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5 hours ago

drove up the road in a Chevy van rear wheel drive. as long as you have decent clearance you can make it. We camped and hiked up devil's thumb across the ridge and down to kings lake.

Great backpacking trip for those looking for a challenge and adventure!

bring bug spray!!!

Dense forest most of the way up but the tree line appears pretty abruptly as you approach the lakes. Beautiful streams most of the way up as well. The views hiking up to Roger's pass were incredible! One of my favorite stretches of trail so far. If you have some extra time and are feeling adventurous try hiking up James's Peak to the south (Elv. ~13,300'). I'm writing this review over a month past the fact but I think it took me an additional 2.5 to 3 hours or so round trip from the pass. Trail was easy to follow with a brief scramble near the top (I think that's the term). So if you want to do James's peak I would suggest starting your hike before 7am. I think I left around 6:30AM and got back to the parking lot around 3:00 w/James peak. One of the best things about this location is the ample parking near the trailhead. You'll never really have to worry about that.

11 days ago

This was a great hike. Lots of wildflowers and the falls at the end were beautiful.

13 days ago

Beautiful! Really enjoyed the hike and I didn't mind the fallen trees. Trail was easy to follow. Smells, sounds & views were priceless!

on Jim Creek Trail

14 days ago

Went Iast weekend with the kids. It was so beautiful! We made it to the waterfall at the top. So worth it. Kids said it was the best day ever.

Absolutely stunning hike! The parking lot was very busy (got there at 8am on a Sunday morning) but like others have mentioned, the trail cleared out once you get past the split for Crater Lakes. Well marked and fairly easy to navigate. My phone logged 10.5 miles, but I did walk around the lake for a bit. Overall took about 5 hours with about 45 minutes spent at the lake and taking my time on the way down.

So, this is the third hike I have taken based on the misleading reviewers and this website, that was NOT what is listed in the description or reviews. I write this because of the young couple that were mislead if they had not spoke to us at the parking lot trail head. They were hoping to get to the two lakes, leaving at 4:00 pm, thinking it was only going to take 1.5 hours to traverse based on the "distance" and peoples comments. Agree that this is a moderate hike, I would consider this on the higher end of moderate.
There were three of us that left the trail head parking lot, bound for a 4.4 mile out and 4.4 mile back hiking for the lake. WRONG!! The average distance in total was more like 11 miles with a round trip of about 6 hours, with an hour of farting around at the two lakes. This was based on the average of three different pedometers and of people with varying gait.
The path is shaded, and it runs along the streams, along with some nice water run offs, (not waterfalls). A lot of nice wild flowers as well.
Next agree that there is an elevation gain of about 2K+. Once you get past the first uphill mile, the trails are VERY ROCKY and heavy with tree roots. There are parts that look like a rock slide and you have to negotiate for several hundreds of yards.
There is a hill climb to Roger's Pass Lake about a half mile or so past an open meadow. You might get lucky and see a Moose or two... *thumbs up to that!*
Once you get to Roger's Pass Lake, there is a trail to the RIGHT that will lead you up a STEEP climb to Heart Lake. Keep in mind you are now at 11K' in elevation. This is nice to see, but it's just a lake, none the less. Am I missing the beauty, maybe.
The climb down took about 2.5 hours, were we slow, maybe, but it is what it is.

This is my honest review. I did it, but will seriously reconsider the reviews on this website and I warn others as well. That young couple could have been in some trouble should they have hiked to the top and get stuck coming down in the dark....

beautiful hike today with lots of wild flowers and waterfalls.

Amazing backpack mid week, only saw two other tents. Gorgeous wild flowers, gorgeous alpenglow at dusk.

This trail was nice, but toward the end, it’s now impassable. Lots of downed trees and I lost the trail at the falls. Still, pretty.

We finally made out to James Peak Wilderness this weekend. The start of the hike was ok but the higher we got the prettier the views! The wildflowers were amazing along with the views. We will definitely go back and explore more.

Took my husband in his first backpack trip. Was well worth it as the flowers are in full bloom. Trail is well maintained. Rocky and lots of tree roots but the beauty makes up for it. We had perfect weather and were able to sleep under the stars.

Still my favorite hike in The Front Range even though it’s gotten more crowded over the past year. Did the hike on 7:14 and beautiful wildflowers all around the lakes! (There are three easily accessible! Don’t miss the first to the left behind the trees)

Started from Bonfiils Stanton outdoor center parking lot(added .3 miles ) to a beautiful hike! We saw moose! Gets a little tricky crossing the creek in areas! Fallen trees presented no problems. Not many hikers.

The first several miles run along a stream with lots of great waterfalls and plenty of shade. The first lake below Heart Lake has a great field of wild flowers and the views are amazing. Heart Lake is just as pretty, and well worth the hike. I would suggest going all the way to the Pass, as the views from the top are absolutely amazing. If you go to the right along the ridge, you can see Crater lake and both glacial lakes from above. There weren't as many people above Robert's Pass as below, but it never felt crowded.

on Jim Creek Trail

1 month ago

Good hike, with a nice waterfall at the end. Plenty of traffic. You have to cross the stream a few times, some fallen trees, but they were being cleaned up and not that big of a deal. Plenty of mud, so I would recommend boots over tennis shoes.

This trail has the best smells and the best views. So many water falls and babbling brooks!!Definitely bring bug spray and ready your legs for a rocky terrain. The views at Heart lake are definitely worth it!


Truly idyllic hike - several waterfalls, and the wildflowers are exploding right now. There are several good shaded camping sites down by the lower lake (I'm not sure of the name.) Less up at heart lake, but it also seemed less crowded up there. And the views within the basin are breathtaking! Highly recommend this hike for a day trip or short backpacking adventure. Only downside was the bugs - there are LOTS of flies and mosquitoes.

1 month ago

A good hike, some fallen trees towards end. But passable, some scrambling but nothing hard. Moderately traveled.

1 month ago

make sure you look up the trailhead on google maps. The entry on here may not be correct. It was relatively easy and ended with a rewarding waterfall. The elevation gain is quite manageable and the fallen trees mentioned in the reviews are being overblown: they were easy to avoid and climb over/around.

on Jim Creek Trail

1 month ago

I would rate it as easy with some portions more difficult. Many fallen trees across path,about mile from end and did not go any further. Could have gone further but did not want to scramble over the many fallen trees.

Agree with last review about the fallen trees. Beautiful hike but was bummed not to complete because of all the fallen trees...became too difficult to navigate. I’d like to try it again later in the season (hopefully) after some maintenance, as I really enjoyed the hike up until then.

This trail is gorgeous. The elevation gain is gradual which makes the hike much more manageable than the description would indicate. Lots of water and streams up to the lakes with wild flowers. Would definitely recommend.

Gorgeous trail with lots of wildflowers, water features, and great views. Not too many people on this trail since most seem to turn off for crater lakes. Ample parking at the trailhead is a nice bonus. Will definitely be back.

1 month ago

Hiked 6-13-18.
Trail needs maintenance. Was fine about 2.8 - 3 miles in, but after that there are so many trees fallen that it's extremely difficult to find and stay on the trail. Really hope they clean it up soon because the water fall at the end is fantastic but extremely difficult to reach at the monent

Tons of snow about half mile after turn off for Crater Lake! Not a lot of views on this trail, more in the trees style. I recommend walking pole and crampons as of 6.3.18!

2 months ago

Was there on 5/26/18 and it had about 2ft of snow on the trail after the first couple of miles. Not so bad with day packs but hauling a 3 night bag up there had me post-hiking most of the time. Slept on the snow and woke up to a beautiful landscape, the view is worth the hike but make sure you have the right gear if you are gonna spend the night!

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