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A great short hike if you’re looking to fit one in quick. Like other reviewers said, this is steep In Spots with a few sketchy ledges to negotiate. Don’t let the short distance fool you into thinking this is a walk in park. If you’re looking for a short hike due to a lack of fitness you best skip this one or you may end up in over your head. That being said, I’d do it again

Very nice trail, mostly on an old forest road but be prepared for some extended hiking on rocks in places. A good balance of shade and sun. If you take your pup, there are a few small stream crossings where they can get a drink. Near the top there is a nice area to see the falls from about a quarter mile away, but the hike to the falls itself will reward you with some great views back toward the valley.

This was a great hike. Great day and a beautiful hike.

1 day ago

Beautiful and convenient hike if you are visiting Telluride. Tons of Aspens.

Fantastic hike. The first half of the trail is easy going and the second half contains most of the vertical. Fantastic scenery all along the way. I stopped to fish at the top for an hour with no luck. The view on the way back down was incredible. Make sure your vehicle has good ground clearance as the road has plenty of holes and ditches along the way

A great hike to get acclimated to the altitude. If you get an early start then you’ll likely have the falls to yourself. The views are fantastic along the way. We wrapped up the hike around 11:30 after relaxing at the top for 40 minuets, and the trail was pretty crowded at that point. Only 4 stars due to the sheer beauty and solitude of other hikes in the area.

Great views of Trout Lake as the trails goes up on the switchbacks. A very nice 6 mile out and back hike mostly through the woods.

Beautiful !

Definitely worth the short semi steep hike. Runnable for those who like to trail run

Such a beautiful hike with great views. Wouldn’t recommend going if it is your first hike in that altitude. Also it helps to go earlier in the morning to avoid some of the heat. To also help with the heat I recommend going to the left path and not the right because of a rough climb up and exposure to a lot of sun

Great in an out trail! At the end of the trail don’t go up and cut across the meadow to get down. It’s prettier just to go in and back.

We went early in morning and only saw a few people on the trail and at the falls. Great for photos. More people on the trail after about 9am. We took our time and explored a lot of side trails, playing around in the creek and taking photos of the views, and that made the hike even better for us. Not many wildflowers this week, except at the last .25-mile near the falls and then some very pretty foliage.

8 days ago

Stunning hike which I agree is moderate. The scenery constantly changes, wildflowers and microclimates, creeks, waterfalls and lakes. SO beautiful. The challenges for me were the altitude because we arrived in Telluride last night and hiking down a rocky trail. If you have knees or hips which cause you trouble, take your hiking sticks. Hiking downhill will be so much easier for you. By the time we sat down at Hope Lake I got my head back, dizziness went away and my heart settled down. Totally worth all of my effort, one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on. My husband had no trouble with the altitude but was very glad he packed his hiking sticks for the rocky trail down.

off road driving
9 days ago

Pretty intense trail. Was doing great until we hit the steps, scraped the side of the truck a bit. All in all well worth it!

Made this trek in my 2012 Nissan Titan crew cab, pretty much stock with slightly oversized tires

This hike was pretty simple and to the point. Wide trail, easy to pass people (which is good as it was pretty busy). Parking downtown on the streets, so your time is limited on the trail due to the meters. The waterfall is easy to get to and beautiful. Would recommend if you are in the area.

One of the top trails in Colorado

13 days ago


Hot and sunny. A steep climb and rock decent but all worth it. A great hike and workout.

It was a great finish but a little treacherous in spots with kids (7 & 9). Loose rocks and gravel made the moderate hike a little more difficult. If you have a fear of heights be warned as there are narrow edges and some steep drops.

Hot/sunny in the pm west to east, especially the beginning, but stunning and fun!

Such a gorgeous hike of moderate difficulty. The most bang for the buck as it affords you beautiful views, water along the whole hike, wildflowers and a gorgeous water fall at the destination. Take time to hike in or along side the creek when you get to the huge rock climbing boulder right before the final ascent to the falls. Stunning.

Good warm hike for harder hikes later in the week

17 days ago

What a treat to find a trail right on the edge of town! It was an easy 12-minute walk from my hotel. Being so conveniently located, I figured it would be crowded so I went very early in the morning -- I was at the trailhead at 7:20am and had the trail to myself. (Which meant I also had the waterfall at the top to myself as well!) The trail is a steady incline out and decline back, but not strenuous. I hike pretty slowly, so it took me 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. (There's a giant bolder at a plateau on the trail that looks like the end of the trail, and you can see the waterfall in the distance, but keep going! The trail gets narrower and a little steeper, but you can get right up to the waterfall -- close enough to feel the spray.) As I was heading down, the trail was getting pretty crowded (people starting the trail around 9am or after). Lots of dogs -- all well behaved, but none on leashes. I was pleasantly surprised to have only seen 3 poop bags on the trail -- I would have expected far more. This trail was a real gem. And easy to stop for coffee in town afterwards.

17 days ago

Great trail!! Perfect for dogs too.

off road driving
19 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail! We started on Jud Weibe (Aspen Street trailhead), then took a left at Deep Creek and shortly after that a right onto Mill Creek. Followed the path shown to the high point, into the meadow and across and then completed the loop on Deep Creek to end up back where we started. (There are other routes down as well.) Following that route the ascent was fairly steep in parts and the descent easy-going. Took about 8 hours at a decent clip so bring enough food and water. Lots of great views, alpine meadows, aspen forest, waterfalls.... The scenery is constantly changing, keeping things interesting. Good idea to take rain gear given unpredictable weather patterns (we hiked through rain for a while). The trail is well marked and easy to follow, a short stretch of scree to be navigated right after the high point. Highly recommend!

off road driving
20 days ago

Hands down my favorite trail in the area. It is difficult, and you should be an experienced off road driver, but its not completely insane or anything. We did it in a (brand new) stock TRD Pro 4 runner, and I scraped the drivers nerf bar a couple times, but that was the only thing that touched.

The climb up is moderately difficult at most, the only thing i would consider an "obstacle" is the waterfall at the summit, which is a fun little climb, but you can bypass it, we made it up with no contact or wheel spin.

The summit is amazing as it opens up and there is plenty of room for parking, picnicking, etc. The views are absolutely stunning and might be my favorite point in Colorado. (See the photos from my drone in the photo section)

The descent starts out moderate, with a drop off on you left, but the trail is still decently wide (relative term), just pay attention and there won't be any issue.

The steps are a bit tricky to navigate, and you may pull a wheel off the ground depending on your line choice, but the risk of catastrophe is relatively low as long you're paying attention.

The road is very narrow past the steps and is basically a rock shelf at points, with a drop off on your left and a rock wall on the right. Its not terribly challenging, but it may get to the nerves of some, This is where the trail gets its fame as the descent into Telluride starts, the road is narrow, rocky, and shows you a 1000' drop at points, but again, its just your nerves that get to you, its really not super challenging. The switchbacks are tight, but have room for a 3+ point turn depending on how close to the edge you're comfortable getting.

As i said, we did it in a Stock TRD Pro 4 runner, but i never even locked the rear end, just used 4L over the majority of the pass, and mostly for engine braking purposes. Other vehicles seen that day that did the whole trail were an Unlimited Jeep JK (Duh), A Crew Cab Tundra, A GMC Suburban, and another Identical 4 runner to ours. Shorter is definitely better, but anything shorter than a full size crew cab pickup (F-250 etc) with a decent amount of ground clearance will make it, anything longer than a crew cab, short bed, half ton pickup would have hell, and even those will need a bit of lift and 33's or so. Longer vehicles will most likely drag bottom or rocker panels in a few spots, so use that info as you will! Enjoy!

It’s easy. Plus waterfall

Steep walk but worth it! Just when you think you can’t find it it pops up!!

Very scenic trail for off-roading purposes. You occasionally run into a hiker or mountain-biker, but for the most part, it’s all 4x4’s. The views are spectacular throughout the trail but the best views are when you come down the waterfall. To all those wielding a camera and shooting in daylight hours, jump (at your own risk) across the waterfall and get a shot of your vehicles coming down. The switchbacks are technical but not overwhelming. We were in a long bed company truck and successfully maneuvered the turns with little effort.
Happy trails!

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