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on Manitou Park Lake Trail

7 days ago

Kid friendly, easy walk. Not really worth paying $7 to park at the lake

Great hike. Very beautiful. it was a little hard to find the right path to the trailhead, but once we found it it was great from there. Most of it is shaded. Lots of little streams and waterfalls. Just be sure to bring lots of water!

My husband and I really liked this trail. Absolutely beautiful views and some good inclines to get the heart rate going. There were some great spots to stop and eat our lunch and just take it all in. We'll definitely do this one again.

I loved this hike. We parked at the Rainbow Trailhead and hiked to the Reservoir from there (which I highly recommend). We ended up not going the full way around Rampart Reservoir, but still worth it. No real steep inclines. Fairly easy hike both ways.

Nice Trail keep your eyes on the trail markers pretty easy to lose the trail in several spots. Be prepared for weather. We hit a hail storm on the way back down took shelter in some rocks and trees. The hardest part is the hill to the trail head. You have to park at the bottom of the road and walk the dirt road. Interesting houses along the way though.

This is an easy hike, with a gradual descent toward the reservoir.

Take your time, bring the kids, and enjoy the stream that feeds the reservoir. The reservoir is low right now, but gives you a unique and interesting perspective.

Wonderful hike! My 3 year old made it up to the reservoir but coming back down was a little much. Other than that loved everything about it. Definitely be back!

Beautiful hike, easy peasy, fast-running stream, and fun for kids. Trail is easy to follow and low reservoir offers unique perspective. Enjoy!

Easy, wide trail and extremely easy to follow. Lots of places for great photos. It’s sad to see how low the reservoir is.
Road to get out there is very wash boarded, so it’s a rough ride, however, it’s a lovely drive.

Challenging but very rewarding. I didn’t know you can simply drive to the reservoir. Hiking on roads are not my favorite but did not regret this one.

Beautiful and mostly shaded!
I loved it. There were a few challenging spots for me, but overall a great hike and nothing I couldn’t handle.
The streams, waterfalls and meadow were absolutely stunning

1 month ago

This is one of the prettiest trails I've done in a long time. It's a very diverse trail in just 5 miles: lots of grassland and wildflowers, forest and small streams. I would rate this trail as "easy" vs. moderate, as it is more of a stroll than a hike. However, you get to see some pretty nice views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding area. Not a lot of people on trail either, which is nice. Highly recommended for a quick hike!

Beautiful views, first half is primarily switchbacks up a mountain and the 2nd half lands you in a gorgeous meadow before coming out to the reservoir. Truly captures the beauty that Colorado has to offer. GO DO THIS HIKE!

1 month ago

nice place to get out and close to town in woodland. nice rock features in the middle and nice view at the top but no real wow moments. mostly in the shade which is nice

Park at the bottom on the dirt pull off. Cross the road to get to the dirt road. This was honestly longer and more difficult than I expected just to get to the trailhead. Go through the fence, even if it looks like you shouldn’t. There is a waterfall on the left, and follow the blue dots on the trees. The first blue dot is directly past the waterfall above the trailhead sign. There is also a yellow dot on the same tree. Overall, very well marked. Once you get to the next fence, the road splits and you need to follow the right side! Take a snack to reward yourself by the reservoir.

Nice, easy trail to hike with kids.

One of my favs! Follow through to the Garden of Eden and you won’t be disappointed. We did run into a mama bear and her cubs in the creek through that section on June 26, so keep your pups leashed.

awesome trail

1 month ago

Saw a mountain lion hiking this June 29, 2018. I must have startled it when I accidentally got off on a gaming trail and bushwhacked back to the main trail. No other hikers/bikers on the trail all afternoon. Quiet, half of the loop is shaded. Beautiful views particularly on the last half of the trip. Well kept - but some washout toward the last 1/5 of the loop.

My two friends and I took 9 children (ages 8 months to 13 years) on this trail. If your children are under 3, I would recommend a stroller or carrier of some kind. I would also recommend sunscreen. We did not make it all the way to the reservoir, but stopped just before it at an inlet that had a slower wading area where the kids had a blast. The water was cold, the rocks were fun to skip, and we stayed there about 45 min to an hour. The problems: trash. I always bring a trash bag with me and by the end of our time there, I had collected a bunch of fishing line and broken glass. ☹️ It wasn't enough for me to worry about my kids playing in the water, but I would highly recommend everyone keeps their sandals or water shoes on while wading. Overall, this was a fun way to spend 3-4 hours and my kids fell asleep within 5 minutes of our trip home. We will be back!

We took an unplanned detour off the highway to take the hike, mistake! hint - prepare, know the route, and don't rely on your smartphone's navigation app to get in and out. We didn't realize how far in it was. Actually, we passed it by and never found the trailhead. There is no sign for the trailhead, at least not off SRR 362 that we could find. Warning - FSR 362 is remote and we lost our connection Google Maps. It was no problem getting there, but there are a few forks in the road on the teturn trip and we git lost for 2 hours until a we ran into a nice guy 100 miles from nowhere who was there to do mining. With instructions where not to turn we made it out safe, running on fumes. When I got home I checked GPS from a photo and realized thay we had at one point made it to the trail but didn't know it since it wasn't posted. Maybe we missed the trailhead sign. If someone has a photo please post it. Perhaps it can spare others.

1 month ago

I love this trail. Bring plenty of water! I screwed up the first time and didn’t. I was well prepared this time.

The stream the whole way up is great. From the parking lot to the trail head is about .8 miles. From the trail head to the top is about a mile and a half and you’ll hit right at 1k foot elevation gain. After that it is pretty mellow trail. I went 7 miles this last weekend to the south reservoir and back.

My ACD and mini American Eskimo loved it. The American Eskimo was a trooper but struggled keeping up on the way back.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

This hike is amazingly beautiful. The route is a little hard to follow. Park at the bottom of the road near the stream and walk about a mile up a dirt road until you get to the water plant. it looks like nothing and as if you're not supposed to enter. But once you do you'll see a waterfall on the left and then a few trails. follow the blue dots for the reservor. once you loose the dots you come to a road and its very confusing but stay to the right and follow the road up then across the street you'll arrive at the reservoir. beautiful views and waterfalls!

I love this app! Someone’s review on here mentioned Hondo Ave to take to get to the trail. It’s not really marked well where the trail starts but it definitely has no trail hiking parking warning signs everywhere as you follow Hondo Ave up to the trail. The trail once we got there was very easy to follow. Some spots not as easy as others but relatively easy to figure where to go if you accidentally took a wrong path. Just an FYI it is a moderate hike and the incline going up can be a little challenging for some but once you get past that it’s a pretty nice flat walk for a little while then more incline. We took a wrong turn when coming out onto the dirt path to get to the reservoir, it’s the path on the right not left. When heading back be sure to watch out for loose dirt and rocks along with slick rocks due to it being kind of steep at times getting down. Otherwise this was an amazing hike and I will definitely be doing it again! My pups loved it by the way highly recommend it for any furry kiddos to join.

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike but if you plan on going in the near future leave early or wear good sun protection as it was very warm. My pup and I had a lot of fun and the scenery was just beautiful. I was warned that the Bear traffic was high right now and that they had cubs. The same with the Elk but we did luckily not encounter any as I would not like to interrupt a new Mommy that is out and about.

Great hike , lots of wonderful views , lots of shade

2 months ago

It is a great trail! Clearly marked, if you don’t wander. Views are few and far between, and some steep areas! I was hoping for more water along the way, but it was perfect for my pups. I did the loop with an American Eskimo/Pom and my ACD/GSD.

Finding the trailhead was a bit difficult for me and they are very particular about parking in that area. I’d suggest getting a map by the gazebo before you hit the trails. Also, know that you have to walk up Hondo Ave. to get to the trailhead. It’s an uphill dirt road. But once you get to the trail, it’s a lovely hike. I saw a fox and a few deer. The reservoir is stunning. I enjoyed it

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