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Colorado Map
13 hours ago

This isn't a hike. It's all paved which is why it's not 5 stars. The park is still really pretty though

15 hours ago

This is a pretty good hike for children and families. The first time I did this hike in the evening during the fall and spotted a moose. The moose seemed unbothered by a few hikers in the area. This trail is highly trafficked and there are two ways to get to the Lily Pad Lake. You can come from Frisco or Silverthorne. Typically hikers hike in and hike out. With two cars I hiked from Silverthorne near the Buffalo Mtn Trailhead to Frisco near the 1st Frisco exit from Silverthorne. Getting to the lake filled with lily pads is exhilarating and then to the west further on you see another lake not covered in lily pads. I followed further to the southwest and went down the path over to Frisco.

I really liked this Trail as a resident of Summit County. This is a great Trail to bring a friend who's visiting town and likes to hike.
Take the first right turn after passing the lake to the right. You will be driving Hwy 6 south alongside Lake Dillon Reservoir to the right. Begins at the bike path so beware of bicyclists. Leads to a dirt road to the left and leaves the bike path which curves to the right. Lots of people walking this relatively flat stretch to the water treatment facility and then head back to the parking lot. I walked to the water treatment facility and let my dog play in the water. Then heading back we found the trailhead for and followed along and every .5 'mile there was a little path leading off the main path to various outlooks. This trail has numerous viewpoints and one has a few benches to sit on a view in an inlet on the Reservoir. Eventually the trail opens up to a big meadow where you can either go north and meet the main trail we took to the water treatment facility, or go southeast and about 1.5 miles further until you come out on the west side of the parking lot.

ça vaut le détour
FAITE l'effort

easy multi-hour hike with great payoff!

Beautiful hike up ... not many people hiking it was perfect highly recommend it. Don't forget the $5.00 fee they only accept cash ...

Did this hike today and I parked at the bottom near the gate to the 4WD road. Headed up the road 1.5 miles to the Trailhead for Rock Creek. Followed until the road split and chose the Gore Range Trail to the right. Followed up through forest and across numerous muddy streams. Passed a small pond and then the path started leading up and down until eventually you cross a stream with a sign for Boulder Trail. Follow this trail west up the stream again leading up and down through muddy areas. Eventually you hear rushing water to the right and can see a rocky waterfall at one outlook point to the right while heading up further. A lot of logs have fallen over the path and eventually it flattens out and leads over northwest overlooking Boulder Lake. Approaching the lake, trees protrude and there are various trails all over for various scenic viewpoints of the lake. It's about 7 miles roundtrip, but I did take an extra 3 miles (1.5 up and back) from walking up the road to the trailhead. There are cool camping spots and lots of Be Cautious of Bear signs. Overall, 9.46 miles in 3hrs 26min and 1511 elevation gain

This hike is great for families. Park near the water tower. Instead of taking the first Trail I went further on to the other start/end of the Tenderfoot Mtn Trail. I followed this up the left side and saw beautiful landscapes of Lake Dillon and the marina. After the bench the views don't get any better and the trail heads up until it eventually drops back down. At the highest point there is a unmanaged trail leading up to the summit, according to what I've read. You never actually summit Tenderfoot. Right before heading back to your car, you walk down a beautiful wildflower hill landscaping the reservoir. Great spot for another pic.

First time I hiked into Ruby Gulch instead of following left. Yesterday I finally made it to Chihuahua Lake. From the trailhead you follow upward until the path bends to the left and there's a nice camping spot. The first river crossing has a wood board bridge just to the right if you look for it, the first time I used the log. You follow on through a rock field that opens up into a gorgeous gulch with a rocky west wall (Mt Lenawee?) and to your right Ruby Mtn, Grays and Torrey's. Once you run into a stream that splits, head to the left, IF YOU GO TO THE RIGHT YOU END UP IN RUBY GULCH (in between Grays and Ruby Mtn, the Southwest Route to Grays) and the remnants of the Blue Danube Mine.
Next you follow north towards the lake (you can't see). I let our dog off the leash here. To the left in the rocky edge of the Mtn a coyote started barking at my border collie. Apparently this is a common reaction coyotes have to dogs as a warning of territory.
We followed on and the last mile stretch was the most difficult as you climb up with a little bit of scrambling the hillside and around to the lake. You head up left near the saddle between Lenawee and Torrey's and find a small pond. Just a little further on you will find the beautiful, turquoise, pristine, alpine lake. Once we were at the lake the clouds and wind made it chilly enough I put my beanie and gloves on. On the way down a man was heading up with his fishing pole. I tracked the hike as 8.08 miles, 3hrs 46min, with 1906.2 elevation gain. Not for the inexperienced hiker. Beautiful!! I live in Summit and want to come back next summer and try to find the century old cemetery on the east hillside. Apparently, Chihuahua once was a Silver mining town that thrived with about 200 people and 50 buildings. A devastating fire and the end of the Silver Rush put an end to this town.

17 hours ago

Didn't like it as much as the trail is actually a gravel / service road to the dam, however the views along the way are decent. A little steep at first, even out as you get closer to the smallish upper dam. Overall it's just OK, 3 stars for the exercise & views, but wouldn't recommend.

great trail, lots of scenery to take in. the last bit is straight up but the views are well worth it. will be back again

17 hours ago

So epic. Get there early!

Medium difficulty due to loose rock; wear hiking shoes if you have them.

I almost stepped on a rattlesnake where the grass had grown up in the trail a bit. Know what to do for bites before you hike here. I had talked to a park ranger before and he insisted there were no rattlers but my dirty shorts say otherwise.

We have been hiking in Colorado all week. This has so far been our favorite Trail. It was just beautiful all the way around. The entire Trail is above the Treeline but the surroundings are breathtaking none the less. We highly recommend making the effort to tackle this Trail. We diverted off the trail between the two Lakes heading up the ridge to the South. After cresting that Ridge you can see all of the mountain ranges to the South. Breathtaking!