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Awesome place to relax and see the view. I drove up and on top is amazing. It overlook hubbard park and you can see i691 alot of green that is the best part check it out https://youtu.be/kyc615ImddE

2 days ago

One of the best hikes I've done. Very difficult at some points but it's balanced with easy spots. Great view.

2 days ago

Be aware some trees down across trail due to recent tornado. Still passable just a heads up

I think you have the wrong trail in the map. Millington trail is the red blazes. I know this, because I passed the green trail twice like the devil’s hopyard map says. I think it might be the green trail or blue. The trail listed which is green is the woodcutters trail and the blue it’s just blue. It’s easy to see when you look at the devil’s hopyard map they provide. Great trail I just wanted to bring attention to this and make it so others weren’t as confused as I was. It says that it is connected to the orange trail, but it goes out to the left of the map out of any crossing. Or maybe it’s labeled wrong as the upper loop of the orange trail where you go down a bit to the end of the second loop go back up and skip devil’s oven. Just fallow the red blazes after the waterfall.

Great for an after work walk!! Not hard but great to be outdoors and near a lake. They charge to park so that’s the only pitfall!!!

Second time going here. Absolutely my favorite. It's a work out climbing up the steep inclines. We
saw tons of red spotted purple butterflies and some turkey! my Wife almost stepped on a garden snake. lol

9 days ago

I tried Bear Mountain Trail as an introduction to hiking in CT. I am only moderately fit and only had tennis shoes to wear. The people were so friendly, and both of my 15-20 LB dogs were able to complete the trek. The views were spectacular and there were plenty of logical spots to stop and rest/refuel as needed. We also had cell reception for the bulk of the hike. Parking was the only challenge and you have to take a dirt road to get to where we parked.

I enjoyed the hike and got to train more with my backpacking gear

10 days ago

Very unique place. After a brief walk from the trail head you reach the furnace area. You can either check it out immediately - which I did - or leave it for the end of the loop. There are signs explaining the history of the site and the iron mining operation that once existed there. The furnace is pretty impressive. After that I headed back up to the blue-blazed Donkey Trail and continued to follow it gradually uphill until I reached the yellow-blazed "nature trail" - a nice diversion with lots of beautiful mountain laurel in bloom. That eventually hooks back up with the blue trail and continues gradually uphill until you come to the first of the mine entrances, closed up. At that point you have the choice to either continue on the blue trail or take the unmarked trail that leads up into the hills - that's what I did. Eventually that too spits you back out onto the blue trail near the last of the bat cages. If you just continue around the blue loop you eventually start going downhill to Hodge Road and that leads you back to the Furnace. But if you are adventurous you can also add the 2-mile Carter Trail (red). It's worth it - a sea of ferns, lots more mountain laurel and some nice elevation rises. All told the route I took was 7.2 miles. If you like nice shady hikes with some history and natural beauty this is a good choice.

definitely will return to this hidden gem, especially in the fall. the steep inclines lead to spectacular views and the trail riding along the ridge was an unexpected treat.

12 days ago

much easier than moderate. easy plus, maybe.

Nice, quiet and beautiful hike, other than one steep small hill I would label this blue loop as an easy hike. Extremely light foot traffic, very well marked trails, a couple fisherman on banks of beautiful reservoir which the trail does include an on top of view of, will definitely do again but again would say easy not moderate.

A wide variety of easy trails with multiple overlooks. The steel bridge makes this place even better. Make sure to read the information plaques at the beginning as they enrich the experience and historical significance of this beautiful state park.

14 days ago

The walk to the actual Lovers Leap is laughably short. But there are some other trails that snake around for a longer walk and there are some pretty views.

14 days ago

One section of trail isn't marked very well, but other than that is was a great hike. Awesome view.

Quick, easy, quiet, nice views of falls

trail running
16 days ago

This was a good trail. Really short. There were a ton of trees down due to the tornado and it made the trail impassable at parts. I did a lot of scaling! My dog was able to stay off leash since it wasn’t busy.

The directions to the trail didn't bring us to the trail head. We pulled into the picnic area and went to the end. Go over the bridge and stay straight. As you ascend the mountain you will see the red markings. Trail was a bit muddy

17 days ago

Beautiful view of the lake !! Went out with my 8 and 4 yr old . They loved it . However there were some points that it was difficult to follow the trail, I think it needs better signals of the trail. At some point I thought I was lost, kept going around in circles 

17 days ago

This is a very good trail. However due to the recent storms there is significant damage to the forest at certain sections of the trail. Tried hiking here on 6/2/18. Starting from the echo valley lot and going counterclockwise on the blue trail, About 2 miles in you encounter many downed trees which obscure the trail. This app was a huge help as we had to find our way around them. When we got to the Hanover St. lot we decided to just walk surface roads back to echo valley as we weren’t sure if the condition of the rest of the trail. I understand that the state is going to bring in some equipment to harvest the trees for timber. If you’re planning this hike be prepared to take detours, go off trail and climb over lots of downed trees.

Beautiful view once on the west side of the reservoir! Definitely a bit of a workout but not too challenging. The trail was well marked once on it but the trail head itself was fairly hidden once completing the paved walk on the east side. Definitely would do it again! Pretty rocky so wear sturdy shoes.

trail running
19 days ago

This place needs a good grooming and trail maintenance. It’s swampy in parts and overgrown in others. Some paths will steer you right into a dead-end. Each time I come here, I try to find the entire 4+ miles and each time I fail. Recently a man gave me what seemed like pretty good directions and then he ended with, “if you see a gate, don’t go in!” Within 20mins I wound up at said gate with barbed wire and all. When can we get a group here to re-blaze these trails and clean up the storm debris?!

Lake was beautiful! View was worth the hike!

A beautiful easy walk.

22 days ago

Only two stars due to the current conditions. Trees down everywhere. I’m surprised it’s even open. That being said river portion of the hike was in decent shape. I’m sure it’s a great trail once it’s cleaned up.

Beautiful trail, nice and easy. Went right after tornadoes so it was a bit of an obstacle course maneuvering trees but I would 100% go back again.

24 days ago

Definitely challenging. You have to pay attention to the markers but they’re all blue. Muddy and sometimes you have to go through little streams and the rocks are wet. We had dogs and they had a tough time on the rocks. Might do it again now that we know what to expect. Wouldn’t recommend for someone who doesn’t want to spend a significant amount of time out. We had a member of our party who wanted to get back because it was challenging so we used the app to guide us back. I’d recommend pants due to some paths being overgrown and definitely a tick check at the end and some really good bug spray.

Nice trails, variety of terrain, fields, woods, stream crossing with no bridge.
Trails need much better marking. Many splits with no markings.
Dog came home with a dozen ticks and didn't even go off the trail.
Plenty of poison ivy. Watch what you touch.

Post storm. Needs large amount of maintenance. Hard to find trail in several spots. The map helped immensely. We had fun bushwhacking over the downed trees but were very tired at the end. Thank goodness for Holy Cow!!

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