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trail running
1 day ago

Great run! I would recommend starting counterclockwise.

6 days ago

Great a trail! Just make sure you where proper shoes. Fairly easy trail to walk with proper footware. Trail markers can be a little confusing so pay attention, lots of little side trials.

on Lake Chamberlain Loop

trail running
7 days ago

Dogs can go off leash here

Stuck to the well-marked and well-traveled trails, mostly staying to the right at splits. Peaceful and secluded, despite some highway noise bleed.

Worth it for the bridge and view from the “leap” point as well. Yes the main trail is pretty short but there are a bunch of other trails to explore in the park.

10 days ago

Nice hike, pretty clean park. Got alot of rain recently so mosquitos were out in force but will do it again. Several campsites as well. We stayed at Mootry lookout and Danbury looked pretty good from up there.

11 days ago

This trail has some STUNNING views of Shadow Lake, especially from the western side just south of the softball field. The center peninsula offers a panoramic view of the full lake—great place for a peaceful afternoon. There are several geese on the lake, and a beautiful swan is often perched in the center. The trail’s eastern side and southern tip are very bushy; can be quite muddy after rain, so take your time.

This trail has tree cover for almost the entirety of the trail, which is nice on hot/humid days (like when I went). There are a lot of hills in this hike, but they were all manageable. There's also signs for a "lookout point"... Do NOT get excited; it's just a rock where you can see the pond through some trees, but it's a nice place to stop of a rest and a snack.

Nice easy trail! perfect for my dog. Even has a water fountain to fill the water bowl

You can call this trail moderate but after you do it you won’t feel that way, lots of short bursting ups and downs that over time will take their toll. Secluded except for the occasional motorbike / ATV that roars through illegally. This happens because of the primitive nature of the area, and the fact that over 20 years ago it was a known destination for 4 wheeling clubs.. so ignorant fathers who once rode there legally as a kid bring their kids out there thinking it is still ok. It’s not FYI the state of CT out it’s foot down on this. If you come across these 4 wheelers make you let them know this is no longer a permitted activity.

I guess after all is said and done this is the risk you take when you attempt to hike this loop.. might be better off heading south into the Yale forest and get on the Nipmuc trail there, that forest is beautiful and the ridge at Boston Hollow is killer. Not as strenuous as breakneck pond. Google it.

Finally - bigelow hollow is a mob scene on the weekends in the summer - ethnic groups have been gathering in hoards that leave a lot of trash around and make it difficult to enjoy the solitude of nature with their loud music and sheer #s of gatherers. I respect all people, but many aren’t aware of today’s norms for respecting these parks and the wilderness. They come to the wilderness equipped as if their were having a barbecue party on the beach..

Love this trail. Easy to walk. Has a little of everything. Woods, marsh, rocks, beach, and a bathroom at the end of the trail

Nice and easy. Beautiful views from the bluffs.

Fun hike around Breakneck pond.

Great easy hike for you and the family with beautiful waterfalls and rocks. I’m not sure why you have to pay 20 bucks for parking on the weekends when it’s a state and public park? And those porto John’s bathrooms are gross, you’d think with the money they collect from people and government they would have built a new restroom for the park. Other than that, it’s nice.

Is there such a fee to walk $5 when it use to be free.
I'm not impressed what so ever.

Easy trail along the shoreline. Great for dogs.

This beautiful, and short trail (about 45 mins around) is a nice relaxing walk with a few moderate ups and downs and great sights of the lake up close. Perfect trail for sunny days and is mostly shaded. Don’t take this trail a day or 2 after a rain storm unless you don’t mind muddy shoes and ankles. In this case the higher elevation trails aren’t muddy.

One of my favorite spots in SECT. Nice easy trail, beautiful views from the bluff.

Blue/Yellow trail- Steep climb, worth every second for the view.

trail running
1 month ago

Very very buggy! Good trails and relatively challenging. Clearly marked most of the time, I stayed on the blue path for most part, 2 miles out and back. I never found the overlook.

We started from the South Frontage Road entrance and followed the markers which were pretty good! Sometimes they were on the ground instead of the trees so you just need to pay attention.

The cliffs had beautiful views and you could see to Rhode Island!

The trails were poorly marked, which was initially frustrating. But it became clear that all trails lead to Rome, in a sense, and most of them will get you to the cliffs. I took the path near the boat launch, although if I had taken the trail from the opposite end, I think it would have lead to a bear of a hike. Fantastic views, but so much graffiti, which is a real shame. Still, it was a good hike and I would recommend checking it out.

1 month ago

Great trails to walk on. Lots of dogs on and off leash. The lake is beautiful and the dogs love to go swimming when its hot

trail running
1 month ago

Nice little trail with rolling hills for trail running. Some street crossings but no traffic.

1 month ago

Beautiful little hidden gem. Impeccably marked. Can't wait to go trail running here! As previous comments state, the actual Taylor Pond Trail is only about .75 miles, but if you take the connectors, it adds up to a little over 2 miles.

on Nature Trails

1 month ago

A nice place for a walk. However there really is no hiking involved. Maximum inclination is 100 feet for this approximately 6 mile walk. I’m really not sure why this is put as a moderate hike on this site. If you are beginner to hiking you can easily do this as only walking involved. I do however find many to not follow the leash rules so keep that in mind as well.

The trail had a lot of inclinations and some steep hills

Loved this trail. Very well maintained. Used a stroller for the whole loop with only a little difficulty at times but nothing impassible. A lot of points to step off and see a lot of neat areas. Great for kids as well

Trail is tight with overgrown but is clear on foot trail. Many birds and creatures along the way.

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