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Colorado Map

Frozen waterfall was cool.. A couple slick spots but didn't need yakkies today. Would be interested to see this in spring. No big vistas.

such a nice hike. pretty easy. can get a bit icy in spots, didn't need spikes but they were nice in one little stretch. great close front range trail.

This was a very enjoyable hike, this week it has been quite icy in many areas early on but further up it's dry, traction would've been nice but good shoes and the right foot placement is key. Near the top there is a section that our 40lb Sheppard had a hard time but made it to the top. The views are amazing

Packed snow so no snowshoes necessary. Microspikes were helpful but probably could have managed without since it was mostly level. Beautiful day for a great hike!

7 hours ago

A moderate hike without a lot of foot traffic. Only a couple switchbacks and the trail is well maintained. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of views on this hike. There's a spot about halfway up that allows you to look south east into the hills. Even in mid December, there was no need for spikes on the shoes.

off road driving
7 hours ago

First time on the trail. Great views. Went in mid December, with very little traffic!

Completed this on 12/15/18. Spikes will get you at least halfway at which point snowshoes become necessary. Trail can be tough to follow at times so GPS was very helpful.

on Fern and Spruce Lakes

8 hours ago

Great hike to beautiful campsite on Spruce Lake. Last mile or so of trail can be tough to follow.

Great place to hike with the dog off leash. Crampons would have been useful today (mid December) at the higher elevation but we were okay without them. Recommend to dog owners.

Unfortunately went when about 2 miles in, a fork appeared and both routes ended up being snowed out/extremely icy. Had to turn around... But beautiful open space about a mile in for an awesome view of the mountains. Very quiet and serene trail :)

9 hours ago

Nice medium hard hike. There are hikes with better views. The best view is on the way back looking toward Lyons

Very nice hike; a little steep in places which wouldn't be an issue without the ice. Traction devices recommended for descent! Beautiful view at the top with a cute little Christmas tree.

Stumbled on this trail after trying to get to echo lake trail and SO glad I did. Went today/Sunday 12/16 and it was covered with snow but no ice! Steady incline and so low trafficked I only turned around because I got a little nervous being by myself haha. One of my favorite hikes now — can’t wait to go back.

11 hours ago

December 2018 - If you have snowshoed in Colorado before, I think you will find this 4x4 road very boring. Other than the views in the first 1/4 mile, not much to see. It is a good workout as it is a steady incline.

Short but challenging with great views.

Nice quick hike! Great in winter....

One of my faves!

Nice easy hike for a Sunday afternoon. Nothing fancy but a few spots to get your heart pumping. Few icy spots at the Morrison Slide portion but no need for spikes or poles, just keep an eye out. Plenty of bikers, people, and dogs out. Good views for miles of the suburbs at the highest points. I liked it for its convenience and proximity to the city, not necessarily for the trail itself.

great moderate hike/trail run!

Very icy on the west side of the loop on the inclines. Many people were falling/struggling. We hiked clockwise and that seemed to work out better so that we hit the ice downhill. Gorgeous hike as always with 60° temps mid December.

Did the big loop, climbed on rocks and in trees. Parts of trail were muddy and slushy, but overall beautiful and a ton of fun.

If you’re going to go off the beaten path like we did, keep an eye out for cacti

Dec 15. Sections of ice.

nice little hike. consistent uphill climb but not too difficult. trail has packed snow and ice on the north side. very nice view of Colorado Springs.

Awesome trail! Counter Clockwise. June 2018

We planned to sleep at Parika Lake on the first night, but ended up short at the smaller lake 0.5 mile before. After seeing both spots, not sure which one was better. We slept in the wooded area covered by trees. Parika Lake is pretty open and exposed, but the views were amazing. Fishing was a thought, but glad we chose not to.
Day two started with a couple miles of steep climbing and ridge lines. Only encountered a few patches of snow along the ridge. Parika Peak was just another quater mile, right turn upward climb and totally worth it. the views were stunning. Winds peaked to 50mph around Farview Mt. and it got pretty cold.
We planned to camp at Bowen Lake the second night, but decided to skip it. We were just too worked from the long day. the forest past the junction had a lot of down trees and thick forest. Finally found a decent flat area to camp for the night.
Last day was a easy down hill to the car. Saw a cow moose in the stream near the lot right as we were leaving.

Few things to note for this trail:
Parking lot is small
Plenty of streams to filter water
A lot of crossings, some difficult to cross
Trail starts in RMNP but a permit is NOT necessary (we wasted 20 minutes trying to get one)
Clockwise doesn't seem as enjoyable
We average 2 trips per year(experience compared)

Hiked today 12/16 and the trail is still very, very icy. Definately recommend spikes.

Meh. You’re basically walking through people backyards for the first couple miles along a pretty stream. Don’t get me wrong, the scenery is beautiful and all that but I wouldn’t necessarily do this trail again. We did turn around before reaching the top, so didn’t get to see the view, which may have changed how I felt about the hike.

13 hours ago

Hiked 12/7. This is a challenging uphill trail. We are experienced hikers from Boulder and we’re still out of breath! Must use spikes or some kind. You would not be able to use snowshoes. Totally worth the effort - we had the lake all to ourselves and it is just as gorgeous, probably more so, than the photos show. Recommend continuing up to spouting rock after visiting the lake - it’s about a 2 minute walk up to a beautiful waterfall. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned often about this trail is the canyon - it’s stunning, especially in the snow. This hike is definitely worth the hype!

Hike at your own risk! We were shot at...

The turnoff is small and difficult to spot. If you’re going West on 34 it’s better to pass it, loop back and get onto it going East because of the angle. There’s only room for about three cars total in the rudimentary “parking lot” area. Like the other reviewers said, we were the only car there. It did seem like a risky spot for a possible car burglary.

This hike is not well trafficked, so expect rough trail conditions with some overgrown spots. 15 mins into the hike we were at the end of the incline and about to come into a clearing when we heard rapid gunfire. The sound was so loud it bounced off the rocks and we couldn’t clearly identify where it was coming from.

Whether the person was shooting at a target or us was unclear, but we weren’t going to stick around to find out! My poor dog was panicked and our whole adventure was spoiled by some moron illegally shooting in a national forest.

There’s really no escape from the idiots of society!

Sunday 12/16 - hardcore ice on Cedar Gulch.

14 hours ago

This hike is all about the views. We caught it just after a fresh snow in the upper elevation during fall. I could not stop taking pictures. Breathtaking. We even stopped for a short sunbathing session.

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