange trail. a little over 3 miles. trailed marked ok, but can be confusing at times; same color circle vs. square. dogs had fun as usual! beautiful weather!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The menunkatuck connection terminates at the southern gateway on the harbor. Unfortunately the trail runs very close to suburban backyards but to counter that there are quite a few pastoral vistas which will make you stop and take a look. The marshes and fields along the trail support a suprising shift in the variety of wildlife encountered in the preceding cockaponset forest.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I love everything about these woods. The trails are all very well marked and Maintained. The views are incredible. Make sure to make the trek down to lost lake!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Great views along the ridge. Quick steep climb at first but rewarded quickly at top.

Amazing views challenging hill. Don't miss the old cemetery

Friday, May 12, 2017

First part of trail is very steep. Columbines grappling on impossible ledges right now. There was an assortment of wildlife...you end up on the lone pine trail on the other side of 77.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Overall the trail had absolutely beautiful views. The reason I'm giving it three stars is the fact that you really have to be careful on this trail especially since some of the trails are badly eroded and right near the edge of the cliff. I understand some people tagged this hike as kid friendly, but I wouldn't recommend it. That being said, we took the blue trail and after the first 10 minutes (which is a fairly steep incline) you'll be overlooking Guilford. There's a few other views but then after that it's mostly wood area. The parking lot is also fairly small, so we had to park off to the side of the road which is very busy. There is a old cemetery at the beginning of the blue orange trail that was neat and if you go further down the blue orange trail there is a beaver damn.

Great workout. Beautiful view from the top

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Not a tough trail (at least not for those of us from the White Mountains!) but fun to clamber around the rocks and view the lake.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

I really enjoyed my Christmas day hike on these trails. There were some good challenging parts but mostly it seemed like it was just a walk-through a nice forest. There's some great views from a cliff and it gets a little technical up there. I'll be back another time to explore more of the trail. Happy holidays!

trail running
Saturday, October 08, 2016

Great for an early morning hike to watch the sunrise, the view is one of the best for the moderate effort put forth.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Had a blast today! Went a little over eight miles and just twisted throughout the maze of trails. I ran my map quest since I messed up recording using AllTrails app again and that gave me a sense of where I was and how to get back. So much to see and fun exploring. Picked raspberries when done then bought an apple pie to bring home. Can't wait to go back. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great trail! A little confusing when I came out to the road and I was grateful for the app but otherwise well marked. Wear decent shoes since the terrain varies and get ready to enjoy a variety of different scenes. So much fun!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. We parked off of Route 77 at the main trail head on the left. The trail goes immediately upwards in a steep climb. No scrambling is required but it will get your heart racing. The path is wide and easy to follow. There were a few traprock vistas, all allowing beautiful views of Guilford, and the MeyerHuber pond below. From the basalt vistas the path dips up and down. We followed the blue blazes until we hit an intersection of white, blue, and blue/red. We took the blue/red trail to the right, which were narrower than the blue blaze trail, here you walk along some old rock walls, over some small paths of water and behind a few local properties. The trail then heads behind a development, and through a nearby farm. There looks to be another parking lot here, but we continued to follow the path to the left, and finally ended up at the main Route 77. We had to walk a about half a mile to the parking lot.

Overall I would definitely recommend this trail. We went during the week and only passed a couple hiking. We heard some people on ATV's but never saw them. The paths were clear, easy to walk on, and the vistas were beautiful looking over the pond, and the green countryside.

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