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Great views along the way but the trail is really a 4x4 road so cars and bikes will be passing you along the way. The view is lovely once you reach the top but it’s more of a destination hike.

3 days ago

I loved this hike!
It is walking distances from town and rewarding views almost instantly from every direction. The falls at the top are spectacular and are worth the all uphill hike.

The hike is up a dirt road. You can drive up as far as you feel comfortable (pending on road conditions), which may make the hike shorter than what some of the reviews may say. From the main parking before the switchbacks begin, it’s about 1.8 miles one way.

Beautiful hike. You can hear water for the majority of the time. Only passed by a handful of people. Good workout but easy enough for my 70 year old dad to accompany me (:

7 days ago

Quiet. Beautiful. Elevation gain. And to top it all off, a waterfall at the end of the trail.

Gorgeous! Still half frozen, the water looked like artwork.

A beautiful hike where you can hear running water through most of it. The view at the top of the half frozen falls is amazing! The temperature drops drastically near the falls, bring a jacket if you are heading up in the near future.

21 days ago

Beautiful hike!! Well worth the view at the top! Waterfall was still partially frozen which was beautiful to see! Some snow on trail, but not bad at all!

I loved this trail! It’s now walkable without spikes but we did see snow at the top and the waterfall is mostly frozen. A long way uphill but the views are worth it!

This is ONE of the BEST hiking trails in Colorado. The description says its an out and back but you can turn it into a loop trail by connecting it with Mill Creek Trail and back down to Highway 145 and back to Telluride. Great chance to see herd of Elk high up in the alpine meadows. If you want to get away form people and the crowds, this is the trail. Once you get up above Pack Basin, the crowds drop out. Cross over the pass into Mill Creek Basin and be sure to rest at the pass for incredible views. Once you start to descend Mill Creek Basin be sure to stop and enjoy the waterfall right about tree line. And you get terrific views across the valley to Mt. Wilson plateau.

Good climb, especially at 8-9000+ feet. Pretty views for being so close to town. Nice and quiet, only saw 2 people! Dry in the beginning/end, muddy and still icy in the middl

Completely worth the rain and snow. It took me about 2.5 hours round trip at about 5 miles. You absolutely need spikes and gaiters at a minimum. Narrow and slippery in some spots but worth it. The snow absolutely makes this challenging. Some of the snow was up past my knees. The view from the hike is worth it!

Hiked April 1. Packed snow, slush, and lots of ice made for a challenging climb and return. Only saw a couple other people during this less busy time. Gorgeous prize at the end!

1 month ago

I did this hike in late March and the snow was still heavy especially at the higher elevations. It really should be done with snowshoes this time of year. I turned around after the last switchback because the snow was too heavy and there were some signs of small, yet recent, avalanches over the trail. At least I avoided the 4x4 traffic. Stunning views.

2 months ago

Snow packed trail. Yak Trax and hiking poles came in handy as the climb became more difficult near the falls. A spectacular hike.

Awesome views

Hard uphill but so worth the view!

4 months ago

This trail kicked my butt! It is uphill all the way which makes for a beautiful view...and an easy down hike. It had 6" of snow and the trail at the top is actually before the big square rock (per the local that was there). Straight up to your right...hardest part of the climb! I fell 4 times just in this 100' climb area.

Looks like an INCREDIBLE Nature Place to visit!!! Awesome views!

Awesome hike - great views and it is right in town.

5 months ago

Steep hike! We did this hike both in December 2016 in three feet of fresh snow and again this December 2017 with no snow and both versions were tough! The entire hike is uphill.

When we did the hike during a fresh winter storm, we made it to the end but the falls were not very visible with all the snow. Doing the hike this winter without snow was MUCH better, not just because it wasn't as exhausting, but because we were actually able to see the falls at the end. Lots of icy patches on the trail and microspikes are highly recommended rather than going off trail and unnecessarily destroying more of the trail.

Both times we lost track of the trail at the very end. When you reach the big square rock (when the falls start to become visible) you need to go right (uphill) near that rock. We went left past that rock and that trail does NOT lead to the falls.

5 months ago

This trail is relatively hard, but well worth the hike. The views from the waterfall are absolutely stunning!

Awesome payoff at end

5 months ago

Day after thanksgiving. Trail was pretty dry gorgeous views!

amazing place

Great local hike, beautiful views of Telluride and the San Juans. Not too difficult, but pretty uphill in the beginning. ✌

6 months ago

What's there to say that hasn't been said? It's a great doable hike that makes you feel like you got away but doesn't take a lot of time. Nice destination above timberline.

Hiked on 10/23/17

off road driving
6 months ago

Rode it for the first time in October 2017 on a large adventure motorcycle (BMW R1200 GS) with two friends. Had just come off the road by Silver Jack Reservoir, which was a dirt highway compared to this. This was by far one of the best roads ever. Water crossings (there were about three) were no problem. At one, we ran across a family dressed in Sunday best. Hilarious. This is a popular getaway for folks from Telluride. We took it from the Ridgway side. The aspens were out. Do check out https://goo.gl/e6tAqn for some awesome pics. We came over this ridge, and started down into the valley, and never having been there before, we were thinking we were coming into Telluride, but then you see that there's not much at the bottom, and you see the road heading back up the other side of this beautiful valley, and once you top the next ridge, it's clear you are now coming into town, with the airport below and the state highway. Really cool ride. Totally doable on a big GS if you are experienced, stand on the pegs and counter-balance in turns. Some very rocky sections you have to power through, and, like I said, a few water crossings that can leave you and your bike with that adventure biking look. Haha. Muddy as heck walking into the New Sheridan for our $200+/night rooms!

7 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail! Hiked in mid-October. Brought our 3-legged dog and she did just great. A little steep, but nothing too terrible. Including lunch at the lake, took about 3 hours round trip

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