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Winded! A tough hike with beautiful meadows and a nice swim at the lake....once we got there. We were pretty confused as to how long the hike really was (before I got this app); and the signs at the trail head are difficult to read. Hiking all the way to the lake thinned out the crowds. We came here from much lower elevations and did this hike on our first day and definitely noticed the thin air! We wish we would have acclimated a little more first. We agree that bringing more water than you think you’ll need is a good idea! The sun was HOT in exposed areas!

Did this hike from Base Camp Trailhead to Fish Creek Trailhead down in town. Around 13 miles via Wyoming Trail(CDT)(trail 1101) and Fish Creek Trail(1102). Fish creek canyon is amazing. The lakes are okay, not what I was expecting.

10 days ago

Amazing trail with everything to see. The first few miles to the upper falls is difficult and uphill almost the entire way. However, it is absolutely gorgeous. It ranges from wooded area to rocky, rugged clearings as you ascend (the rocky part was my favorite). Once you get passed the upper falls, it levels out some and gives way to mountain meadows and loads of wildflowers. Hiked this on 8/18/17. No snow at that time. We are from Florida, and the elevation was tough along with not having enough water. We didn’t know how much further Long Lake was before we turned around. It turns out we were only 0.5 miles from Long Lake. Being nearly out of water was an issue along with tired legs at that point. With several deviations from the trail (to explore), stopping to take pics, and a couple breaks.. it took us roughly 6 hours round-trip. We ate lunch about a 1/4 mile passed the upper falls while sitting on the rocks along the creek. Highly recommended, but be prepared for a long, tough hike, and bring more water than you think you’ll need. The views you’ll see are worth every step along the way! P.S. - The trail does get a bit crowded, but really thins out beyond the upper falls.

Great hike with the family. At fishhook lake, lots of fish to catch! Keep going up to Lake Elmo for another beautifully secluded lake.

The toad leading to the trailhead is very rough and narrow at times. Recommend 4 wheel drive.

17 days ago

Unexpected lake if you continue further than the beginning Ridge. Saw a deer at the beginning hopping through the meadow.

This trail is heavily used by mountain bikers. The hike itself is beautiful with three lakes in one hike. FYI: at the Lost Lake/Lake Elmo junction.. Lost Lake is the shorter to hike to.. literally just around the corner. Elmo Lake is about a mile further from the junction.

This hike has gorgeous wildflowers (late July) and three pretty lakes spread out along the hike. It’s a great off-leash trail for dogs since it’s not crowded and has fresh water to play in. Next time we plan to pack tents in and camp lakeside.

Amazing trail, beautiful wildflowers, hard, but so worth it when you make it all the way to Long Lake!

As others have said, beautiful hike with epic views and really convenient to Steamboat. We saw 3 full grown elk, countless wildflowers and the best views that CO has to offer. Ends up at a small quarry with stunning views, especially for those with no fear of ledges! Take your time and take it all in. Pack a lunch. Much more exposed to the sun than you might guess. Slightly downhill most of the way out so slightly uphill on the way back.

on Windy Ridge

1 month ago

Windy Ridge is a beautiful, easy trail that is great for people of all ages! We saw some groups but hiked alone almost the entire time. The view of rabbit ears and the surrounding lakes are really spectacular from the top of the quarry. As mentioned below, definitely bring bug spray and sunscreen (the ridge is completely open with no coverage)! I would likely avoid after a heavy rain, as it may be pretty muddy.

1 month ago

This is an easy scenic hike through fields of wildflowers. We only saw 3 other people all day. The trail is narrow and there are bugs so would recommend lightweight hiking pants and bug spray. The flowers and views make it worth it.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike filled with great views and lots of flowers. There are no signs indicating it is Windy Ridge and the drive up to the parking lot looks like a campsite but it’s not. The trail was also pretty quiet and we only saw a few groups of hikers.

Beautiful hike. After the upper falls the trail smooths out. So many flowers and the snow was gone. Just a few wet spots. Definitely hard because it is long and the first half is very rocky. Those rocks are pretty tough going down when your legs are tired. Round trip took us 6 hours including lunch at the top.

Great trail! Made it to the upper falls with our 8 and 12 year old adopted grand kids. Beauty all around. Next year we start earlier and go to the lake.

Amazing hike! Everywhere I looked I was greeted with beauty! Do not miss this gorgeous adventure!

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this trail! It’s name is very appropriate and the views are great. I did this with my family.

1 month ago

Pretty good trail for those who don't want to be at a trailhead first thing in the morning but still want distance. there were a few fallen trees toward the beginning of the trail. The muddy spots and water crossings are all within the 1st mile and aren't bad at all. Think more Ninja Warrior balance than dangerous to cross.

it is definotely lightly trafficked so some areas are a little overgrown. The weather was overcast so on a sunny day it would be warm since you are exposed on the ridge. I appreciated the note about the fork in the road (read earlier post) because we almost missed it. Additional note: This falls within open range area, and we did hear Shotgun shots.

Amazing hike with beautiful waterfalls!

trail running
2 months ago

Unfortunately, I had to turn around about .5 from the lake due to a lot of snow on the ground that I couldn’t navigate through. A lot of snow still on the trail. The spots without snow were either somewhat muddy or wet with snow run off. Will probably perfect in 3-4 weeks!

This hike is absolutely gorgeous, and I’d recommend going down to the lake. Be careful though, there are a lot of wildlife! We almost ran into a moose, it was a beautiful sight though. I’d say this hike is actually very easy, just muddy especially early in the season. The trail can be a little hard to find at the beginning we got lost a few times.

The trail is narrow and somewhat steep at parts, making for a good challenge. It was well packed and microspikes worked great! Didn’t make it to the lake, but there were some beautiful views along the way. About half way up it clears and levels a bit for some beautiful views. Waterfall is at the base

5 months ago

Amazing trail!!
Unfortunat there was no path anymore a 1/2mile before the 2nd waterfall so i navigated with GPS
It took me 2 days in a row making my way through knee deep snow to get 3/5 of the way to the lake.
I hope that someone wil follow my path soon before fresh snow and wind covers it en finishes it for me to the lake!!
So bummed that im leaving en cant finnish it myself tomorrow :(
Please let me know if you did!

Best Winter trail

as 11/25/17 trail ends at 4 miles (9400 feet)
the first half is very icy...where studs and bring poles!

This trail has it all, falls, steep slopes, rock climbing for kids, bridges and it is highly trafficked. The whole family loved it!

11 months ago

Aspen were perfect ... long hike up and down. 100mi runners at Long Lake.

on Windy Ridge

11 months ago

Nice Sub alpine hike through conifers and aspens with some open wildflower meadows along the aptly named windy ridge. Be prepared for cows. Ends at a nice rocky bluff an Indian artifact site Gorgeous views in many aspects.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Easy going trail, a couple of small creek crossings but nothing big. Walking along the ridge is pleasant with the constant breeze. Bugs not a problem this late in the season.

Turn-off from 40 is open as of 8/12/17. FS road: recommend high clearance vehicle or 4WD if muddy. Good hike.

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