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5 days ago

NIce trek out to the falls this morning. In from Boston on a pleasure trip. A LOW comes in and drops some precipitation you will need snow shoes. Do it while you can.

Hike with the family. Had a bit of snow and slippery patches towards the top. View is good

23 days ago

Nice hike. No big cats seen this morning, and no one at the falls for over 1/2 hour. People often think hike ends at base of falls, by huge boulder but then there’s a short, but steep (10 mins) trail to the actual falls, which are beautiful with gorgeous views of mount Sneffle. Aspen colors are beautiful right now!

Great way to kick start the day! Beautiful fall colors and spectacular light on the mountain tops. Big Cat sighting on the trail by jogger in front of me, around 8am, top 3rd of the trail. Keep your eyes out!

1 month ago

One of the top hikes in Colorado! Went on 09/16/18, was there by 7:45 a.m. so beat the crowds. Amazing colors on the Aspens at the start of the trail, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains throughout the entire trail and the waterfalls were some of the best around! When you first see the falls you can take a path down right to them, would recommend. The last .4 mile up is a very narrow hard elevation gain, but the rest of the trail would be good for anyone.

Incredible views! Nice wide trail. My friend suggested we go early (8am) and only saw a few others on trail going up but passed lots of hikers coming down. If you want to experience the falls alone go early!

Waterfalls that are so amazing! Did not disappoint!

Beautiful hike on a somewhat rocky trail, but don’t forget to look up as the peaks are magnificent. The falls are beautiful and the view back down the valley is spectacular.

The hike is great but the lake at the top is a little disappointing. The views were better along the trail than at the top. The crew I was with said they wished the did blue Lake instead.

Gorgeous views. Wonderful hike; I was glad I hiked it early, because I met a lot of people hiking up as I descended. I can see why it’s so popular.

I did this trail back in mid-July. When you turn up to start Wasatch you'll start the real elevation. Spectacular views where I stopped to set camp. Near the 2nd waterfall. Amazing trail.

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Trail was not crowded when we went Friday morning. Most difficult part was breathing with the altitude. Glad we went.

Challenging, but completely worth it. I'm in shape, but my lungs struggled to keep up. Recommend being acclimated to altitude before you go. However, the rewards (waterfalls) are AWESOME if you stay motivated and don't give up.

2 months ago

This was a steady incline- but beautiful views and rest stops along the way for kids. We really enjoyed this hike.

Nice warm up trail with a waterfall on top

up hill the whole way but definitely worth it for the views and knowing you climbed a mountain

one thing that was discouraging were the rock piles along this trail, along with initials carved in trees. also a lot of traffic.

2 months ago

Hike was a challenge for our seven and nine-year-old but we were able to push them along and they were glad they made it to the Falls! What a spectacular seen. The trail is beautiful framed by mainly Aspen, with some stunning scenery of the cliffs.

One note: as the write up says this is a very popular hike, so there were plenty of other people, dogs, and trail runners but all courteous and friendly.

As others have mentioned, it is a little tougher the last part of the hike. Steep climb. Good news is I did make it in sneakers but would have been better with hiking boots and walking stick. Big fish in lake but they were not hungry and with no insects around, we gave up on fishing.

Very nice trail, mostly on an old forest road but be prepared for some extended hiking on rocks in places. A good balance of shade and sun. If you take your pup, there are a few small stream crossings where they can get a drink. Near the top there is a nice area to see the falls from about a quarter mile away, but the hike to the falls itself will reward you with some great views back toward the valley.

This was a great hike. Great day and a beautiful hike.

A great hike to get acclimated to the altitude. If you get an early start then you’ll likely have the falls to yourself. The views are fantastic along the way. We wrapped up the hike around 11:30 after relaxing at the top for 40 minuets, and the trail was pretty crowded at that point. Only 4 stars due to the sheer beauty and solitude of other hikes in the area.

Definitely worth the short semi steep hike. Runnable for those who like to trail run

We went early in morning and only saw a few people on the trail and at the falls. Great for photos. More people on the trail after about 9am. We took our time and explored a lot of side trails, playing around in the creek and taking photos of the views, and that made the hike even better for us. Not many wildflowers this week, except at the last .25-mile near the falls and then some very pretty foliage.

This hike was pretty simple and to the point. Wide trail, easy to pass people (which is good as it was pretty busy). Parking downtown on the streets, so your time is limited on the trail due to the meters. The waterfall is easy to get to and beautiful. Would recommend if you are in the area.

Such a gorgeous hike of moderate difficulty. The most bang for the buck as it affords you beautiful views, water along the whole hike, wildflowers and a gorgeous water fall at the destination. Take time to hike in or along side the creek when you get to the huge rock climbing boulder right before the final ascent to the falls. Stunning.

2 months ago

What a treat to find a trail right on the edge of town! It was an easy 12-minute walk from my hotel. Being so conveniently located, I figured it would be crowded so I went very early in the morning -- I was at the trailhead at 7:20am and had the trail to myself. (Which meant I also had the waterfall at the top to myself as well!) The trail is a steady incline out and decline back, but not strenuous. I hike pretty slowly, so it took me 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. (There's a giant bolder at a plateau on the trail that looks like the end of the trail, and you can see the waterfall in the distance, but keep going! The trail gets narrower and a little steeper, but you can get right up to the waterfall -- close enough to feel the spray.) As I was heading down, the trail was getting pretty crowded (people starting the trail around 9am or after). Lots of dogs -- all well behaved, but none on leashes. I was pleasantly surprised to have only seen 3 poop bags on the trail -- I would have expected far more. This trail was a real gem. And easy to stop for coffee in town afterwards.

2 months ago

Great trail!! Perfect for dogs too.

It’s easy. Plus waterfall

Great hike with nice views of Telluride and of course a beautiful lake. This is a tough short hike. Took me about 70 minutes to get up and an hour to get down. To get to the trail head you need to have a 4x4 or AWD high clearance vehicle. My Subaru Crosstrek made it fine. If you don’t want to drive up, you can walk up the road about 2 additional miles each way.

3 months ago

Gorgeous views and waterfall with a trailhead right in town. Lots of people and dogs.

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