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Twin Lakes, Colorado Map

Left at 7am from Halfmoon trailhead aiming at ascent via SE ridge as described in Roach book. Did not find the side trail at 10,600’ mentioned in other posts but ascent through the sparse pine forest was straightforward. Reached tree line at 11,800’, great views from there, ridge line easy to follow. Did not meet a single hiker until rejoining the main trail below the summit.

SE ridge is an awesome alternative for those who like hiking off the beaten path. The ascent requires more effort due to the lack of trail and some up and down along the ridge (about 1000’ extra vertical in all). There is no water along this route so bring plenty.

Great hike yesterday. 4AM start. Two goats at the top. No clouds or wind. I think they should resurrect that pile of rocks on the top to make it higher than Elbert again!

1. This is longer than 8.3. More like 9.5. Consider that for time. We started at 5.20 am and we were in the car at 1pm. We hike a pretty average pace, but most people we going significantly slower.

2. DON'T MISS THE TRAIL TURNOFF! If you're walking in the dirt road for more than 10 minutes, you may have missed it. It's easy to do in the dark, even with headlamps, and one guy we met missed it by 40 mins. It's about 5 mins down the trail on the left.

Maybe my new favorite 14er. Really gorgeous, especially for a 14er. Not as much traffic as a lot of popular peaks either. Highly recommend early start, if for no other reason so you can see the sun rise above the Mosquito Range to the East. Also recommend a camp at Elbert Creek Campground the night before. Top notch campsites and just around the corner. And folks, please: STOP starting 14er climbs too late in the morning. Lightning is a real threat with late starts so get on the trail early.

We hiked this se trail on our descent after hiking up the steeper sw trail.
This trail was a dream.

My family, husband, son (21) and daughter (19) decided to hike this steeper ascent trail as my knees are great going up but kill me on downhills. We parked at the southeast Massive trailhead and hiked the road the 2 miles to the sw trailhead.
This sw hike is no joke, very steep and while nothing hurt on me, it was just hard. You reach the saddle where the sw and se trails meet then you go up the last .3 to the summit. It's a fairly easy ridge but you're scrambling some. The views are amazing!
We descended down the 6+ mile se trail which still bothered my bad knee but the sw trail was not doable at all for me which is why we parked where we did and made it a loop. The mileage is about the same if you do it that way vs the out and back on the se trail.
I'd say if you have good knees and a very steep descent doesn't bother you then the sw trail shaves off about 5+ miles.

Loved it. First fourteener and I liked the long approach, seemed a steady incline. With beautiful alpine meadow views. Brought the dogs and they did great, water on the ct section. Only at the scramble portion at the very top did I feel the need to keep them out of people’s way for safety.

10 days ago

Nice little hike, easy to do quickly. The roads to get to the trailhead can be a bit confusing, but the AllTrails map has the location right and got us there. This drive was also doable in a 2wd minivan, so don't get nervous about the road. Loved the various historic buildings, including going in Dexters house! Excited to check back in a few years on how the restoration is going.

On the other side of the lakes is a canoe/kayak rental that offers a nice view of the buildings from the water, check that out as well! Guy goes by Johnny Canoe, so you know it'll be a good time.

10 days ago

The road to the trailhead is very rough, you definitely need high clearance and 4WD to get all the way. There were no cars parked at the trail head. Cars could probably make it a bit past the Mt Massive trailhead, to within about 1 mile of the trailhead, where there are some campsites to park at. But depending on your vehicle, it may be safest to not try.

The hike itself offered beautiful views of many surrounding mountains and was generally easy to follow. It is very steep at times, and you definitely want to be fully acclimated before attempting. Before you reach the first lake, the trail forks, and could be easy to miss. To the right is a path up to a waterfall, and to the left is the lake(s). The AllTrails map doesn't include hiking up to the second lake, though there's definitely a faint trail going there and it's not a bad quick addition if you still have the energy at the top. We only saw one other set of hikers the whole time we were on the trail.

12 days ago

‘Trail’ is completely on 4 wheel drive road entire way to pond.
Great views overlooking Twin Lakes and surrounding mountains. Lily Pond is a beaver pond with beautiful Mountain View’s behind it. All the other ‘ponds’ that are noted on the map - going up to Lily pond - are dried up.

Excellent hike that takes you through pine forest, sub-alpine shrubs, and an amazing ascent up the massive granite field (which is full of marmots and pikas). Views are phenomenal, especially at the very top. Bring lots of water and food to stay energized.

14 days ago

Tons of mosquitos in this section. plenty of water. We finished up our hike at Twin Lakes, coming from TN Pass( Seg 9). We summited Mt Elbert too. Hike Mt Elbert EARLY. We started at 5am. AWESOME views at sunrise on Elbert. packs snacks, water and a rain jacket. We slackpacked with granolas, 100 oz water, rain jacket and emergency bivy. Plan for 6-8 hours on Elbert.

14 days ago

Brutal climb, but worth it. Gorgeous views, flora and wildlife. Plan for 6-8 hours on Elbert. Start early for sunrise and missing potential weather. We slackpacked with granolas, 100 oz water, rain jacket and emergency bivy. Took 7 hours, and we stared at 5am. ENJOY!

Quite difficult, but worth it when you get to the top. Bring warm clothes!

A beautiful roughly 10 mile hike that has a little bit of everything. Very steep sections but the view from the top of Hope Pass is worth it. It took us about 6 hours out and back. Make sure to bring poles and lots of water. Would do this again!!

16 days ago

Without an ATV or FWD better park at the Mt Massive trailhead. From there the hike along the dirt road to the trailhead is over one hour. Halfway up the trail, it gets extremely confusing where the trail supposedly goes. There are no clear signs. I spent over 2 hours hours up there circling around trying to find my way and never made it to any lakes(s), turning back in frustration as it was getting later and later and hiked the 3 hours plus back to the car.
Re. lady with her toddlers below, I am positive you must have been at another lake. The 'trail' gets pretty steep in areas climbing over boulders while you're holding onto tree limbs.

16 days ago

Fun, relaxing walk for an afternoon. A little up and down but overall easy and nice. Beautiful, towering aspen groves. A nice little stream. Great Lake and mountain views. Interlaken site interesting. Trailhead to the left worked for our sedans. Closer trailhead looked harder for low clearance cars.

Road to the trailhead is rough. There’s a spot 1/3 mile from the trailhead my 4x4 Jeep couldn’t make it over. Must have good clearance and good driving skills to make it to this trail head

Very tame trail up until the end. Slightly rocky near the top(predictably). The trail split is very well marked and it’s easy to tell where to go without any kind of map. The view was great. I wouldn’t say it is as challenging/rewarding as Elbert but that’s why you hit both while you’re in Leadville

This trail would be a 5 in Illinois, for instance, but in Colorado, there are much better options. Beautiful aspen groves and a few scenic overlooks, but too many campers. No wildlife. The northern leg of the route is a 4WD track and you will have to move over for trucks etc. Highly recommend the short loop at the northwest end of the trail, where you can find the longest beaver dam any of us had ever seen. Would have rated this as moderately trafficked, and definitely on the easy side of moderate.

A couple of marathons, numerous obstacle races, and raising 4 teenage girls. But nothing could prepare me for this beast. Only had 2 days to acclimate from sea level, and this mountain kicked our butts. It throws everything at you so it’s not at all boring. But prepare your mind for a test.

Lakes, wildflowers, marmots and stunning views. Awesome hike!

A beautiful 14er, but not the greatest trail. The first couple of miles through the trees is great, but be prepared for very steep, eroded, gravel-y trail after the ridge/buttress. A few other notes: limited parking at the trailhead and no restroom. It looks like there are some places to park, however, further down the 4WD road a quarter mile past the trailhead. It's certainly a beautiful, worthwhile trail, just know that you'll earn it!

We hiked this trail July 27, 2018. We started around 10:00 am. My honey had hip replacement surgery 2 years ago, and I’m no exercise queen. The hike was beautiful, well marked, and although up hill most of the time- it was SOOOO worth the views at the top of Hope Pass. The trailhead sign clearly states 5 miles to Hope Pass and it is true to that. Not sure where the app gets 8.6?
There’s a beautiful river with a great bridge to cross about 1.9 miles in. Plenty of picture opportunities along the way. Even wild strawberries - although they’re tiny- they’re delectably sweet. If my honey and I can do this—- ya all can!!! Hope is always worth the climb!

Beautiful trail, would absolutely recommend! Lots of wildflowers, cute marmots and different landscapes on the way. But, this took much longer than I anticipated, and I’m a speedy hiker. Started my ascent at 6:50 and summited at 11:10, with a couple generous breaks on the way up. Stayed up there for about an hour and then got back to the car at 3:20. Went on a Friday and if you can make it on a weekday it is so worth it. Only saw about 20 people total the whole day and didn’t see anyone on my descent—so peaceful. Also definitely go all the way and don’t just stop at the false summit!—it’s not that far off!

Also, if you are feeling ambitious, camp over the weekend and do Elbert and Massive on back-to-back days. There is a ton of camping space along the dirt road that connects the trailheads (as well as on the Colorado trail that starts out Mt. Massive it seems), would make for a great few days.

Awesome hike! Did last August. Trailhead was a little tricky to find, but there is a sign for it. You spend a good 2-3 miles on the ridge, and being on top of the range, so don’t assume your on Elbert’s peak. You will know when you made it!

Great! Steep but after every corner new views! We made it until 12,000 feet in 3 hours. We needed 2 hours to go down. We love the variety in the landscape!

Wow! My 1st 14er! Diverse trail, rock stairway to the heavens, mountain goats and an incredible 360 degree view!

We did this trail on Saturday, July 7. It is now one of our favorites! We went all the way to the top (Hope Pass) which, going by the directional trail signs, appeared to be more like a 10 mile hike than what's listed here. This trail has a little bit of everything as far as scenery goes - dense aspen and pine forests, close proximity to gorgeous streams/rivers, alpine meadows, and breathtaking views at the top. It's pretty strenuous, but worth it!

This is one of the prettiest bikes that I have done in Colorado. It is a long drive back in and it a 1 lane road when you get back closer to trailhead. I would recommend a 4wd once you past the first trailhead parking for Mt. Massive. Our GPS reading showed that it was 6 miles not 5.4. Well worth the drive.

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