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Nice easy trail to the really cool and historic Interlaken Resort!

Great camping along the road to the trailhead, both free dispersed and pay sites w bathrooms. You must have good clearance probably 4WD to get to the trailhead undamaged. A few Subarus were up there but I guarantee they bottomed out on a few spots. There is a gnarly drainage/culvert about 1/4 of a mile before the trailhead. Some butt was parked right before it when i was leaving and only left a crappy line down in my 3in lifted FJ that I still bottomed out.
Hike is awesome, pretty easy for a fourteener. Lots of rocks, hard on the feet, ankles and knees coming down. 2 or 3 false summits, be prepared. I went through 5L of water, applied sunscreen twice and definitely bring bug spray for the first part.
Lots of really cool views both of the Elk Range and of Leadville and the surrounding lakes and scenery. Spectacular views of the Halfmoon lakes and valley on your way up.

3 days ago

Spectacular place!! If you go up far enough, the views are amazing. Also found a small creek waterfall with a pool at the bottom for swimming. Water was chilly. Not necessarily a 4WD, SUV’s can handle it unless you guy up high. Definitely recommend going up Peek A Boo Gulch and taking a sunset drive.

We packed our kayaks and went to Twin Lakes one day. About 30 min drive from camp to lakes. Had a cocktail in town and headed back to camp.

Went Friday-Sunday (July 13-15) and it was busy. All campsites were full... maybe 1 or 2 ones open. That was the only downside. The sites are very spread out so it’s still very private.

Make sure you have a good level of fitness for this one.

Great Hike! Have to earn it right from the beginning by making the drive up to the trail head. Need AWD/
4 wheel drive and good clearance. The trail holds Beautiful views, Excellent trails and very few hikers.

Beautiful view at the top but definitely hard on the joints. LOTS of people at the peak!

This was a challenging but nice 14er. Not scary challenging, but just soul sucking challenging. The trail has a good mix of everything from forest hiking to rock scrambling. Do be warned that the hike is longer than ~8 miles listed. It’s closer to 10 something miles.

off road driving
15 days ago

Very nice, scenic area. Drove my stock Silverado and didn’t have any clearance issues. Nice and secluded, saw one other vehicle the 2 nights that I stayed. Went last week of July and it got really cold at night, like freeze your dogs water cold.

awesome hike with great scenery! I was hard on the knees coming down

Fantastic hike. Less crowded than the other trails!!!!

Hard to get to the trailhead, and you can't unless you have high clearance. There are places to turn off along the way tho that will just make your hike a bit longer.

As for the hike, it is really pretty through the forest and along the creek in the beginning. When you turn to go up Massive, it is very steep the entire rest of the way. Be sure to pace yourself.

The views at the top are beyond worth it. Just top-tier summit views. Awesome.

Don’t let the description fool you, this trail is closer to 12 miles round trip. Technical towards the top, steep up and steep down. Beautiful views the entire way. Hard work but worth it

This is a breathtaking view but is definitely the hardest route to summit Mount Elbert. After you get above freezing the trail lacks in traction and has 60%+ grades of steepness. If your only goal is to summit take one of the easier routes. Our boys and girls cross country team both attempted to climb it. The girls reached the false summit and the boys barely managed to summit however one of us had extreme elevation sickness on the way down. Also this trail was actually OVER 12 Miles in total distance-not 10 miles. One last thing to note is that this trail is mentally challenging as we found there were about 4 false summits. All I'm all this is a stunning trail that I highly recommend to experienced hikers.

So this is the SOUTHEASTERN Trail. Just before you get to Mt Elbert Lodge. I found the trek and the mileage to be very accurate. So as far as the hike goes, basically 3 parts. First part is a nice trail, semi steep but easily handled. You then come to a flat area that is very nice, you cross the stream twice and go through some Aspen groves. Then the third part, ouch. Steep and very difficult due to elevation. The worst part is that your approach the top all you see is a peak to the left, which you assume is Mr. Elbert. This would not be correct and when you summit the saddle, you will see that behind what you thought was Elbert is not, and low and behold there he is. About another 1.5 miles to the left of your summit of the saddle. Trail during the 3rd part of the hike was loose rock and very steep. Took more time and awareness coming down then going up. Sticks are huge for balance and watching for slips. Of course what do expect with a 5000 foot elevation gain in 5 miles. Good luck. No other dangers or hindrances to having a great hike. It does get winding and cool on top, even at noon. Once you leave the tree line, make sure gloves and head covering are the norm.

The views are nothing short of spectacular. This trail has it all; forest, rivers, meadows and summit views. But you have to earn this one! Start early, the decent takes almost as long as the summit climb. The boulder field is one for the books and is easy to lose your route and your hiking friend lol. Happened twice today. No snow issues but the winds were brutal.

1 month ago

A long steep hike with little reward.

Great hike..beautiful stroll through the aspens. This trail is actually just the lower part of the South Elbert trail. At the S Elbert parking lot take the lower trail. Follow the trail to the split of the S Elbert and Colorado trail sign, there will be a 4x4 road, take it to the right to loop back around. Be sure to visit the beaver ponds!

By the time we were back at the trailhead, gps said it was over 12 Miles. This hike is tough and has a bit of every type of terrain. If you have hiking poles they may be helpful but not necessary. You need to park on the main road and then walk on a dirt road to the trailhead. Views from the summit are beautiful!

We slept in the jeep at the 4wd parking area (high clearance needed) and started at 3 a.m. You start out in a beautiful aspen forest, then through a small meadow and soon reach treeline. The trail is very easy to follow, and is a pretty steady uphill. We were alone at the summit for about 45 minutes, and the views were possibly the best in Colorado. Took us about 3.5 hours to summit, 1.5 back to the trailhead. My 8 y/o shephard also hiked with us and had no problems.

Incredibly beautiful views. But man, you had to earn this one. I’ve done a couple 14ers (Massive and Holy Cross) and this was probably the toughest. Shorter than the prior two, but the footing and terrain was incredibly difficult. Steep inclines, super challenging and steep switch backs.. a boulder field that seems to never end.. its one thing to struggle up, but seemed harder making it down while keeping footing. Quads, body, and soul are crushed.

That said, the views are second to none. Amazing.

1 month ago

This was the first hike I have ever done, we are from Oklahoma and thought it was going to be to hard, it was challenging but we made it, there are 4 mining cabins along the way and 2 Creek crossing. You are able to see Twin lakes from the top. At the lake there or plenty of beautiful cut throat trout to catch so bring your fly rod. This is a beautiful place.

Super tough for our group of 10 ranging in ages 9-49. 2 made it to the very top (including the 49 year-old), 3 more of us made it to 13,500 (including the 9 year old). But everyone else had to turn around almost half way up because of the steep incline. Definitely did a lot of snow sliding on the way down. Very exhausting hike for us. Lots of water bottles was needed. Beautiful views and great pictures!

1 month ago

This one makes you earn it. Scenic hike thru the woods to start, and then you hit the "stairmaster"(you'll know when you hit it). Elevation gain gets real once you're out of the treeline. Snow causes a bit of improv when it comes to the trail from about 12,500 on. Cairns will help you from 13,000 on, but go with with what's comfortable, and keep winding up to the left. Head too far right and you'll go well out of your way. Lots of friendly "critters" at the top, and the views were some of the best! Started around 7am and reached the summit by 12:30. Took our time with all the wind, but blue skies. Got back to the car by 3pm. Getting down to about 12,000 can take some time. I recommend sliding while there's snow.

hard hike, but it is so worth it. super windy when we got out of the tree line and the trail isn't marked very well so you have to pay close attention.

The trail was great and the weather was perfect. Definitely need a high clearance 4WD to make it to the trailhead. My Subaru Legacy was not high enough. My wife and I were not in shape enough to summit and started a little too late (9ish). Didn’t need anything special as far as equipment goes. Trail was clearly marked and the views were amazing!

I loved the hike but had issues with The AllTrails route a few times. And walking up the 4x4 road at first was concerning but the hike got Way better! It is worth it to go just a touch past the turnaround and visit the Lily Ponds.

2 months ago

Was doing training for COLORADO Trail this summer
Took full 27 pound pack for training
Perfect weather
Really tiring elevation change
Had snow n ice on trail
Got worst as you went higher
Turned around about have away
Did not want to take a chance of slipping n falling with full pack
Great signage

This was my first 14er. Not from altitude, and even with both Tylenol 1g and 400mg ibuprofen I still had a pounding headache above 12.5k. That didn't stop me from loving this hike though.

Really tough. Super short of breath. But the views at the end were absolutely amazing. The hike up varied a lot in terrain, and I loved every section of it. Coming down was hard. Lost my way a few times even with a GPS app since the trail was not well marked.

Would do this again.

Would it be a mistake to drive a Nissan Altima the 1.8 miles to the Upper Trailhead?
I’ve watched videos and the road does not look too bad. On the other hand if I got stuck it would be
bad. On the bright side walking the 1.8 miles would be a good warm up. All comments appreciated.
Thank You.

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