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09/14/2018 Winfield TH - Beautiful views! Trail follows a stream at the beginning. Caught the Aspens changing. My hiking partner and I both tracked 9 miles round trip (here and state 7 miles though).

Took a Crosstrek and parked near the last junction. Not worth driving up that last bit.

Lots of elevation gain / very steep in certain spots. Felt like we were going straight up right before the trail goes right about half way. Lots of scree in this spot so when we were coming down we couldn't help but slide on our butts.

There are 3-4 false summits (very deceiving!).

Near the top the trail is hard to follow - look out for cairns. Lots of boulder scrambling. Got off trail on our way back down and it was rough. I had my large black lab with me and he was struggling through the boulders.

We were the ONLY people on this trail that day. Saw maybe 6 people at the summit that had taken different routes.

Drank more water than usual (not sure why) but a good Samaritan left a gallon of water on the trail. Thank you!!!