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on Regicides Trail

5 days ago

Great afternoon hike! Took us about 2.5 hours at a good clip with a few pauses to take in the view. Pretty wildflowers. Will be back to explore more!

Great for an after work walk!! Not hard but great to be outdoors and near a lake. They charge to park so that’s the only pitfall!!!

10 days ago

Very unique place. After a brief walk from the trail head you reach the furnace area. You can either check it out immediately - which I did - or leave it for the end of the loop. There are signs explaining the history of the site and the iron mining operation that once existed there. The furnace is pretty impressive. After that I headed back up to the blue-blazed Donkey Trail and continued to follow it gradually uphill until I reached the yellow-blazed "nature trail" - a nice diversion with lots of beautiful mountain laurel in bloom. That eventually hooks back up with the blue trail and continues gradually uphill until you come to the first of the mine entrances, closed up. At that point you have the choice to either continue on the blue trail or take the unmarked trail that leads up into the hills - that's what I did. Eventually that too spits you back out onto the blue trail near the last of the bat cages. If you just continue around the blue loop you eventually start going downhill to Hodge Road and that leads you back to the Furnace. But if you are adventurous you can also add the 2-mile Carter Trail (red). It's worth it - a sea of ferns, lots more mountain laurel and some nice elevation rises. All told the route I took was 7.2 miles. If you like nice shady hikes with some history and natural beauty this is a good choice.

really beautiful hike that isn’t too difficult but still a good workout. you’re above the tree line for a lot of it and there’s a good bit of scrambling which is always fun. go down the mattatuck (probably misspelled that) trail after you reach the top to get to the caves

16 days ago

Some great views along the ridge! Trail is well marked. Go early and avoid weekends to get away from the crowds.

A beautiful easy walk.

21 days ago

The Map is wrong the red line only goes to the Bear Rock Overlook the solid black line goes to the cave

22 days ago

Views this time of years are a little bit obscured by the thick foliage but it was a good 2 hour, 2.5 mile workout. Close to home in Watertown - we really enjoyed it. On to the next trail on the list. Make the trip you’ll enjoy it

Beautiful day to hike with my wife and dog. Well marked trails with good views.

We did the blue to red trails with side track to a cave and quartz pit. Trail had pretty pond views and a couple of small brook crossings. I enjoyed it because it was pretty rocky with big flat rocks to walk on in places. Very well marked trails. No real breathtaking views but a nice short hike. Easy side of moderate.

Hiked the beautiful Upper Chatfield Blue Blazed Trail including the Alternate, Blue and Orange trail from Route 80 to Coughlin Road and back. The trail is in excellent condition which is remarkable considering the devastating winter storms this year. There are a couple of blowdowns but they are easily navigated by going over, under or around the tree trunks. The trail is well marked but don't confuse this Connecticut Forest and Park Blue Blazed trail with the trails inside Chatfield Hollow State Park, which are also very nice. (I did see some reviews of those trails incorrectly posted here.) Love the ledges but keep a lookout for the Turkey Vultures, they are harmless but can startle you!

You can now take this trail all the way to Beardsley Park, Bridgeport.
We rode our bikes from Monroe (Pepper street) to Beardsley Park, Bridgeport.
Coming out of Indian Ledge Park Trumbull, heading south towards Bridgeport, the trail becomes a side walk (still safe for biking/walking) then crosses under Rt. 25 connecting the new portion with tunnels (very nicely done) past the Trumbull Marquis cinemas to Beardsley Park.
This is a good trail for all ages.

1 month ago

awesome hike! did today with Cubscouts. they had a blast checking out the mines, bag caves, and furnace sites! ranged on age from 5 to 9 and they all did wonderful.

Beautiful hike, great for most levels. Our 6 & 8 year olds loved it and enjoyed the view. Best parking is on Bidwell Hill Road.

I hiked this one a couple weeks ago. I would rate its difficulty as moderate.Nice forest setting but no peaks or outcrops to view the landscape.The caves were pretty cool but a little treacherous to climb down to. I was disappointed not to see the Indians in the cave.We must of arrived while they were out hunting game

Great hiking here! Gives you a great work out and our dog loves it too!

I grew up in Watertown and heard about this trail growing up, but never took the time to hike it. It’s a little rocky in about 15% of the trail, but the great view at the top and the amazing rock formations that create the natural cave make it all worth while. I just got out of the hospital after having a 3rd stent put in my heart. Spending time at the top reflecting how grateful I am and we all should be living in this country, with places like this in our backyard, is something everyone should do more often.
Here is a link that tells the story of the leather man that lived in this cave in the mid 1800’s.

Really nice trail, bit of elevation gain/loss but not too bad. Lots of geocaches along the way. Not a ton of views.

Loved this loop! Trail is very clearly marked.
Beautiful- Still snow on the ground, but packed down from hikers so slippery on climbing sections.
About .5 mile is on a neighborhood road before you head back into the woods.
Lots of streams for dogs to drink.

Very cool trail with some nice views along the way. Parking is limited if you park on Route 6. Definitely want to go again

3 months ago

Lots of History fun to Explore. My wife and I were there on a Sunny Day a few days after a March Snow Storm. Every thing looked picturesque.

3 months ago

Nice hike, didn’t take long to complete. Will definitely go back with the dog.

I’m not writing a review I’m just saying why can’t I find the mine?!? Tried to go look for some garnet today was walking along the water not sure what I was looking for, took a slip and fall and sprained my ankle. That’s what I get for going off the beaten path right after all the snow melted.... guess I’ll be waiting til summer. Ouch

I live 5 minutes away and I absolutely love this place!! Many different options for a hike...trails link up with Michael Ciola Conservation Area as well. Well maintained trails..blazed really well and also numerous spots to sit and enjoy lunch. I will be back for sure!!

Difficult for us. A lot of unexpected climbing up the stone ledges. Like hiking on corduroy.

Didn’t do the whole loop, just doing sections of Tunxis.

I got to a little over a mile over steep rock formation then lost the trail. Going to go back there was 3 plus inches of snow it was beautiful.

Not what I expected. Very fun!

Great hike with the wife, son and dog. It was January so the trail had some pretty icy spots. Five star family hike any other season.

Great spot! Check the additional “hardscrabble trail” loop off the purple and white trails.

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