Really enjoyable hike. With our spring rain this year, this is the greenest I've seen NE Colorado in five years. The hike in the canyon on Bent Rock Trail along Sand Creek is superb for early season wild flowers, cliff swallows, changing to meadow larks, and plovers when you get to the prairie in the bowl and along the creek near Ruby Wash Trail. Nicely maintained trails that cut to a two track and back to trails. The trails up the big dry washes are a bit of a concern for me coming from areas with flash flooding. Noted by cairns in wire cages and a stake, and while it's not thunderstorm season yet keep that in the back of your mind. I did see a lot bear sign out there including a fairly fresh track at the edge of the creek near the Ruby Wash Trail (picture uploaded). The area is pretty gravelly and bear tracks won't always be super clear. I decided to give the bear a wide berth and hike back down the trail. I found other bear evidence in Big Hole Wash, with unclear tracks because it was a deep gravelly track, but with a larger stride than mine and deeper impression (meaning bigger and heavier than me) that had turned up wetter gravel from deeper layers. So I turned back. Still got in almost five miles. Hike smart and enjoy yourself.