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nice trail. needs a little work, if you have bad knees though, and hills hurt, not the trail for you

Pretty trail, very steep but not too long. Next time I’ll go straight instead of left at the red markers to make the full loop. Also will wait until after a rain storm and when the leaves start to change...it will be gorgeous then!

This is a very difficult trail, worth it but requires an experienced hiker/fit person. The waterfall is at the top so get up there but it won't be easy.

Went with two 3yrs olds and two 1yr olds (who were worn) and it was a big hit. They loved playing the in stream at the beginning of the hike and “rock climbing” up the steep incline to the top. It was just of a challenge for the older kids and a nice work out for us moms. A nice balance.
Though I would recommend it for those who are not into inclines or if the kids aren’t used to hiking. We’ll be back though.

quiet no other hikers, no animals just bugs. nice little view to peak out west. clean trail, rocky too. will be back!

Very nice hike. So many trees you feel like you are hidden in the forest. Waterfall a was beautiful sight.

My husband and I went hiking here recently after we’d had weeks of rain. The mushrooms had gone crazy around the trail. I’ve hiked here many times and never saw any notable fungi before this. What we saw this time was incredible, so many mushrooms of different varieties, shapes and colors. We started noticing them near the base of the trail only to find that they got more numerous and varied the farther up we went. I’m not a mycologist, but this was very cool.

This trail was much harder than it states... I loved the challenge!!! the trail splits pretty much near the beginning of the hike and I suggest going left if you want an easier trail... Going right is a huge Rocky ascend... Alot of the rocks are loose and it's quite treacherous as well and not well marked... You should go up nice and slow and test the rocks before stepping on them...But go right!!! Because it's totally worth the challenge...The come back down is pretty steep and close to the edge and really gets your adrenaline pumping!!! Overall this was an amazing experience and worth the sweat!!!

2 months ago

Incline to the top, Rocky. Loved it! Not a lot of foot traffic. Tucked away in a nice neighborhood.

Great trail with beautiful scenery. The blue trail to the right and quite steep with a lot of rock washes. The red trail to the left is much easier with better views. The trails at the top also connect to the Quinnipiac Trails.

We took the Red trail to the right and went up Rocky Steep, which makes this easy hike moderate to hard real quick.
Beautiful waterfall, nice hike.

Great trail! Excellent views of the waterfall! Not well marked on the way down, but it was clear what was the trail. Definitely rocky and steep in many areas.

It has been so dry that the roaring brook is almost dried up in parts. The falls are still awesome but I am excited to return when we get a good amount of rain! I can imagine it is stunning when it’s in full force.

Started to the right and glad we did. it was much steeper and rockier than the other side. It was challenging hike up for sure! Better to get that out of way. That side was not well marked but the path was clearly evident so we never doubted where to go. The falls were pretty but a little underwhelming. couple of little bridge brook crossings and a cool stone fireplace made this a nice hike.

Not a bad hike. Went a few years ago. The area is very pretty. A waterfall worth seeing again

Took the red trail up and an unmarked trail back, which I’m glad I did because the unmarked one kind of faded out in places and was pretty steep. Cool falls but I’ll probably come back in the fall/winter for a better view

Take the left trail at the first fork! It's better marked, provides better views of the falls and ruins,and isnt as steep or rocky.

4 months ago

Great way to kick start hiking 2018!
Nice views and great amazing picture

Great first hike back into the season. The initial scramble going counter clockwise on the trail will get your heart beating but it’s not long at all. The rest is easy going and beautiful. My dog had a great time!

Great hike with a beautiful view of the falls!

IT IS NOT MODERATE. UNLESS YOU LIKE TO ROCK CLIMB. The view is great, the waterfall is beautiful but the trail is hard. I’m not new to hiking but am not an expert. They should get more than one type of person to rate the trails, because whoever rated this one has a very weird definition of “moderate”.

5 months ago

Head up the trail counter clockwise for a steeper, more vertical climb and descend on the falls side.

Lovely hike along a ridge, ups and downs over the rocks and then a waterfall. Our hike in early April was windy and a touch chilly.

Great trail!

trails hard to follow and VERY uphill. love it though super cool

Short trail. Good for a quick jog as a treadmill substitution. Go after a heavy rain.

Nice trail. Says it's a loop. But when you get to the top the red trail markers stop. I followed the blue for a while but know that's part of the Quinnipiac trail. Down trail is not marked at all and is very steep. Good workout either way!

Nice little day hike. Falls are great after a heavy rain or during snow melt

nice little trail to stay conditioned

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