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10 hours ago

We took our 9 and 10 year old children on this trail today. It was beautiful and easy enough that they did not complain at all. The struggle is that the trail has been mostly reclaimed by Mother Nature. There were some spots with an obvious trail marked by blue diamonds but in other areas we were using gps to find our way. It’s not an area we were worried about getting lost in, but in some of the meadows, foraging our own trail turned out to be tricky. I do recommend this hike, just be sure to have your gps handy!

We hiked only to the second falls, so total it was about 6 miles round trip. Entirely up hill for the three miles in. This was definitely a good work out, and the reward is so worth it. After you pass the bridge, make sure to turn around a couple times, the view is amazing. Once we got to the falls, there were pools to swim in, and we even went under the water fall. The water sure does take your breathe away, it is very, very cold!

I’ll second the use of GPS. You start out obviously following a Jeep trail. But about 10 minutes in there is a VERY obvious and well marked trail to the left (blue blazes seen on trees, just like Jeep trail). We followed the very well marked trail through a couple of beautiful alpine meadows all the way to the summit before realizing that was NOT the 1A loop. Oops... I tried to find the loop trail on the backside, but my hiking buddies decided out and back would be just fine. We did see a deer that hopped over the tall grasses to escape our notice. Anyway, don’t assume which way to go - check the map. Out and back to the summit was 2 miles total.

It was unbearably hot the day I ventured to Fish Creek Falls, so I didn’t make it but a quarter mile past the bridge and waterfall before I turned around and went back. The trail down to the waterfall is mostly shaded, and not too steep coming back up. I also walked a short ways down the overlook trail that leads to the top of the waterfall; different scenery and very pretty, but exposed to the sun so very hot. Some loose dirt and a little rocky in spots on the trail, so sturdy shoes are a good idea. Chipmunks, ground squirrels, anglewing butterflies, birds, and very pretty wildflowers were all out in mid July. Very nice, short hike with lots of changing scenery to see: waterfall, aspen groves, conifers, small meadows, rocky cliffsides (overlook trail), surrounding mountains. Went on a weekday late afternoon / early evening, and there was moderate traffic.

Wildflowers were amazing, kids made it all the way! Do not do this trail without GPS, you’ll lose the trail in the meadows, but you’ll be rewarded if you make it! Go clockwise for easier elevation if you’re with kids.

on Spring Creek Trail

6 days ago

Nice trail with only one drawback — loose dogs and lots of poo on trail. Many dogs off leash in the first mile. Most trail users on the early weekday I went were MTB’rs but plenty of room to get out of their way.

Was a beautiful evening to hike and was fun for my whole family! Was easy to access beautiful views of the falls without having to hike too long.

Great trail for new hikers. My family loves hiking, but we don’t go often and we are definitely not very good. This trail was super easy. There is an off leash dog area where my boys got to pet and play with several friendly dogs. A great pond for dogs to swim. A little further is a second pond we walked around and threw rocks. The trail goes on for a long ways but we just went to the second pond and came back. Perfect for 5 and 6 year old new hikers.

on Windy Ridge

6 days ago

Windy Ridge is a beautiful, easy trail that is great for people of all ages! We saw some groups but hiked alone almost the entire time. The view of rabbit ears and the surrounding lakes are really spectacular from the top of the quarry. As mentioned below, definitely bring bug spray and sunscreen (the ridge is completely open with no coverage)! I would likely avoid after a heavy rain, as it may be pretty muddy.

Had an amazing time today hiking the upper Fish Creek Falls!! Completely worth it! It’s rated difficult and that was fairly accurate for a few portions, (although that rating seems a little strong for the trail overall). I saw several people hiking without a water bottle and that isn’t wise at all, especially on a day as hot as today was.

Picked a good time to go in the afternoon. No storms, plenty of parking, and few people. Good workout and great views. We went on a pretty warm day. Seeing the pools under the waterfall made ya want to try to jump in.

12 days ago

Nice trail. Mostly uphill on the way out but numerous level patches to ease the walk. Good mix of sun and shade for the hot July noonday we walked this on. LOTS of flowers and berries (not yet ripe in early July) and a riot of trees. We only saw wrens and woodpeckers, but heard many other birds. A smattering of exposed geology to admire. This seemed definitely to be a favored trail bike route - we were the only hikers but were overtaken by 7-8 individual riders - so you want to keep an eye out in front and behind. All the riders we saw were in control and courteous.

We took the gondola up and hiked down, which is $25 per person. The views of the valley are just stunning! I would rate this hike as strenuous even for just going down. I didn’t give it five stars because the trail is very overgrown, and there were a ton of bees (mid July) that we had to avoid. I would recommend wearing long pants if you have any grass-related allergies. Overall the hike was worth it, but it was a challenge!

This trail is a tough one, but so rewarding. A word of caution, take care of your knees on the way down.

Gorgeous hike!

Very strenuous hike. Views are great. Make sure you have good gripping shoes. Mostly sand on trail. Takes about two hrs with plenty of breaks. Gondola ride is worth the hike.

Amazing hike and not many travel up past the upper falls! The treck to falls is far worse than hike to the lake. We left trailhead at 9:39 and wish we had gone sooner. We got stuck in storm 1 mike away from lake when we turned around. Wildflowers are gorgeous and you feel like you are walking in a meadow land! Start early and definitely don’t miss this gorgeous hike!!! Totally worth the 11.7 Miles! PS.... bring bug spray!!

We hiked it at noon in July. It was hot for Steamboat Springs. The trail was in great shape and it wasn’t crowded!

14 days ago

This is an easy scenic hike through fields of wildflowers. We only saw 3 other people all day. The trail is narrow and there are bugs so would recommend lightweight hiking pants and bug spray. The flowers and views make it worth it.

14 days ago

Beautiful hike filled with great views and lots of flowers. There are no signs indicating it is Windy Ridge and the drive up to the parking lot looks like a campsite but it’s not. The trail was also pretty quiet and we only saw a few groups of hikers.

Beautiful hike. After the upper falls the trail smooths out. So many flowers and the snow was gone. Just a few wet spots. Definitely hard because it is long and the first half is very rocky. Those rocks are pretty tough going down when your legs are tired. Round trip took us 6 hours including lunch at the top.

Great trail! Made it to the upper falls with our 8 and 12 year old adopted grand kids. Beauty all around. Next year we start earlier and go to the lake.

Great hike. It’s not as crazy as I was expecting.

16 days ago

Good hike close to town

Very crowded but not surprising on a Fourth of July weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It was very hot so bring plenty of water.

First timer, but really enjoyed the hike up to the 2nd of two waterfalls.

Definitely more of a cross country trail. We lost the trail in the meadow about a mile in. Pretty wild flowers but there are many better trails in the steamboat area.

Fun hike. Not for the faint of heart. We are a flat lander family and we made it! The views from the upper falls are amazing!

20 days ago

nice little loop. About an hour. Cows were the big feature when i went. Quarter of it shaded

Great Trail! Beautiful Views! Easy incline.

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