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Colorado Map
off road driving
5 hours ago

Super fun wheeling. Some tough spots overall great trail for our 1993 Landcruiser . Kids played at Lake and on streams. Half way up we photographed a great stream with wildflowers. will be back on a clear day for sure had some cloud cover.

Definitely a challenge. BRING BUG SPRAY, you will get eaten alive if you don't.

I have hiked many trails in Colorado and this has to be my favorite all time. With beautiful waterfalls along the trail all the way back to the epic views at Crater Lake you just can't go wrong. I was fortunate enough to see a variety of animals including multiple moose, marmots, mountain goats, a weasel (I think) and my buddy saw a black bear about 50 yards away from us that scurried up the mountain when it heard us coming. If you are overnight camping, make sure you have a permit. With the weight of a full backpacking pack, the trail is challenging and it works you with many rocky inclines all the way back to Crater Lake but it is well worth it! Its like camping in a painting. It is simply stunning!.

6 hours ago

As a first timer to the Rockies this was a nice easy introduction to the park, but start early to avoid high traffic. Arrived at trailhead around 6:30 on Saturday 7/14 and lot was half full. If you want more challenge and a more beautiful scenic lake, take the trail to Lake Haiyaha where the trail splits at Dream Lake, either after Dream or coming back from Emerald. The views going up are more breathtaking and more iconic than what you would see going to Emerald.

The most beautiful hike I've been on so far in Colorado!!

6 hours ago

My favorite hike to date! Challenging, spectacular views. Love the river along the trail. I did read people upset about the 4x4 vehicles, honestly didn’t bother us one bit! We parked down by the mail boxes and was between 9 and 10 miles round trip. Brought our dog too! Stop by groovy slow bbq after in marble for an amazing post hike meal!!! Soooo yummy!!

Killer wildflowers - July 12th

Fairly easy hike; well marked and well worn. Good views of Boulder from the top. Surprisingly crowded for a rainy day.

I weigh 275lbs. I'm hovering around 40% body fat. I have had a stressful year and haven't worked out seriously for at least that long. I started walking/jogging again three weeks ago. I saw "Hard" - and even the reviews talking about how killer this path is - but I also saw it's less than two miles one way and maybe 1.5 after you get off the pavement. I said to myself:. "I used to ruck ten times that with an 80 pound pack in my Army days!"

I made it to the summit. I drug my fat body three steps at a time in some areas. I bet it was worth it, and I would have loved it had I not been sucking what tiny amount of oxygen was left at 10,000 feet. Apparently the ten year old kids whizzing by me didn't need it.

If you are a beginner or out of shape, you better have lots of time or lots of determination.

Great hike. 4/5. Would suffer again.

I prefer this for an early evening stroll after the horses are put up. Great for dogs. Gothic and the valley never get old to look at - flowers were strong but starting to fade a bit. Prefer to take in the fall as the aspen change and the bugs are gone due to cooler weather. This this is more of an easy moderate.

Wonderful wildflowers, water-crossings, and wandering at the beginning of this segment. I really enjoyed strolling the first bit of it. Didn't see a whole lot of people, but the few folks that I did run into were friendly. Bring your bug spray!

trail running
7 hours ago

This is my fav, easy and dog friendly trail literally “in town”. It skirts the Slate River and has mildly different terrain from open meadows, forest canopy and aspen groves. Very mild climb connecting the loop back to town w great views of the Butte. Hikers watch out for bikers. Great trail run. Also note it connects to other trails so you can make it a longer trek if you want.

7 hours ago

Love this hard hike all uphill..... so close to town.

scenic driving
7 hours ago

For years now I have thoroughly enjoyed driving Shrine Pass. The wildflowers and wildlife are always amazing. Love the marmots! Saw two alive and one dead - road kill. Watch out for our little furry friends. LOTS of people. Probably the most crowded that I have ever seen it at the top. Please remember to leash your dogs for their safety and yours. Several bags of dog poop left alongside the trail. Rather unfortunate for such a beautiful place. Wish my fellow pet owners would be more responsible and pack it out with them if they are 'packing their dogs in'. Lovely place to visit!

Nice workout and incline through beautiful aspen grove. I prefer it in the fall when aspen are gold. Beautiful alpine lake with turquoise water. Take a dip in the summertime! One of my fav trails in the area.

This is a great getaway from Denver, this loop is nice and one should connect to the waterfall trailhead. Bikers were more in numbers than hikers.

I’ve done this hike several times both from CB to Maroon Bells/Aspen or vice versa. If you hit it right, it is the most beautiful hike in Colorado from a flora perspective. Glimpse of heaven. The colors and variety of flowers is hard to rival anywhere else I have seen. You have a great range from meadows, to creeks, to the saddle and rock/shale fields, to forest and aspen groves, to lakes and rivers! Colorado and nature is showing off! The fireweed is about to burst and hike should be good thru early August for wildflowers.

7 hours ago

Nice progressive incline. I believe closer to 9 miles from town. You will experience forest and aspen groves to open meadows with some nice wildflowers in transition. It says no dogs above but they are allowed w leash law. Lake is clear, saw lots of cutthroats. Wish I brought my rod!

Uphill is only 650 gain over 0.7 miles. and back down and then yes up and down again to get back. Wasn't bad at all and well worth the effort. Parking is VERY limited so get there early.

7 hours ago

Very easy did this hike mid-July. We stayed at the campground the night before which was nice. Free sites were also along the road. Vault toilets at the trailhead. Nicely shaded trail. We just wish there was a better spot near the lake for our dog to jump in and cool off. This parking lot was PACKED by noon so plan accordingly.

Loved this hike! Just when you think you can't do anymore you start the boulder climbing and it opens up to an awesome view! Totally worth the climb. Did it with a 14, 10, and 5 year old.

off road driving
7 hours ago

Took a not quite stock JK Wrangler up it. Hardest part is right at the beginning - you need to pick a line up a steep rock outcropping. The Rubicons we accidentally convoyed with walked right up it with their lockers. Next time we'd air down. The rest of the trail is pretty easy but jouncy with rocks. The 2nd half of the trail was closed off, so we never made it to the end.

This was a beautiful hike through a few different types of terrain. The first half is pretty climby, but once the path changes into a forest vibe, it mellows out to a far more moderate grade. My GPS clocks this at 6.4 miles round-trip. Bug spray was mandatory.

Great hike, quite uphill. Stunning lake at end.

Great views. Steep in parts

Enjoyed the hike. The wildflowers are out in full force. Not to be outdone by the flowers, at the first lake 3 good sized fish decided to feed right where we were standing and one was courteous enough to stop and pose for the camera (see pic)! And, so the fish and flowers weren't to get all the glory while walking back a Weidemeyer's Admiral butterfly landed on the trail and showed off for the camera as well (pic posted too). There were quite a few people on the trail and even at the uppermost lake - so bummer for that. But we had the third lake all to ourselves. We had never hiked up the rock path before - previously traveling up the path that follows more along the major waterflow between the 2nd and 3rd lakes. We decided will stick with our original path - much!!!! prettier!!!!!!

We took our kids. According to the app we used it was 6.6 Miles. We would do it again as the whole trail is beautiful. There is a log bridge that you cross!!

8 hours ago

beautiful hike. lots of flowers, marmots and mountain goats to keep you company.

Started at the trailhead at 3:30am. Absolutely incredibly place to watch the sunrise. We made it to the peak by 5:50. It was so perfect. I was surprised by the complete lack of wind above the tree line when we hiked. like others have mentioned the last portion of the hike is a pretty steep scramble but was definitely worth it. We decided to go down the southeast face to drop in on Little Blue lake and turn the hike into a loop. That was a pretty sketchy and steep descent and something I'll probably only do once. The whole hike was so overwhelmingly incredible and one I'll remember forever.

Excellent hike, but probably should not have done this on day 1 after coming from flat, low altitude Indiana! highly recommended as it has everything I was looking for: beauty and variety with the end point above the tree line and a view of multiple alpine lakes.

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