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Easy walk, reservoir is very low, leaves are barely starting to change. Beautiful day!

This was a fun yet very challenging hike! It says moderate but the hilly roads you have to climb just to get to the trailhead and then to the reservoir make it difficult. The meadow along the creek is beautiful once you climb the switchbacks. It seems like the never ending hike but we pushed ourselves with the encouragement of other hikers making their way back! Because we hadn’t anticipated such a long hike we didn’t get to enjoy the reservoir that much and would much rather drive to enjoy it next time. It took us 2+ hours, so be prepared!

very nice trail. some great views and the aspens are beautiful. In a few days they will be glowing!!

9 days ago

On the way back, I’d recommend staying on the trail rather than getting on the Centennial Trail as there’s a nice stretch through young aspen.
Long Gulch is a gentle trail, in pines and/or aspen most of the way. The traffic on 67 repeatedly pulls a person out of a trail trance. That’s the price for a trail that is this accessible.
To paraphrase legendary Gazette sports copy editor Ray Evans: It’s the type of trail people who like this type of trail would like.

11 days ago

Fantastic trail that takes you over 1,500 ft where you can look out over 24-West. Once you reach the top, you can descend from the large rocks via the southwest side and follow a trail along a small creek that feeds a waterfall. The trail will take you along some great flowers and scenic mountains to the west. However, make sure you follow the trail out that you came in. I took a trail connected to the Catamount but it turned out to be treacherous, which caused me to walk through part of a waterfall to get to better ground. Stick to the marked trails and you won’t be disappointed.

Some of the trail takes you on more “road” like conditions but overall it was an absolutely beautiful hike with great views of pikes peak and multiple reservoirs.

amazing hike!

So beautiful!!!

Note that the beginning is reached by starting at The Crags Trail trailhead. and the last section is a scramble/bouldering area, not actual hiking. Probably around 1000 feet. the most challenging section if you are not accustomed to high altitudes will probably be the zig-zag section right as you clear the tree line. Spectacular views and some challenging inclines along the way. Bring plenty of water and plan for or around the afternoon storms and you're golden. Also, watch for the rock stacks on the last section. they'll guide you up for the most part

16 days ago

We came in the morning and it was a little overcast and it was perfect in my opinion. Beautiful views and fun for my 3 year olds. It’s not a super large area, but it was relaxing and easy.

Good hike. No big “wow” factors, but a good hike to get away from city life and enjoy some fresh mountain air. Few good views of pikes peak. Little slippery going down hill on the gravel/rocks but not too bad. Trail is marked well along the whole trail. Definitely a horse trail...

17 days ago

Did this trail with my wife and (adult) daughter on September 1, 2018 and overall it's a fun trail. We clocked it a 6.3 miles on both phones. Note that while there is water on the trail, calling it a creek is an somewhat of an exaggeration. It's mostly stagnant and is running very slightly at the beginning of the fork.

Setting Perspective: I am a 50 y/o male weighing 300 lbs. I would say if you go counter-clockwise this trail is an easy moderate. If you go clockwise it is a moderate. I say this because if going clockwise the last portion of the trail is much steeper than the beginning portion. If going counter-clockwise you will be on forest service road most of the way up and it is a very gradual climb. The the last let that runs east to west is mostly level or down hill.

The description here is going counterclockwise. See my picture for more info on the three main items I am going to write about. Starting at the trailhead walk a short steep couple of switchbacks up to the "loop". I saw a large sign with another map just before the loop. I went through a fence opening and saw 2 markers for Ring the Peak. I turned right to head southeast (counter-clockwise) and the trail was a bit level at first and then descending downward to the reservoir. Looking up you see the portion of Pikes Peak that is the saddle of Devil's Playground. Look close and you may see reflections of car windows driving up Pikes Peak Highway. I continued on and the trail t-boned into a forest service road. This is item 1 circled in my picture. Turn left, Northeast, and stay on the forest road. Walk the road which has very little shade on around to what I have circled as number 2 in my picture. At number 2 keep a very sharp eye out to the left this where the trail cuts back into the woods. There are a few signs there, on the left, about Limber Pine. This where I cut back into the shade of the trees. There is brief slightly uphill grade here but after that "it's all downhill from there". Finally the number 3 circle is where there is an actual structured gap in the barbed-wire fence line. If you need to get to the parking lot a little quicker this buts right up to Edlow Road and the parking lot is just a quick jaunt away. Beware of traffic on this 2 lane road.

Overall a very pleasant trail that got my big boy heart rate up when traversing the forest service road. The Forest service road is level along the water but after making that left turn and heading back Northwest it was uphill from there, the grade was gradual but there was little shade for us as we hiked around noon time.

Enjoy the hike.

Beautiful views and easy hike. We took our 82 year old Mother along and she handled it great!

Amazing trails, definitely one of my favorite places to go. The fishing there is great with an assortment of trout in the lake. Definitely one of the prettiest places I’ve ever gone to. If you plan on going to the reservoirs make sure you let them know at the front gate of the highway so you are not charged for a full trip.

on Manitou Park Lake Trail

1 month ago

Kid friendly, easy walk. Not really worth paying $7 to park at the lake

1 month ago

I don’t really see the appeal of this trail. The dirt road walk to the trailhead is just not worth it. It’s a lot of climbing to only get a short walk through a meadow and then you have to share a road with cars only to arrive at an underwhelming reservoir you could have just driven to. There are so many beautiful hikes in Colorado! Is avoid this one again.

A very nice trail and when I went I didn’t see another soul. The only reason it was not as much fun as other hikes I go on is the fact that my pup can’t enjoy the water since it is a reservoir.

1 month ago

Very beautiful hike. Trail head is hidden, but it’s there! Follow the directions on this app to the trail head. This trail goes up and down the entire way. (Intense if you are carrying weight like a toddler) You cross a Main Street which is random.

Great hike. Very beautiful. it was a little hard to find the right path to the trailhead, but once we found it it was great from there. Most of it is shaded. Lots of little streams and waterfalls. Just be sure to bring lots of water!

My husband and I really liked this trail. Absolutely beautiful views and some good inclines to get the heart rate going. There were some great spots to stop and eat our lunch and just take it all in. We'll definitely do this one again.

I loved this hike. We parked at the Rainbow Trailhead and hiked to the Reservoir from there (which I highly recommend). We ended up not going the full way around Rampart Reservoir, but still worth it. No real steep inclines. Fairly easy hike both ways.

1 month ago

Love this trail. Today up past the road crossing about 2 miles in I came across a ton of turkey feathers across the trail, and a freshly ripped off wing. I’d guess a mountain lion got it, so be aware! Some lost looking wild turkey chicks were wandering about in the meadow beyond, I think the predator must have gotten their mom just shortly before I arrived (had dog and pepper spray along and didn’t see any other signs). In general this is a beautiful and fairly easy hike, but it was a reminder that wild nature still exists within a short drive from town.

Great views. Last 1,000 feet is a rock scramble at 13,000 feet. The last 1,000 is by far the most challenging part. Pay attention to the rock stacks they will guide you to the top. Donuts and coffee at Pikes Peak gift shop are super delicious! Extremely windy and it snowed on us July 28 . Dress in layers and bring gloves it’s cold up too!

Nice Trail keep your eyes on the trail markers pretty easy to lose the trail in several spots. Be prepared for weather. We hit a hail storm on the way back down took shelter in some rocks and trees. The hardest part is the hill to the trail head. You have to park at the bottom of the road and walk the dirt road. Interesting houses along the way though.

This is an easy hike, with a gradual descent toward the reservoir.

Take your time, bring the kids, and enjoy the stream that feeds the reservoir. The reservoir is low right now, but gives you a unique and interesting perspective.

Wonderful hike! My 3 year old made it up to the reservoir but coming back down was a little much. Other than that loved everything about it. Definitely be back!

Beautiful hike, easy peasy, fast-running stream, and fun for kids. Trail is easy to follow and low reservoir offers unique perspective. Enjoy!

Easy, wide trail and extremely easy to follow. Lots of places for great photos. It’s sad to see how low the reservoir is.
Road to get out there is very wash boarded, so it’s a rough ride, however, it’s a lovely drive.

Challenging but very rewarding. I didn’t know you can simply drive to the reservoir. Hiking on roads are not my favorite but did not regret this one.

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