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on Spring Creek Trail

1 day ago

Nice trail with only one drawback — loose dogs and lots of poo on trail. Many dogs off leash in the first mile. Most trail users on the early weekday I went were MTB’rs but plenty of room to get out of their way.

Was a beautiful evening to hike and was fun for my whole family! Was easy to access beautiful views of the falls without having to hike too long.

Great trail for new hikers. My family loves hiking, but we don’t go often and we are definitely not very good. This trail was super easy. There is an off leash dog area where my boys got to pet and play with several friendly dogs. A great pond for dogs to swim. A little further is a second pond we walked around and threw rocks. The trail goes on for a long ways but we just went to the second pond and came back. Perfect for 5 and 6 year old new hikers.

Had an amazing time today hiking the upper Fish Creek Falls!! Completely worth it! It’s rated difficult and that was fairly accurate for a few portions, (although that rating seems a little strong for the trail overall). I saw several people hiking without a water bottle and that isn’t wise at all, especially on a day as hot as today was.

Picked a good time to go in the afternoon. No storms, plenty of parking, and few people. Good workout and great views. We went on a pretty warm day. Seeing the pools under the waterfall made ya want to try to jump in.

We took the gondola up and hiked down, which is $25 per person. The views of the valley are just stunning! I would rate this hike as strenuous even for just going down. I didn’t give it five stars because the trail is very overgrown, and there were a ton of bees (mid July) that we had to avoid. I would recommend wearing long pants if you have any grass-related allergies. Overall the hike was worth it, but it was a challenge!

This trail is a tough one, but so rewarding. A word of caution, take care of your knees on the way down.

Gorgeous hike!

Very strenuous hike. Views are great. Make sure you have good gripping shoes. Mostly sand on trail. Takes about two hrs with plenty of breaks. Gondola ride is worth the hike.

Amazing hike and not many travel up past the upper falls! The treck to falls is far worse than hike to the lake. We left trailhead at 9:39 and wish we had gone sooner. We got stuck in storm 1 mike away from lake when we turned around. Wildflowers are gorgeous and you feel like you are walking in a meadow land! Start early and definitely don’t miss this gorgeous hike!!! Totally worth the 11.7 Miles! PS.... bring bug spray!!

We hiked it at noon in July. It was hot for Steamboat Springs. The trail was in great shape and it wasn’t crowded!

Great hike. It’s not as crazy as I was expecting.

Very crowded but not surprising on a Fourth of July weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It was very hot so bring plenty of water.

First timer, but really enjoyed the hike up to the 2nd of two waterfalls.

Fun hike. Not for the faint of heart. We are a flat lander family and we made it! The views from the upper falls are amazing!

16 days ago

nice little loop. About an hour. Cows were the big feature when i went. Quarter of it shaded

Really nice view at top. Mainly bikers

Great Trail! Beautiful Views! Easy incline.

All of this is part of the multi trail system under emerald park name

Green and shaded for the most part on your way up. Fairly steep and very rocky at points, but manageable. The upper waterfall is gorgeous and there’s some good rock scrambling opportunities. I’d definitely recommend if you’re fit or determined enough to finish.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Great hiking trail, very technical on a mtn bike. Views are great and the descent is fun, just ride it early in the day before it get crowded with hikers. To make it a longer ride with a fun downhill park at the parking lot by old town hot springs, and ride up fish creek falls road. Adds a 3 mile climb to the trail head and it’s fun to bomb down the road on the way back to the parking lot.

21 days ago

This trail was beautiful in June, gorgeous views and wildflowers. Hiked this on a sunny Saturday so there were a fair amount of people on the trail but still enjoyable. Only small downside was that I had my dog with me and hiking with him on leash was a bit challenging given that the trail is narrow, steep, uneven and unstable at some points but once far enough up the trail I noticed most other dogs were off leash and that no one appeared to be too bothered by it which was a relief.

so wonderful to be in forest

23 days ago

Loved this hike. Gets difficult but so worth all the views as the climb goes on. Would totally do this again if I end up back in Steamboat.

Beautiful views! Did this in late June on an 80 degree day. I’m 43 but I had major brain surgery about 8 months ago. It is 2,180 foot climb but pretty steep hills all the way. 1.5 hours. This should be rated moderately difficult for most. The beginning of the hike is the worst bc most is not shaded and not that pretty. The last half is nice due to the pretty walk in the woods and spectacular views. If a view of the city is what you want this is for you! Beautiful wildflowers etc...It is Almost all a steep uphill climb on dirt. Which could be tricky for those without good balance. We hiked 2 days ago to the upper falls at Fish Creek Park. It was more beautiful and an easier hike although scarier! Some may disagree with me. Free Gondola ride down made it worth hiking!
My 10 and 12 year old did the hike with us!
Turned on the trail tracker very late in the hike.

This was an amazing hike. A must do for hikers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I would rate this towards moderately difficult! Although our 10 and 12 year olds made it! A few fearful moments with daughter along ridge of boulders on cliff edge to the valley. Everyone was glad they did it bc big payoffs on the boulder cliff and upper falls! Bring lunch and PLENTY of water! Steep climbing in some areas but well worth the views and upper falls view! If you climb to the upper falls you will be climbing along a somewhat narrow boulder cliff! The view of the valley below gives spectacular views of steamboat! If you don’t want the rock climbing 3 foot wide cliff adventure then go to the 2nd bridge, have lunch on the big boulder and start the easy descent! If you don’t do the upper falls or lake which was not marked and 4 ? Miles beyond upper falls. Still an amazing hike with views of rapids and lower falls!
Our final destination was the upper falls! Didn’t know at the time how much further the Lake was or which path to follow. The upper falls were Powerful almost 300ft. Waterfall! Some were swimming but pretty dangerous and powerful.
This hike is confusing to tourist because you can go as far as 4 destinations or as short of a distance as a simple paved photo waterfall opportunity. 4 destinations really. #1
A lower falls with picnic area for those wanting a quick short stroll for a family with young kids or paved trail.
#2 first bridge #3 2nd bridge #4 upper falls (steep ledge of boulders to cross with valley drop off view! #5 we never reached the Lake! ENJOY!

1 month ago

This was a fun little hike. Great view of fish creek falls and lots of wildflowers to see. There’s an aspen grove about halfway up that is beautiful. Not too many people on the trail for a Saturday. I counted 4 people total. I would do this hike again.

Steep! I was fine but if you aren’t used to hikes, it’s pretty much a hard hike, 3.8 miles with almost no flat spots. Good wildflower spotting and views, and it connects to the gondola, but it’s prolly not “moderate” for 70% of normies.

Beautiful, well-worn trail. Little bit of mud in places. Aspens and wildflowers were lovely. The first mile or so was uphill but after you power through that it becomes easy. Enjoy the falls at the end and a panoramic overlook near the end.

1 month ago

Exceptional hike rated correctly by All Trails according to us flatlander 60 year olds. Early June affords great flow for the water and spring wild flowers are visible everywhere. Early start recommended during this unusually warm spring. This is a not-to-be-missed Steamboat Springs hike. Keepsake photos from this one! Would never do this one without trekking poles.

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