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trail running
15 hours ago

About half the loop is trail and the other half is dirt road. Only run this loop clockwise or you will have to pay an entrance fee at the marina; clockwise you enter the marina from the rear where there is no gate. Only recommended if you just need a run and don’t want to go far. There are so many better options within 10-15 mins of here.

great trail with a couple of waterfalls and an amazing lake at almost 12000 feet.

16 hours ago

Great hike with my dog. Was frustrated by some off-leash dog owners. The parent rock easily erodes into pebbles, so the trail is covered with beautiful, large-crystal gravel. That makes most of the trail great for hiking, but also makes the descent from the vista a bit tricky. It also means that there are a ton of animal paths and waterways that (when dry) look like official trails. The trail is totally unmarked (no cairns, blazes, or signage after the first 0.4 mile or so). It’s pretty easy to follow until the climb towards the end. It wasn’t too difficult to find my way, but I was definitely off-trail accidentally a good bit. Pay attention going up so you have familiar landmarks to look for going down!

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We summitted Red Mountain, and the views were fantastic! There are also ruins at the summit, with history. You can check the information out on the Internet. We got off trail near the summit, so when you come to a natural retaining wall made of two fallen tree trunks on the ground supported by two live trees, keep going and watch for a huge boulder. Do not go right, go left!

17 hours ago

Did this hike on Friday morning. We arrived via shuttle at the park. It was pretty busy, but thinned out as we got further along. The view at the lake is breathtaking.

17 hours ago

Difficult but worth it - spectacular views

Perfect to start my 7 year old with longer hikes. Beautiful and just enough shade to not die in the heat.

A diverse trail that covers three separate ecosystems. Great camping options (by permit only) and plenty of wildlife to see. Completed the whole loop in 5 days with occasional day hikes mixed in.

18 hours ago

My dog and I hiked Mt. Sniktau yesterday morning and saw the sunrise at the top of the peak. We then decided to hike over to Cupid, which is an easy climb. This is a nice hike that's not too long but will get your heart pumping at times. We arrived at the trailhead at 5:15 and made it back to the car at 7:45. Much to my dog's delight, we saw tons of critters: pica, marmots, ptarmigan, and even a big, white, fluffy, majestic mountain goat. It was just a beautiful hike and morning!

Where does the trail head start, any signage?

Steady incline for most of the trail, with a couple of nice spots that you can sit and rest, so it's not overly strenuous, but could be if that's what you want. The view from the Continental Divide overlook is stunning. A great trail, even for those who are afraid of heights as the majority of the trail does not have steep drop-offs. We had volunteers on the trail today, 7/20/18 warning of rattlesnakes, and spoke with other hikers who had seen one, so one needs to be cautious. Can be done in under 2 hours.

Just literally missed stepping on a rattlesnake by 1 step within the first 20ft of the trailhead. Be aware!!

23 hours ago

Such a beautiful hike! It has everything; nice little workout, forest, meadows, wild flowers, mountain views, and plenty of water features. Well worth the drive ;-)

A great hike for the kids. A very easy and well marked trail. Plenty of cover, and some nice views. It is all smooth single track, with very little elevation gain. There are maps at the parking lot.

Lots of beautiful wildflowers and well-marked.

Beautiful hike, with the upper and lower Copeland Falls close to the trailhead. Calypso Cascades at the end are fantastic. Be aware that if you arrive later in the morning, you will likely have to park in the lot 1 mile from the trailhead.

Very cool to see the tornado damage along the trail as well, there are signs pointing it out.

We loved this hike. You climb up and hike through an Aspen Grove then end up at the lake which is beautiful. There are are several Creek crossings but they are easily crossed.

Fabulous views at the top. Nice and shaded for most of it. The fissures are very cool.

I love this trail. It's great exercise and it's beautiful! It's hard, don't believe moderate!!! But so worth it!

This hike had everything! Challenging parts, easy parts, a high view of the mountains and the city, and even a creek with a small waterfall. Completed the hike in 2 hours however I did run down the mountain since it was very easy decline. I’m exhausted but feel very accomplished.

1 day ago

Great hike. The views don’t come until the top however,. Until then it is hiking through forest with some wildflowers, and then when you reach the top, the views are breathtaking.

Great trail. Very scenic with some great streams and waterfalls. A little rocky on the trail, but doable. Just note that the route displayed on AllTrails only goes up to to the Hut, which makes the round trip only 2.8 miles. You have to (and will want to) go up past the hut and marked route to make it a 5 mile round trip.

trail running
1 day ago

Nice trail. Unlike most others the downhill starts at the beginning. Lots of biting flies so make sure you bring bug spray. Plenty of places to put your feet in the water. Trail is smooth and great for trail running.

1 day ago

Awesome hike with great views throughout. Definitely a leg burner though, so be prepared to get a good workout in!

Has someone lost their dogs? Three golden retrievers? They seem lost and there aren’t many people on the trail now...

What an AMAZING place!!!!!!!! I ended up going the “extra mile” into the gulch which made it closer to an 8 mile hike. Parts of it are steep so take it slow going up and be careful on the way down. A must-do for locals and visitors alike!

One of my favorite hikes. Beautiful and fun! you will see definitely be able to see wildlife there. Expect a bit of climbing. Great view at the top.

Really enjoyed this 13ner. A bit windy toward the top. Will definitely do it again. Nice enough to trail run most of it.

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