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trail running
8 days ago

Awesome trail. I came across this trail looking for a place to get a decent long run in. Had just a bit of everything from paved rolling road to soft single track. A few tough climbs but short enough to keep motivated to go on. I would also plan on your feet getting wet. It had rained the day before I arrived but there was still a good amount of creek crossings and marshy areas to navigate. And oh yeah about 3000’ of elevation gain.
I ran the entire out and back and my GPS put me at 26.1 miles. Do pay attention to the yellow Goodwin Trail markers, they are hard to spot in the changing autumn colors. I ran right past a few of them but I can’t complain about it, there were plenty of markers, missing them was my own fault.
Lastly, parts of the single track trail are very hard to navigate due to the amount of leaves that had fallen, the entire forest floor looked like a mix of reds and yellows, which does hide the rocks and roots that I call ankle breakers. Keep your head up (or down) and you’ll be fine.
Overall Richard Goodwin Trail is a must for anyone looking for a good day long adventure. I will certainly be going back.

Happy running-
Ultra Ryan

Lots of dogs on Sunday.

1 month ago

Super easy to get to. 5 minute walk to the falls at the least. A beautiful view!

The trail was very hard to navigate but the view was worth it once we found it. It was decently easy as far as endurance just a very steep walk to the oven and steep down from the view point.

Take a picture of the trail map before you head out. Around the group campgrounds, the orange blazes disappear for some reason.

Nice little hike. Still not sure what the devil's oven is supposed to be.

1 month ago

Nice waterfall.

1 month ago

Little spiderweb of trails, Take a picture of the trail map to help yourself out. Pleasant walk in the woods and the beginnings of some nice fall colors.

Went with our family, age range from 6-35 and we had a great time. Took the orange trail, beautiful views well worth the hike!

it is well marked. when I went today there was quite a few spots that were flooded over but not super deep. also I didn't see anyone on the trail. I will be going back to this trail for sure

Did the trail for the first time with my 3 year granddaughters, niece and husband. It was a little scary at times because of my granddaughters ages, but then I’m a city girl from the projects in NYC. Anyway, WE LOVED IT and we plan on making hiking our thing to do on Saturday’s.

Fun trail. The overlook is great. Easy trail for dogs, too.

This trail is amazing. beautiful waterfall right at the beginning along with a few different hiking trails. devils oven is a cool cave to look at.

nature trips
2 months ago

unique castle. little trails around the castle grounds. took dog but can't go in castle. food really good/fresh and can sit inside/outside. only complaint which became significant was the amount wasps everywhere. very aggressive, especially around food areas. we bought food and jumped in our car to eat. certain trails have steep steps, others are just incline/decline.

3 months ago

The trail itself was lovely! We used a photo of the map to navigate the trails. The trails were poorly marked, so many times we had to guess where we were and bushwhack until we crossed the trail. We enjoyed the railroad trail the most, but combined it with the "regular" trail. (see my Recording) Overall, it was a lovely park to hike in and well kept. I'd hike here again!

The red trail is well marked and easy to navigate. It's a great trail for dogs, adults, teens and preteens, definitely not for young children or strollers.

Nice trail. Took my four year old and 14 year old and they both loved in. Not too easy but not too difficult. Waterfall was awesome. Even had a picnic. Would go again!

3 months ago

Hiked this trail yesterday (7-17-2018) and a year ago as well. Trail is very poorly marked and the map is not useful. Yesterday there were lots of bees, some were marked. Went over one large fallen tree and there was a hive in the tree (not marked) that I din not see until half over the tree. Got stung! would be a great trail for a Scout troop to take on and provide better trail markings and a better map! Trail is very nice and not difficult but definitely needs to be better marked!

Overgrown... :(

4 months ago


nature trips
4 months ago

Not really a hike but more or less a woodland walking trail next to a fully operational historical site... gift shop ,icecream and restrooms next to the castle. You can take a tour for $6 per adult for the castle portion (worth it) or watch a free little movie near with admission area. Pretty neat in all honesty. Awesome views of the water along the outside of the castle.

I think you have the wrong trail in the map. Millington trail is the red blazes. I know this, because I passed the green trail twice like the devil’s hopyard map says. I think it might be the green trail or blue. The trail listed which is green is the woodcutters trail and the blue it’s just blue. It’s easy to see when you look at the devil’s hopyard map they provide. Great trail I just wanted to bring attention to this and make it so others weren’t as confused as I was. It says that it is connected to the orange trail, but it goes out to the left of the map out of any crossing. Or maybe it’s labeled wrong as the upper loop of the orange trail where you go down a bit to the end of the second loop go back up and skip devil’s oven. Just fallow the red blazes after the waterfall.

4 months ago

Great water falls.

Easy trail until you hike up to devils oven. Which has a big incline. Brought a dog and the dog could keep up.

Second time going here. Absolutely my favorite. It's a work out climbing up the steep inclines. We
saw tons of red spotted purple butterflies and some turkey! my Wife almost stepped on a garden snake. lol

good trail took dogs had a nice time. not easy, but not too hard either.

much easier than moderate. easy plus, maybe.

The directions to the trail didn't bring us to the trail head. We pulled into the picnic area and went to the end. Go over the bridge and stay straight. As you ascend the mountain you will see the red markings. Trail was a bit muddy

5 months ago

Great spot & view. Kids love it. Places to sit on the rocks both at the bottom and the top of the falls. Trails and steps around are easy access. One our favorite places to go

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