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off road driving
18 days ago

Fun drive, I brought the kids along and explored the lake. It got very sticky at the end for a short time, definitely worth more than an easy rating. My stock 03 4Runner balanced on 2 wheels and rubbed the ground a couple times.

Great views. Last 1,000 feet is a rock scramble at 13,000 feet. The last 1,000 is by far the most challenging part. Pay attention to the rock stacks they will guide you to the top. Donuts and coffee at Pikes Peak gift shop are super delicious! Extremely windy and it snowed on us July 28 . Dress in layers and bring gloves it’s cold up too!

We took the shuttle from the Devils Playground parking lot to the summit and back. It is a quick and easy for those who want to get to the summit quickly. There was construction at the summit right now. Other then that the views on the summit was beautiful. We experienced sunny, cloudy, windy and hail weather conditions all within an hour while we were up there so be prepared.

Much harder than moderate. I would definitely rate as difficult although we started at the bottom of the mountain and hiked to devils playground first so it was a long day.
For this stretch though the last 1/2 mile or so is just scrambling rocks so be prepared. Make sure to follow the cairns or else you’ll end up doing a lot of hand hiking.
Amazing experience for my first 14er but am definitely feeling it today.
I recommend started at the bottom for the full 14er experience and lots of wildflowers and killer views. Come prepared for cool and hot weather, bring snacks and sunscreen, and take an easy pace. It’s 14 miles altogether to come from the bottom.
Overall all... worth it!!

1 month ago

This was a beautiful hike with some awesome views and rock formations. Dog friendly and they had a BLAST

My mom (72) and I did this hike on June 30. She did her first hike (ever) this past Wednesday. It’s my 3rd 14er. I agree that the first 2/3 of the hike is pretty easy. Nice trail, very well marked. Once you hit the rocks things get a bit more difficult. Follow the cairns and you can find a decent path but definitely scrambling near the end. My Garmin hiking app had the summit at exactly 3 miles from Devil’s Playground. We took the shuttle back down as it was very windy today and cold (about 47 degrees) at the summit. The views were spectacular.

Me and my wife both did this on Friday. Great little hike for beginners. Not difficult to follow or climb. I’ve done several 14ners. This was my wife’s first. She loved it! She’s already checking when our next vacation will be so we can see what other one we can do! We did get caught in a quick lightning and hail storm and had to hide out in a rock hole for about 20min near the top in the boulders. Little scary but it quickly passed. Very pretty hike!!

Arrived at Devils Playground around 10:30am. Since there is construction at the summit right now they are running a shuttle service from Devils Playground parking lot to the summit and back. We were able to hike to the summit and take the shuttle back down to our vehicle at mile 16 parking lot. First two thirds of the trail is pretty easy. It follows the road for the most part and has some pretty good views to the valley below. The toughest part of the hike seemed to be the incline right before the boulder scramble, which provided a pretty good burn on a steep incline. The rock scramble at the end was fun, more mentally challenging than physically. Most of the cairns were easily visible, however a few were quite small and took a minute for us to find the right way to go. Overall easy path to follow and great for first timers and those who want to get to the summit quickly. Took my wife and I just over an hour and a half of hiking (excluding some water/snack breaks) and we are from much lower altitude (south carolina).

Started just after 12 noon. Good incline. Manageable snow-no spikes or snow shoes needed. Hiked up and hitched a ride back down. Summit after 1.5 hours

This is a cool area to explore, most especially around the rock formations. I would rate it as "easy" as I found nothing moderate in difficulty anywhere in the area. It is a good place to explore with family and friends that may not need anything remotely difficult or lengthy. I take my 3 year old there to explore and get her used to "hiking."

The rock formations are cool but after you see that (which is pretty early on) it’s a rather boring hike. There are so many better hikes in CO!

on Red Rocks Trail

4 months ago

I hiked Mule Creek on the other side of 67 and wanted some additional mileage. For Mule Creek, I had parked on the left immediately after crossing the cattle gate on 342 (there is a nice single track trail leading to Mule Creek from there). So, I only need to walk across 67 once I had returned from Mule Creek. I picked up the trail on the right side of the dirt road (where there is parking for maybe 3 cars) and followed that. I took a trail that headed uphill for a short bit to a ridge. Following that I had great views of the rock formations (beautiful!). I continued, staying on the trail rather than exploring the formations. Pass the power lines, there were some smaller rock formations. They had these sweet, comical rock "faces" that had me laughing. I then headed down to the bigger formations, finding a nice place to relax. It was cold today and not many people, but I was thinking it would be a great place to sit and relax for inspiration on a sunny, warm day. It's just so peaceful! I returned the same way I came -- but I will be back to explore more!

Great trail to take your friends or family who are visiting the area. Such a rare find! Love this place.

4 months ago

Very cool rock formations. Doesn’t really need a well- defined trail. Easy to find from two parking areas.

This was my first 14er summit and in winter/spring! Definitely do-able in a few hours and a nice workout! It's a good length if you want to get a 14er but aren't sure you can do a longer distance. The trail was pretty snow-less for the most part, a few patches (one on a steeper slope that made crossing a little nerve wracking) but I know the weather had been pretty nice the prior week. It gets REALLY windy at points so dress properly! I didn't need YakTraks or Microspikes but the part of the trail that is on a slope they could have been helpful because that was a bit scary to cross. The wind got stronger in the afternoon but overall it was decently easy to follow! You definitely have to keep an eye out for the cairns, most were large piles of rocks and we were able to follow them without a problem but it could be difficult after a fresh snow to find the trail in parts. The last like 800ft or so is a rock climb/scramble so be prepared for that! Most of that trail is pretty packed down but be careful so you don't post-hole! It follows the highway for a bit but I didn't find that bothersome and it's nice to grab a donut/get out of the wind once you reach the top! (Plus there's lots of people to take your picture when you get there!) Make sure you pay attention to when the toll road gates are open and close so you don't get stuck! Sometimes the gate at mile 13 is closed due to wind so you can't get up to Devil's Playground (mile 16) and the 1st gate is at the bottom of the hill so in winter you can't start hiking until after at least 9am so plan accordingly!

5 months ago

Great place, easy to get to, pretty easy hike over rolling hills without any big climbs. Trails aren't marked at all, aren't well-defined, and there's a lot of social trails around the rocks that can get you turned around so use the app/GPS. Weather was nice that Saturday so there were a lot of families out with kids, dogs, bikes, and horses.

Trail isn’t vet defined but great area for climbing around on the boulders: kids, teens, adults, and dogs can all enjoy. Never run into more than 2 other groups. Does back up to private property, mind the fences.

7 months ago

Beautiful rock formations that kids love exploring.

7 months ago

This is currently our favorite hike to do as a family. Has rocks and cave like areas that our 5yo loves to explore. There are several areas from rock trails to wooded trails. It's never full of people.

The driveway in/out can be intimidating, so go slow.

8 months ago

Fantastic hike - really enjoy the Red Rock formations surrounded by trees. Fantastically beautiful. Easy to get to for a relaxed hike, not difficult.

off road driving
8 months ago

this is a fun trail that goes downhill almost the whole time that anyone can do 90% of. be aware this is an out-and-back so make sure anything you go down you'll be able to go up. right near the end there are a few wedges and mogul/hole combos that'll get many vehicles to max flex. the main one is a set of 3 or 4 that i lifted a tire on each one. i just stayed in the gas and basically bumped 3 in a row traction/loss of/traction/loss of/etc. the trail ends at a lake in a valley but there are many cool campsites along the way. if you'd like to see a video of the run (starting from the lake and going back up for fun-sake) i have one up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

Haven’t done the Red Rocks Trail yet, but considering it. As I was looking at the photos, including the cover photo, it appears to be Pancake Rocks, which is in Divide/Midland. I just hiked Pancakes Rocks yesterday, and took a similar photo. While I’m sure unintentional, it’s deceiving to those who may want to hike Red Rocks in Woodland Park.

off road driving
10 months ago

Did this in a stock 2011 Rav4 awd no issues. It was a little concerning that coming back is more difficult than going in. good trail and lightly trafficked.

Good little quick walk for the old dog so she doesn’t feel so left out

10 months ago

Great walk.

11 months ago

Beautiful hike filled with wildflowers and multiple mushroom specimens! Being able to climb all over the red rock formations was incredible! Would definitely do this trail again!

11 months ago

Rocks are beautiful and very interesting.
However, do not hike the trail. The trail is not marked and we ended up going off side paths, and if it weren't for our GPS it would have been impossible to follow the loop trail.
rated 5 out of 5 for the rock formations near the parking lot, 1 out of 5 for the trail - don't bother.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We hiked this trail at the beginning of August 2017. There's a huge parking lot at the trailhead, which was great. This hike is pretty easy until you approach the summit and get to a rather challenging rock scramble. There are cairns to mark the easiest way to go, but they're not always easy to find. Kids would probably do okay on this hike. We also saw a few marmots on the trail. There's a huge gift shop at the summit and a ton of tourists who drove up there. Highly recommend!

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Beautiful rock formations offering hours of climbing and fun. High payoff because it is so close to the parking area, so our parents were able to hike in and watch. Only downside was a lot of evidence of idiots drinking and breaking glass bottles everywhere. A ripe opportunity for a scout troop! Any takers?

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

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