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22 days ago

Much better for bikes, but a fun trail to hike with the ups and downs. Nothing overwhelming in terms of scenery, but quiet and easy enough.

Lovely overlook view of the city. I can imagine that this trail would be prettier in the summer, with lots of wildflowers. There's not shade for the first half, until you get a ways up in elevation. Nice steady incline, but not overwhelming. However, the trail is designed in such a way that is more ideal for bikers than hikers. It was also pretty muddy at this time of year. We ended up mostly going up Blackmere road (between Lupine and NPR) because of the muddy trail conditions. The top of Blackmere provides a scenic picnic spot. This trail system is probably more clear to locals, there are signs but not enough to keep us from going on the wrong trails a few times.

Great hike even in the steady rain. Trail head is tricky to find since you have to park at the mud creek trail head and walk back toward town along the road. You just have to look for the foot path. It’s a beautiful hike and worth it to enjoy the hot springs pools.

Great hike! My husband and I hiked up to the hot springs today. There were posts of rattlesnakes and mountain lions but this did not deter us from the hike. The trailhead is easy to find if you pay attention. Just head south outside the main entrance and follow the road to a post marked 44320. Turn left there and follow the signs. You cannot miss the entrance. It’s about 6 1/2 miles to 7 miles round-trip but worth it.

1 month ago

Easy access to "trail" which was mostly dirt road. Pretty fall color the farther you hiked.

Probably a beautiful hike, only putting 1 star because we were not able to do the hike as there were WARNING signs of recently sites Mountain Lions (mother and cubs) at the at the start of the trail, hence the walk trail was overgrown so we turned back! Just to note, the Lions were sighted 1 month ago here and then on 13th Sept at the start of the Mad Creek walk just beside this walk (which we also hiked but did not realise there may be mountain lions until after).
Beautiful hike but please note above and check the news!


2 months ago

We choose bluffs loop trail to introduce our guest to hiking in the mountains before falls creek trail. The loop has great overlooks and the trails were prefect. It’s a nice leisurely 2.9 mile hike that’s great for all fitness levels.

2 months ago

This trail is easy to find and well maintained. We hiked about 2.5-3 miles of it in 50 minutes then turned around to head back to the parking lot. My only complaint is it’s narrow and the sides are sloped inward, like a narrow ditch, so our knees and hips were sore when we were done.

Amazing trail! Part the hike had hundreds of Butterflies! Length of trail way off! Really closer to 4 miles from car to Strawberry Park hotsprings! (one way)

off road driving
2 months ago

Beautiful and relaxing. The road isn't too bad in the warmer months. Winter time - you might want to consider a larger 4 wheel drive or take the shuttle. The pools were a bit dirty but the overall 'natural' ambiance of the entire place was wonderful. Biggest bang for your buck here, as far as hot springs go. They could use some more changing rooms though. Everybody seems to use the bathroom stalls, which makes it difficult when someone actually needs to use the bathroom.

Did this hike from Base Camp Trailhead to Fish Creek Trailhead down in town. Around 13 miles via Wyoming Trail(CDT)(trail 1101) and Fish Creek Trail(1102). Fish creek canyon is amazing. The lakes are okay, not what I was expecting.

Hiked one way to the hot springs. Enjoyed the sound of the stream running alongside the trail. The incline was gradual and the trail was mostly shaded. I was recording the hike and it showed the trail ending before I reached the hot springs. There were people camping near the end and they assured me that I was almost to the hot springs.

3 months ago

This trail is an ideal mountain biking trail as it is smooth with no technical aspects. As for hiking, I'd recommend doing in the spring or fall as it was very hot and dry in late July. Well marked with a good parking area and a clean pit toilet available. Also not crowded and plenty of fun roads to explore in the surrounding area.

Great hike with the family. At fishhook lake, lots of fish to catch! Keep going up to Lake Elmo for another beautifully secluded lake.

The toad leading to the trailhead is very rough and narrow at times. Recommend 4 wheel drive.

This trail is heavily used by mountain bikers. The hike itself is beautiful with three lakes in one hike. FYI: at the Lost Lake/Lake Elmo junction.. Lost Lake is the shorter to hike to.. literally just around the corner. Elmo Lake is about a mile further from the junction.

This hike has gorgeous wildflowers (late July) and three pretty lakes spread out along the hike. It’s a great off-leash trail for dogs since it’s not crowded and has fresh water to play in. Next time we plan to pack tents in and camp lakeside.

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3 months ago

Absolutely love this fun, rolling hill hike! Beautiful! We did this with our kids/teens and we all enjoyed it. The cattle grazing on the other side of the fence were a fun bonus to watch as we hiked.

The trail is well marked.

Nice, easy hike. Went with my 64 year old mother-in-law with bad hips. Made it up in about 82 minutes. Plenty of shade, nice views, hundreds of butterflies! We saw a few small snakes, nothing poisonous.

A few important notes:
1. From the trailhead, the path starts at the entrance to the parking lot and goes south about a half mile before turning up a dirt road. DO NOT go up the Mad Creek trail, this leads in the complete opposite direction.
2. We found the trail to be longer than reported on here by about a half mile. It is about 6.4 miles round trip.

Not a ton of elevation gain, and coming back is super quick. Takes about 50min to an hour. Very doable in regular sneakers or even sandals. We carried water and food with us in addition to a change of clothes and towels to the hot springs.

Hike there: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2878118874
Hike back: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2878124077

on Spring Creek Trail

3 months ago

Nice trail with only one drawback — loose dogs and lots of poo on trail. Many dogs off leash in the first mile. Most trail users on the early weekday I went were MTB’rs but plenty of room to get out of their way.

Great trail for new hikers. My family loves hiking, but we don’t go often and we are definitely not very good. This trail was super easy. There is an off leash dog area where my boys got to pet and play with several friendly dogs. A great pond for dogs to swim. A little further is a second pond we walked around and threw rocks. The trail goes on for a long ways but we just went to the second pond and came back. Perfect for 5 and 6 year old new hikers.

The trail is an easy hike to the hot springs which are some of the best I've visited. Park in the Mad Creek trail head lot, there is a map posted there showing the HS trail. It's a narrow trail, not very scenic but good option instead of driving up. We made it in about 75 minutes. Lightweight pants would have been nice but not necessary.
As for the springs, go early like right at open if want a chair but either way go. I've visited a dozen springs in colorado and these are some of the nicest.

Great spring day adventure. I guess being June it is summer. butterflies line the trail and the strawberry hot springs are a unique trail end treat.

4 months ago

nice little loop. About an hour. Cows were the big feature when i went. Quarter of it shaded

Really nice view at top. Mainly bikers

All of this is part of the multi trail system under emerald park name

Nice single track trail with good variety of vegetation, views, and shade. Tons of butterflies in June. The hotspings are a great destination for an put&back trail. My kids (8&10) and husband (with recent knee replacement) had no trouble at all, so I would rate it easy. Fun outing for the family!

Overall good. There are a lot of bikers on it and in many cases the trails were not very wide. Could be for beginners though intermediate would be better.

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