Villa Grove

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2 months ago

Hiked Mount Ouray from Marshall Pass, Cut through the parking lot of the Hutchison/Burrnett Cabin on Marshall Pass. Be hind it you over ground unmaintained trail. Hike to the saddle that goes up Mt Ouray. When you start the ascent to the peak I kept to the north of the boulders, and follow the small grassy parts, I kept loosing the trail because of the boulders but them a few steps up I could tell where the trail was. Take your time it is a fun and challenging boulder climb. The ascent was class 2 with few spots class 3. Views on top are incredible, you can see Pikes Peak and the plains to the east, South Park to the north, Sand Dunes the to the south, Redcloud, Sunshine, Handies, Uncompahgre and the Grand Mesa.