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The hike was beautiful, especially with all the snow! I would recommend parking on Waterboard Rd as the short road to the trailhead itself (0.1 mi) has some pretty deep sections of snow that are very easy to get stuck in. We made it about 2 miles up the trail before there were no more footprints to follow, and we weren't confident in finding the trail on our own under the snow, so we had to turn back. There were some gorgeous views up until that point, but we definitely wish we'd been able to make it all the way to the top. The beginning of the trail has hard packed snow so is pretty easy to hike, but it gets less packed the farther you go, so snow shoes would probably be very helpful. Lots of animals tracks out, which is always fun to see!

1 month ago

*** (October 20th) 4th of July Road is very slippery right now and snow/ice covered in spots. Recommended to have good winter or A/T tires and 4wd ***

One of my favorite hikes in the front range. Amazing views the entire way and best of all it’s dog friendly! If you’re going in late September or later I’d recommend some sort of traction device on your feet for the icy spots in the shade near the beginning.

A challenging hike where you are rewarded with beautiful vistas and a lake view at the top. Hiked on a Saturday morning in early October and only saw 2 other people on the entire hike. Amazing fog and snow flurries at the peak. After emerging from the cover of evergreens into open tundra, followed fox, coyote, and mule deer tracks up to the top. A classic Colorado hike and even better on a snowy fall day. Look for Mountain Chickadees, Grey Jays , Red Tailed Hawks, Picas and maybe a few Elk or Mule Deer.

Great hike. Few other travelers this time of year mid week. Only problem we had was getting there. We have a compact front wheel drive and the last 30 min were on a dirt/ gravel road with quiet a few ruts. The hike and the lake were definitely worth it.

Great hike! Aspen trees were on fire! My husband and I hiked this trail 10 years ago in the spring time. Seemed to be tougher climb this time but, maybe my age. Lots of beautiful creeks flowing by the trail. Brought our pup but, needed to be on leash. Lots of great views at the top when you reach the lake. Had a nice snack and headed down. 3 hour hike both ways!

Great family hike, most of it is a well worn trail with easy grades. The lake is stunning and the views there are breathtaking! It is well traveled and I saw wildlife! I would highly recommend it for a family with Colorado kids or a first hike when you need to ease into our high mountains. There is a fee but if you have a parks pass it is free

It was beautiful, once we got to the top me and my friend decided to climb to the highest point we could. Which was passed the pile of boulders was the height point. Someone left a water proof container and named the peak Mt. Chuck. It had funny notes and quotes.

Amazing hike! Trail is well maintained and the views are extraordinary. The aspen were in peak color. Columbine Lake is a treasure—make sure you start early, bring some lunch and enjoy the lake views. Road to Junco TH is bumpy so take it slow.

on Arapaho Pass Trail

3 months ago

Believe all the reviews here and on the Arapaho Pass Trail to Dorothy Lake.
The road to get to the trailhead is much more comfortably done in an SUV with high ground clearance. It's very much off-roading. Also note, you'll see cars parked along the road throughout. It's worth gambling to see if you can get a spot right by the trailhead, especially if you're not hiking during peak hours. We arrived around 10am and found a spot by the trailhead easily.
The hike itself is absolutely stunning. It's not very hard, but does steeply incline throughout. There weren't any areas that were of concern for us with our three dogs. It was very crowded. We passed people along the way, but never felt like we were in a line of people or crowded.
The base of the hike will be warm (we hiked in September), but as you go up, make sure to have plenty of layers. I'm not a naturally cold person and I ended up with a sweatshirt and windproof shell at the top. I would also recommend you bring plenty of water for you and your pup. Even though you're not climbing too high in altitude, it will still wear on you.
The view is definitely worth it, but be prepared for intense wind at the top. Being prepared will make taking in those views a little bit more comfortable.

Beautiful lake and relatively easy hike. Just before the lake it’s easy to lose the trail. Stay right and it will pick back up. Be sure to follow the trail all the way around the lake for some stunning views. Some other hikers saw a couple moose up here yesterday (9/8) so keep an eye out.

My family hiked this today. My kids would give this 3 stars! It was a hard hike and the summit was interesting but not the most beautiful hike we have ever been on. We definitely feel a sense of accomplishment.

Great hike....incredible views

Awesome hike! Excellent payout

on Caribou Pass Trail

3 months ago

Great hike and views. At 55yo, I was surprised it didn’t wear my out. Best adventure of my vacation and a good time with my two teenage daughters.

Difficult, but worth it. The views are stunning as well as the wild flowers. If you have poles, they would be helpful. Much of the hard climb is shaded in the trees.
Generally pups are off leash, so bringing a leash aggressive dog will give you undo stress on this gorgeous trek. Otherwise there's plenty of streams for the dogs along the way.
Grab your water, suncreen, bugspray and enjoy!

3 months ago

So gorgeous the whole way! Decently challenging footing ranging from red dirt to loose rock with creeks passing over the trail. Mostly an incline the entire way but nothing too steep. The parking lot is 4x4 access only at the moment (looks like rain came through and rutted the drive but there is some limited parking for other cars along the road in parallel spots.

Well worth the trip! As a 52-year old flatlander I got really winded toward the top. I recommend getting acclimated to the elevation before going. That said, it was absolutely gorgeous and the view from the top was just stunning. The roundtrip took us just over 5 hours with about 30-minute lunch break on top and a little lollygagging on the way down. We saw two moose cows and a calf along the way.

Nice out and back.

I did this trail about a week ago and it was so beautiful! the steep parts were a little difficult but nothing extremely hard. I think it would be too long for little kids to summit, but making it to the waterfalls would be easy

Great hike. Very manageable with amazing scenery at the end.

Great trail with beautiful scenery. Recommend spending at least an hour at the lake walking around and having a snack. Started at 9am and there was only a few people on the trail on the way out. Started back at 11:45 and it was much more crowded.

5 peaks, but the best view is on 1st to 3rd peaks.

Great hike with beautiful meadows. The effort to arrive at Lake Columbine is well worth the effort. I definitely will do it again.

Great hike, beautiful scenery, and well worth it in the end.

Beautifully maintained by the USFS and Grand County Wilderness Group. Loved the flat rocks through the boggy area. The rushing stream and wildflowers life you along to the beautiful lake.

Hiked this trail 08/04/2018 (Saturday)... pretty crowded in my mind, the parking lot had 1-3 spots open at 945am. Pretty mellow trail, the last half mile offers more elevation gain. The lake is beautiful and large so you can get away from the crowd a bit. Overall good hike!

Hiked this trail 7/31/18. Beautiful view of the valley from the summit. Saw a moose with a calf in the clearing. Many wildflowers in bloom. The majority of the well defined trail boarders the stream. My daughters (22 and 20) and I (53) completed in about 5 1/2 hours-2:45 hour climb, 1 hour lunch at top and 1:45 hour descent. First half fairly gentle climb then it becomes more strenuous with numerous switchbacks. We paused several times for pictures and breathers on the way up but rarely on the way down. We are all reasonably fit but not to the extreme. I clocked this at 4 miles each way. I felt google maps provided better directions to the trailhead compared to Alltrails. Much of the approach roads are unpaved and a bit narrow but were passable in a minivan in dry weather.

My niece and I did this hike yesterday, and it is definitely more than a 7 mile hike. We tracked it with two phone apps and a Fitbit at 9.3 miles round trip to the pass. It was a beautiful hike through the woods with frequent encounters of Cabin Creek. After about 2 miles, you start to climb steadily. The reward coming out of the trees is the open cirque below the pass; lots of wildflowers still in bloom and a glacier stream. It started to get really windy here above tree line at about 4 miles. The trail gets steeper too, but you can see your destination close at hand. Getting to the pass on this hike is a must as you look down on Devil's Head lake as well as several other lakes. The pass was super windy (35 to 40 mph) but once we dropped over the ridge we were sheltered. We enjoyed our PB&Js with an awesome view. We really felt the miles and elevation as we headed back down, but it was well worth the effort. Don't forget to soak your "dawgs" in the creek when you get back to the car! This hike took us about 5.5 hours with frequent picture stops and a 30 minute lunch at the top.

We wanted to climb a mountain that wasn’t too far of a drive to the trailhead so we chose this one. The roads leading to the trailhead were winding and narrow at times. The trail to the top and back is seven miles long, but everyone in our group thought it seemed more like 14. It took us five and a half hours to go up and back. The word “hard” is an understatement for this trail but it was still fun. I would recommend wearing light clothing for the first part but bring warmer clothing if you plan to stay at the top for long, it was very cold and windy at the top. We saw one female moose and two marmots toward the top, but you really have to look around to notice them. Another group saw a coyote. I would recommend this trail if it is a close drive for you and you are in at least okay physical shape.

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