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13 days ago

Nice hike, pretty clean park. Got alot of rain recently so mosquitos were out in force but will do it again. Several campsites as well. We stayed at Mootry lookout and Danbury looked pretty good from up there.

This trail has tree cover for almost the entirety of the trail, which is nice on hot/humid days (like when I went). There are a lot of hills in this hike, but they were all manageable. There's also signs for a "lookout point"... Do NOT get excited; it's just a rock where you can see the pond through some trees, but it's a nice place to stop of a rest and a snack.

nice hike it was very foggy in the morning so we had no views from near mountain. but after bear mountain we continued to a ravine can't remember the name but it had some nice waterfalls and nice hike, then up to I think race mtn with some nice views and finally down to race brook falls, which was very cool by now we were beat and ready to get to car. overall nice hike and well marked and being partly on the AT we got to meet some cool people from all over the country.

Be prepared for a really quick intense rock scramble! Starting from here will give you a serious workout before you loosen up... highly satisfying and you will meet some great through hikers. Bring some trail magic.

24 days ago

We do this trail every summer and it never fails to please. Even the hard part has started feeling easier. Definitely more overgrown this year!!

this trail had a great New England feel. stayed at campground with 3 kids for father's day for weekend which was perfectly rustic.
I echo others advice to start at northend and go counterclockwise to avoid step rocky descend, especially with non teens. excellent river walking stops down before park ranger cabin, westside had nice low cascading falls. the other side down further by pull off had natural pool which were swam in cause it was hot. we'll be back, even with 1.5 half drive from greater Hartford. stop at Dottie's Diner in Woodbury for doughnuts, their best in state.

I made it a mile into the forest off of route 44 when I came across a summer camp counselor who said I couldn't continue on the Natchmaug trail because it went through the camp property and I had to turn around. I don't think she had the authority to police the trail, anyone else have this issue? I drove an hour to hike 2 miles. I went across 44 to continue the trail and it was overgrown and thorny.

Great hike! We did the blue trail counter clockwise. 3 of the 4 of us were in sneakers, the other in hiking boots. The sneakers were OK, we just had to go a bit slower. Beautiful views at the top where we stopped to have our packed lunch. At one point around the campground, there are some facilities if you need a bathroom, complete with toilet paper.

I am not a regular hiking person. It took me one hour forty five minutes to finish the blue trail. It was rocky, a lot of up and down. It's not easy for beginners. But if you want a good workout, this is the one. By the way, there are a lot of mosquitoes. Just be prepared.

1 month ago

Great loop with different terrain and great views.

Everything i hoped for. Great views and nice people along the way.

Good hike, although I'm confused about the 1,735 ft. elevation gain stated on AllTrails--maybe we climbed that much in total ascending/descending, but Cobble Mountain itself certainly isn't that far from the valley floor. We started up on the yellow blazed trail from the Macedonia Brook SP visitor's center and did the blue loop counterclockwise from there. The yellow blazed trail was seriously overgrown with downed trees, but we figured it was a less trafficked trail and therefore less maintained. However, some sections of the blue trail also were pretty overgrown, which we found surprising considering that Macedonia Brook SP is (1) pretty well trafficked and (2) at the epicenter of tick country! The first ~3 miles counterclockwise from the south end of the park were rather boring forest hiking; after recrossing the park's main road, the hike's second half was more interesting: ferns and the brook and the small scramble up to Cobble Mountain were highlights. We spent 2.5 hours completing the loop at a quick clip. BRING BUG SPRAY! Lots of standing water in the park = free arm workout swatting at mosquitos/flies.

Great trail, be ready for a workout, and don't skip the steep route up to the top. great view from Bluff Head. You can see the sound, and for miles looking north.

Pretty good views in the beginning. Very easy with the exception of the first half mile. not very secluded and you end up hiking between residential homes.

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1 month ago

A nice place for a walk. However there really is no hiking involved. Maximum inclination is 100 feet for this approximately 6 mile walk. I’m really not sure why this is put as a moderate hike on this site. If you are beginner to hiking you can easily do this as only walking involved. I do however find many to not follow the leash rules so keep that in mind as well.

Wonderful hike with dog. Some parts are strenuous. Lots of elevation change, beautiful wild rhododendrons, beautiful pond views, many places to picnic. Trails were dry but if wet definitely wear hiking boots.

Great hike and had perfect weather ta boot!! I added just under 4 miles round trip onto the hike by starting at the AT parking lot off of route 41. If you are looking to camp out there are numerous camping spots along the route. Bear mountain is a great lunch spot...view from Lion's Head is gorgeous as well

Moderate hike with a nice payoff!! Beautiful eastern view... would be perfect for a sunrise hike. Trailhead parking lot can be easy to miss if you're heading north on route 41..lot is right where Appalachian trail crosses over route 41

Very good hike

Wonderful view of the Catskills and the Taconic range at the top of Cobble Mountain. Some great scrambling continuing north on the blue trail. Hiking shoes definitely recommended. After this section it’s just some light descending, not bad at all. Full loop is roughly 6 miles.

2 months ago

I've done Macedonia Brook State Park so many times I've lost track but it's definitely a favorite. Today I found it more overgrown then I've ever seen it which means I was picking ticks off myself and my dog, unfortunately. I usually do the blue trail up to Cobble Mountain and back but decided today to continue past Cobble Mountain. I wasn't really interested in doing the entire loop but was more interested in seeing what I had never done before. Cobble Mountain really is the highlight of Macedonia Brook State Park in my opinion. I was hiking alone with my dog and discovered a crazy decent down a rock scramble that I'd have to say was pretty sketchy. So sketchy and so sheer at one point, my dog wasn't having any of it. I had to shimmy my way down on my butt to a safe spot where I could then lift her and place her down. We paced ourselves with our wobbly legs and paws and did it. This is definitely not a hike for a novice or anyone afraid of heights (which I am) and/or rock scrambles. I'd consider it a moderate hike to Cobble and then moderate-to-hard if you continue past Cobble. We continued down the blue a bit more, then took the green to the green-orange. We played in the brook for a bit and ended up taking the gravel road back to the start of the blue trail where the car was parked. Too tired after doing that insane rock scramble down to continue exploring the trails we'd never done. Level ground to calm our weary legs. All in all, did 4 miles in 2 hours, seeing beautiful views, scrambling crazy rocks and seeing NO ONE, starting from the blue trail, going clockwise. Enjoy!

2 months ago

Great day for a hike on a great trail. Very easy for kids to walk

Awesome trail. But beware, hard means hard! Not for the newbie. Hiked it when it was raining and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be in that situation without climbing and scrambling skills. Can get very dangerous, very quick. Especially the back side of Bear Mt. And the ascent to Mt Everett is no joke! But what a great experience! Will be doing it again soon.

Great hike with a unique payoff at Rand's View. Was lucky to have the meadow all to myself, as I arrived early. Unfortunately it was a bit misty and foggy in the distance so the view was not all it might have been. Still super cool. I didn't hike as far as the AllTrails route indicates, but I did check out Giant's Thumb and went a little beyond that, until I saw the trail heading steeply downhill. Mount Prospect view is nice, though not spectacular. But it's a good place to rest for a while before chugging along to Rand's View. Lots of nice ups and downs on this trail, but nothing too taxing.

Best views from Mootry Peak! Gets busy so go early in the day.

This section of the AT is difficult, that’s for sure. Sometimes the gradual climbs seem to go on forever. But once you reach the top(s) you’re rewarded with the most spectacular views. The northbound scramble down from Bear Mountain is also challenging. I’d definitely recommend hiking poles.

There are plenty of active water sources (at least in springtime) and the trails are nicely marked with ample signage. The campsites are nicely maintained, but prepare to share the shelters with other hikers. For me this proved to be an awesome opportunity to swap stories with experienced AT thru-hikers.

All-in-all a fantastically rewarding hike!

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3 months ago

Beautiful trail. Thank you to the volunteers who keep it so nice!

3 months ago

very scenic, but need bug spray!

3 months ago

Challenging hike. I started at the north end of the blue loop and went counterclockwise, and I think that's the best way to tackle it. Would not want to come down Cobble Mountain the opposite way. There is one very tricky section just as you start to climb up Cobble Mountain where you have to hoist yourself up some big rocks. I managed to do it hiking alone but it was a little hairy. The views from the top were worth the effort. After Cobble Mountain there are some more vistas along the way, then you head down into forest and descend down to the brook. A bit more rock scrambling there. I took a quick break for a snack at the brook then headed up the other side of the blue trail, which has some sustained, gradual climbing but no real views. Just some nice forest hiking. Eventually the blue trail descends again down toward a campsite. You can walk along the road there and cut the loop short if you want, but I did the entire blue loop back to my car, with some more ups and downs and a little more rock scrambling at the very end. Rewarding hike, but I would not do it in any kind of bad weather. Proper footwear a must.

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