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2 days ago

I love this trail. Bring plenty of water! I screwed up the first time and didn’t. I was well prepared this time.

The stream the whole way up is great. From the parking lot to the trail head is about .8 miles. From the trail head to the top is about a mile and a half and you’ll hit right at 1k foot elevation gain. After that it is pretty mellow trail. I went 7 miles this last weekend to the south reservoir and back.

My ACD and mini American Eskimo loved it. The American Eskimo was a trooper but struggled keeping up on the way back.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

Arrived at Devils Playground around 10:30am. Since there is construction at the summit right now they are running a shuttle service from Devils Playground parking lot to the summit and back. We were able to hike to the summit and take the shuttle back down to our vehicle at mile 16 parking lot. First two thirds of the trail is pretty easy. It follows the road for the most part and has some pretty good views to the valley below. The toughest part of the hike seemed to be the incline right before the boulder scramble, which provided a pretty good burn on a steep incline. The rock scramble at the end was fun, more mentally challenging than physically. Most of the cairns were easily visible, however a few were quite small and took a minute for us to find the right way to go. Overall easy path to follow and great for first timers and those who want to get to the summit quickly. Took my wife and I just over an hour and a half of hiking (excluding some water/snack breaks) and we are from much lower altitude (south carolina).

This hike is amazingly beautiful. The route is a little hard to follow. Park at the bottom of the road near the stream and walk about a mile up a dirt road until you get to the water plant. it looks like nothing and as if you're not supposed to enter. But once you do you'll see a waterfall on the left and then a few trails. follow the blue dots for the reservor. once you loose the dots you come to a road and its very confusing but stay to the right and follow the road up then across the street you'll arrive at the reservoir. beautiful views and waterfalls!

I love this app! Someone’s review on here mentioned Hondo Ave to take to get to the trail. It’s not really marked well where the trail starts but it definitely has no trail hiking parking warning signs everywhere as you follow Hondo Ave up to the trail. The trail once we got there was very easy to follow. Some spots not as easy as others but relatively easy to figure where to go if you accidentally took a wrong path. Just an FYI it is a moderate hike and the incline going up can be a little changing for some but once you get past that it’s a pretty nice flat walk for a little while then more incline. We took a wrong turn when coming out onto the dirt path to get to the reservoir, it’s the path on the right not left. When heading back be sure to watch out for loose dirt and rocks along with slick rocks due to it being a kind of steep at times getting down. Otherwise this was an amazing hike and I will definitely be doing it again! My pups loved it by the way highly recommend it for any furry kiddos to join.

Gorgeous hike but if you plan on going in the near future leave early or wear good sun protection as it was very warm. My pup and I had a lot of fun and the scenery was just beautiful. I was warned that the Bear traffic was high right now and that they had cubs. The same with the Elk but we did luckily not encounter any as I would not like to interrupt a new Mommy that is out and about.

Great hike , lots of wonderful views , lots of shade

9 days ago

It is a great trail! Clearly marked, if you don’t wander. Views are few and far between, and some steep areas! I was hoping for more water along the way, but it was perfect for my pups. I did the loop with an American Eskimo/Pom and my ACD/GSD.

Finding the trailhead was a bit difficult for me and they are very particular about parking in that area. I’d suggest getting a map by the gazebo before you hit the trails. Also, know that you have to walk up Hondo Ave. to get to the trailhead. It’s an uphill dirt road. But once you get to the trail, it’s a lovely hike. I saw a fox and a few deer. The reservoir is stunning. I enjoyed it

very nice trail with some good views

23 days ago

Very nice trail - easy to find and well marked. Some very nice views of Pike's Peak, and not too crowded on a Saturday morning. No facilities at the trailhead, but close to town so plenty of options.

24 days ago

I love this trail. Hike it year around. Wildflowers are great in summer, leaves in the fall and the views are very nice at the top part. My friend and I actually saw a mountain goat on the trail yesterday. He must have been really lost.... I’ve never seen one below tree line or any in that area.

The reservoir is stunning. Well worth the hike

26 days ago

Beautiful hike. The trail is well marked until you reach the look out point. The blue dot to continue to the meadow is located on the side of a post in the ground which got a bit confusing. The meadow is beautiful and there is a stream the trail follows for most of it. Definitely go early as the trail becomes quite busy around midday. Reaching the reservoir was great for a rest. snacks and shade or more trails if you want to keep walking!

27 days ago

Amazing trail and the meadow is spectacular. We did 7.8 miles total including the walk up Belvedere to the trail head and a bit at the reservoir. As others have noted the first third is the hardest and the last half mile or so is along a dirt road with vehicle traffic.

Beautiful! Not many sweeping views but a fun early part of the hike (somewhat steep and a little rocky but not a crazy incline). Once you get past the incline there’s a BEAUTIFUL meadow and stream. You’ll come to a road, follow it to the right up to the Catamount reservoir, which is where you WILL get amazing views of the lake and the peak! Taking our time, took about 3 hours. Despite lack of sweeping views (which is usually what I personally go for) it was an absolutely beautiful and serene hike. Very “naturey.” Would 100% do it again. And again and again :)

This was a hard hike for me. We parked along the lower road and walked up a steep road just to get to the trailhead. The hike was rocky and steep the entire time. I would highly recommend trekking poles and hiking boots. We didn't make it to the reservoir because I was over all the rocks and incline. On a positive note the waterfall was beautiful.

28 days ago

Good easy trail. Dog friendly, not too many people, great views.

One of my favorites! Go all the way to the reservoir for amazing views! Nice aspens in the fall too.

Absolutely loved this hike! The first .7 miles is along Hondo Ave. The trail is steep, narrow, and rocky in sections, but the scenery is amazing.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! We did a lap around the lake and added 5 miles and some bushwhacked a bit.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery! Loved the waterfall. Trail was marked clearly . Will do this again

Started just after 12 noon. Good incline. Manageable snow-no spikes or snow shoes needed. Hiked up and hitched a ride back down. Summit after 1.5 hours

trail running
1 month ago

Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and surrounding area! I started/ended at Rainbow gulch and my app said I completed 15.73 miles. Relatively flat run for the area but my feet were smoked! I will be completing this run many times in the future!

1 month ago

Beautiful! I started the trail on the other side of the dam for enormous views of Pikes Peak. Side trails take you to the water. Tons of huge rocks on the beach for climbing. The water is so pristine and bright blue/green. Most of the forest on the other side of the lake was burned. I definitely recommend starting this trail from the dam.

1 month ago

I expected more based on other reviews. It’s an ok trail with some nice parts - the trail is clearly marked and easy to traverse. But beyond that the loop to the left is largely a steady incline for 2 miles that moves along - or near - a power line; it’s not as busy as the other portion of the trail, and I didn’t see one person the first 2.5 miles.

The loop to the right has a nice grove of aspens and is an easy stroll with some stream views but is much busier with mountain bikers and hikers - it has that “I expect to see plenty of people” feel to it. The trailhead to the beginning of the loop has dog poo scattered here and there, which is sadly the case with most trails.

This is a cool area to explore, most especially around the rock formations. I would rate it as "easy" as I found nothing moderate in difficulty anywhere in the area. It is a good place to explore with family and friends that may not need anything remotely difficult or lengthy. I take my 3 year old there to explore and get her used to "hiking."

1 month ago

Loved this hike. It was hard but had everything, Cliffside trails,rocky terrain,Meadows, multiple waterfalls,gurgling streams and then finish with the reservoir and great view of the mountains. This was my first solo hike and it did not disappoint, I am pretty sore a few days later still!

This hike starts off with a steep climb on a dirt road from parking area to trailhead of .6 miles. Then the first mile is moderately hard and rocky. Then you get to this beautiful meadow and it is worth the hike. After the meadow is another moderate climb to a road that leads to the reservoir. Pretty view of the mountains behind the reservoir. Great challenging hike with great views. No snow and only a little mud. Nice amount of small waterfalls which present great opportunities for nature photos. We will do this hike again!

Did the full 16 mile loop from rainbow gulch. Very little elevation gain but definitely tough on the feet. Hadn't planned on doing the whole loop but it was well worth it.

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