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Ended up on this trail accidentally and boy was I kicking myself. Ambience was terrible; you spend more than half of the trek staring at the suburbs and listening to the highway. No shade whatsoever. Would absolutely not recommend. Giving 2 stars only because the trail is well-maintained compared to many, but I guess you'd have to expect that given that it's surrounded by city on almost all sides.

17 hours ago

Nice views!

Great Views. Only complaint was that it was very rocky so it was challenging for the dogs at times.

20 hours ago

Had noooooo idea what I was getting myself into. Just decided that I was going to take the Lakes Of The Clouds trail and it was definitely challenging. But the view was beyond amazing.

had fun up there today. my dad and me went I have open diffs in my 1994 jeep grand cherokee with a 4 inch lift on it did great. my dad has an 1978 cj7 he has lockers he did great till he broke the center pin of the locker. then the fun began try to get back out. didnt make it all the way to the river but going to fix the jeep and do it again.

A beautiful hike up, made it to the summit just before the weather came in. A wet hike down to the road but no problem.

off road driving
23 hours ago

Did this August 5, 2018 in a jeep wrangler. summit trail was open but VERY tight, and a hell of a bumpy ride! I would not suggest climbing to the summit if this is your first go but there is a parking area at the bottom of the trail to the summit with pathways to climb on foot. The path down the other side is all rocks and you MUST be in a 4x4. Ran into a few stranded folks who didn't take that advice. camping sites along the whole way and a great trip to enjoy the view!

I wouldn’t rate this trail as super difficult, but it could be challenging for a beginner hiker. Sweet views of Golden once you’re past the highway noise. Also, watch out for bikers as they fly down the trail!

23 hours ago

fun hike! we only made it as far as lower blue lake due to some issues with the altitude, but it was gorgeous nonetheless! the trail opens up to some beautiful meadows along the way and once you hit a space suitable for camping you have arrived at lower blue lake. would love to go back and make this a two day trip. the road out there is easy to maneuver and it definitely gets crowded pretty early. highly suggest this hike!

one of the most beautiful and fulfilling hikes i’ve ever done - every step was truly so worth it. definitely get started early to avoid the crowds. it was nice to have the lakes to ourselves for a little while before a lot of people started showing up. if you want a great “rocky mountain experience” this is definitely the hike for you. couldn’t recommend highly enough.

off road driving
23 hours ago

This is a truly fun trail. Probably my favorite one so far. The views are incredible, the scenery is phenomenal, and you could spend all day picking different routes in the area.

Took my 4Runner here. The views were incredible when your reach the main landing spot. It’s almost like a playground up top because there are plenty of trails from easy to difficult centrally located around this area. Plus it’s one of the closest trails to Denver that I’ve seen

off road driving
23 hours ago

The road was mainly a dirt road, there wasn’t a lot that was very moderate about it at all except when you turn off the main path and go exploring on the side paths. The views were alright, but I will say there were some slightly challenging obstacles along some of the side trails. There is one in particular that is a dead end and you can see a weather station set up at the top. Pretty cool!

Absolutely stunning. Even though wild flowers had already peaked, this trail is breathtaking.

Very easy and it is very interesting. Cool views and amazing history.

off road driving
1 day ago

Off road with front wheel drive rental suv. Made it with no issues.

Beautiful drive

Easy trail, but has a decent amount of gravel and rock. I expected to be closer to the falls in the end but it is still a spectacular overlook

This hike was a beautiful surprise to explore. The caves were a marvelous find as well, which are along the hike to the top of the falls. My teenagers loved this hike. We’ve visited many caves in the past all over USA and it is always “ look but don’t touch”. These were completely touch, climb and explore the many rooms. Bummed that we didn’t bring head lamps to get a better view of the roofs of the caves.

To help out some fellow inexperienced hikers such as myself: this trail is SO beautiful and it's one of my favorites so far! But you need to be prepared. It can be REALLY cold and rainy in here, so bring raincoats and potentially gloves and hats if you are one to get cold easily! The temperature in here can be a lot different than Denver. Experienced people probably already knew that but I sure didn't! Enjoy

Very easy and beautiful. Keep walking for more of a challenge and an even better view.

If you're willing to climb up some rocks along the waterfall, you'll be rewarded with a great view. The trail itself is very short, but it would be challenging for anyone who was not very sure-footed.

Horses clearly come through here, because we were walking around their droppings the whole time. The dry dirt circular path is underwhelming compared to the other paths in the park, but it is very easy to walk.

tough hike. great views at top. not many views on way up. nice aspen meadow. great exercise. only do this hike if you are in pretty good shape

1 day ago

Great hiking trail. Prepare yourself for the elevation gain but it’s well with it. Pups loved it too!

Not too difficult. Finished in under four hours while carrying my 4-month old to the peak and back. Beautiful views at the top! Fun trail!

will definately do it again.

Great hike. Rated as hard because of the rocky terrain and some mild scaling of rocks but well worth the view. Make sure to pack water as the incline is pretty steep.

One of my favorites. Great hike with the best views at the top. Barely any traffic near sunset and would highly recommend for out of towners (like me).

Steady traffic with pretty view. Would be nice to pack lunch and rest by the water. Lots of families and pups.

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