on Arapaho Pass Trail

5 days ago

Believe all the reviews here and on the Arapaho Pass Trail to Dorothy Lake.
The road to get to the trailhead is much more comfortably done in an SUV with high ground clearance. It's very much off-roading. Also note, you'll see cars parked along the road throughout. It's worth gambling to see if you can get a spot right by the trailhead, especially if you're not hiking during peak hours. We arrived around 10am and found a spot by the trailhead easily.
The hike itself is absolutely stunning. It's not very hard, but does steeply incline throughout. There weren't any areas that were of concern for us with our three dogs. It was very crowded. We passed people along the way, but never felt like we were in a line of people or crowded.
The base of the hike will be warm (we hiked in September), but as you go up, make sure to have plenty of layers. I'm not a naturally cold person and I ended up with a sweatshirt and windproof shell at the top. I would also recommend you bring plenty of water for you and your pup. Even though you're not climbing too high in altitude, it will still wear on you.
The view is definitely worth it, but be prepared for intense wind at the top. Being prepared will make taking in those views a little bit more comfortable.