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Berlin, Connecticut Map

it's a good trail and close to my house. the trail is easily navigated and well marked

18 days ago

I don’t know if it is supposed to be a secret to be discovered on your own once you get here, because two minutes into my walk I realized that the green grass and trees around me was a run down golf course and I was walking on a cart path. I have not seen anyone mention this on any of the posts. It was a good walk with enough hills to stretch the legs.

18 days ago

greet hike red/blue trails are very well marked, the blue trail isn't marked as well but still easy enough to follow. I was pleasantly surprised how clean the peaks were we saw very little trash up there. We took a couple long breaks to enjoy the views and finished the loop in less than 4 hours.

23 days ago

great hike, it was very wet and muddy the day I went, part of the trail bring you right down the middle of a brook. the hardest part is definitely from castle Craig to the towers. awesome hike overall and very well marked and easy to follow.

great for the winter a valley turned completely into ice

I hiked here today and it was great! It had snowed last night, so the trail was coated, but it was only moderately slippery in a few spots. The views on this trail are incredible - there are a bunch of overlooks! Definitely recommend this hike.

3 months ago

Nice walking trail

Great hike, beautiful vistas, decent level of solitude. The southeast portion of the trail is well demarcated but he northwest and northeast portions need some work. The blue-yellow trail which dissects the loop in the middle is well marked but tons of trees are blocking the path but it is easy to get around. The elevation changes are somehow challenging. This is definitely not for beginners except the first portion on the east side of the mountain. Plan for about 3-4 hrs if you are walking the entire loop.

I wouldn't recommend this route for beginners or little kids. Lots of steep uphills and partial rock climbing at some points. Beautiful views, but don't lose track of time esp in the Fall, you don't want to be caught out there when the sun goes down. Not many people on the trail, so you will sometimes feel very alone with nature. if that is what you want great! don't expect a quick 1 hour hike, this is a commitment, at least 2 hours. Also, you will feel it the next day if you are not in hiking shape yourself. Have fun out there and be safe!

Nice hike if you like mountain climbing. Very rugged and a lot of inclines. If you need a workout and a challenge it will definitely give you that. The only negative thing I️ have to say is that they really need to redo the markers on the trees. It was difficult finding them so we found ourself lost a lot and confused on which way to go. Spectacular views at the top.

4 months ago

Loved it!

Enjoyed the trail a lot, but would definitely recommend using this to make sure you’re on the right path, just following the blazes will lead you in the wrong direction at a few points.

Poorly marked routes. Rough in some areas but nice vistas.

Hiked this trail with my husband yesterday and found the trail well marked. It is not easy and the moderate rating is appropriate. We took a wrong turn at the end of the blue/red trail because the blue blaze for the blue trail was hidden - that is my only complaint- we ended up following a blue arrow down a cliff which we then had to climb back up to redirect ourselves in the right direction. We will go back and finish the loop next time.

Found the trailhead off of West Lane in a residential section. Trailhead had a picture of the preserve. Recommend taking a picture of it since the trail junction are not well marked. Top of the cliff has some decent views of the pond below.

The trails here are poorly marked and difficult to follow. If you're good at navigation however, or just up for an adventure, this hike provides a variation of terrains and difficulties along undisturbed deep woods.

I found it a bit harder than the moderate ranking. Terrain is very rocky and there's a lot of steep inclines & declines (felt like an elliptical machine setting!!)

You start off with 3 options left (blue/red), straight (blue) and right (blue)

The left trail (blue/red) will take to to the water views and once complete you hit a trailhead that you can head right and continue the loop.

About another 1.5 miles you'll hit another trailhead where you can continue with the blue (longest loop) or blue/yellow (which cuts across and probably saves about 2 miles back)

Fun and challenging....will definitely be doing this trail several more times this fall to prep for ski season!!

Lots of loose rock but other than that a nice day hike with amazing views!

The view was nice when you finally find it, very easy hike. The trail is not very well marked at all and the trail map does not help. It took us multiple tries until we finally found the correct trail to lead us to the overlook. We came across multiple people who were also lost/confused. I would suggest using your GPS or compass in order to make sure you are going the right way.

This is a great hike. There are some challenging spots, but amazing views, varied settings, and a great workout. The back end when you're coming down more gradually is sometimes on paved road, and then just turns into a walk in the woods. Between Castle Craig and West Peak was my favorite part. You go steeply downhill, in to a ravine and then right back up West Peak. You're right in of Meriden, but it doesn't feel like it.

Not a very hard hike but an awesome way to spend an hour or two on a nice day. If your goal is to get the best view you'll want to take the red trail which will lead you to overlook the water.

The part where you're walking on the road is loud as cars fly past. Trail marker is painted on the ground at the west side of the reservoir. Very easy to miss...as we did. The hike up the mountain itself was nice. Not too strenuous but a good amount of effort needed. Bring water, there's no place to fill up.

Beer cans and condom wrappers. Forest is devasted. Some nice water resvoirs. Meh hike.

Great trail and scenery. However Alltrails.com rated this as easy. If you drive, yeah. But when hiking, NO. it us upper medium, lower hard.
Also the paint markers are great throughout, but disappear when up high, so keep your eyes open. If leaves are falling, you could get lost.
The scenery on the way up, and at the tower, are breath taking. And the almost fantasy like island in the reservoir is great to just to stare at.
Another warning, when in the woods, don't plan on holding anything, you'll need your hands to climb some rocks.
Again, this is not easy!

Absolutely breathtaking views and a killer workout. I will definitely do this hike again.

Great hike with the dogs! Was a little challenging for the toy poodle at some points but at least we can carry him when needed.

This trail is NOT easy for novices! We went up the white trail and down the blue trail ... we were determined and we made it! Awesome views up top at the castle and along the cliffs!

You want to follow the blue with red dot trail markers (the ones on the left past the first few you see on the right) until you reach the summit and then it just turns into blue. Lots of side trails so it is easy to lose track of your route. But some side trails were a lot of fun to scramble down then back up anyway. Overall amazing hike.

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