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Did this hike from Base Camp Trailhead to Fish Creek Trailhead down in town. Around 13 miles via Wyoming Trail(CDT)(trail 1101) and Fish Creek Trail(1102). Fish creek canyon is amazing. The lakes are okay, not what I was expecting.

I cheated to some extent. Went up gondola to catch the Friday morning yoga class, had lunch and then hiked down the trail. Nice views of valley and wild flowers. Challenging enough to use a walking stick.

2 days ago

Closed as of 8/11/18 due to fire in the Sarvis Creek Wilderness. We hiked into the trail after the postings on the trailhead were unclear if this particular trail was closed. About .25 miles into the hike there was a black bear peacefully eating berries off a bush that was overhanging the trail. We were maybe 15 yards from the bear and it quickly scurried off into the bushes when it heard us. Large (probably bear) scat on the trail further ahead. About .7 miles into the hike we found a clear and distinct warning that this trail was closed from a gate that guarded the trail and was locked. Posted warning stated all of the Sarvis Creek Wilderness Area was closed due to the fire. I imagine not much human trail activity for the past few weeks may have invited bears and other wildlife closer to the trail. Otherwise looked like a beautiful hike and I will be back when the fires have run their course.

3 days ago

The signage on this trail is absolutely nonexistent and we ended up getting lost and having to walk a dangerous road back to our car with our 5 year old in tow! Whoever wrote the description on this app didn’t bother to say which trailhead to take, right or left? Saw zero wildlife on this “wildlife trail” and there are some beautiful open meadow spots but not very much tree coverage so most of this hike was HOT. US Forest service needs to do major work to this trail before anyone should consider hiking it!

Soooo crowded-went around 10:30 on a Saturday so not surprising. Pretty hike with 2 waterfalls. The one at the top is big and really pretty!

This is a well marked trail with a steady pitch all the way to the top. Beautiful scenery and lots of shade. We hiked up and took the tram down (free).

4 days ago

Great trail. No bikes on a Thursday 10-2. Runs along the creek so you can hear running water through the hike!!

Easy walk from where I was staying to trail head. Encountered a few bikers but a good morning hike.

Mix of sandy, rocky, hilly and flat. Trail is narrow at times with heavy brush surrounding. Made it to 2nd falls. Took just over an hour each way. Some sun and some shade. Bring plenty of water. Can be challenging in places. Worth it to get to overlook.

7 days ago

Meh trail. Follows road the whole time.

I’d give it 5 but the first bit is quite busy - we went on a Sunday and everyone plus their mother was there. The second waterfall is glorious, and was much quieter. A quick swim in freezing water is just the tonic, and there are some beautiful views on the way down. Really easy to reach from Steamboat Springs too.

Hiked one way to the hot springs. Enjoyed the sound of the stream running alongside the trail. The incline was gradual and the trail was mostly shaded. I was recording the hike and it showed the trail ending before I reached the hot springs. There were people camping near the end and they assured me that I was almost to the hot springs.

Be prepared for a workout! Hiking uphill almost the entire way to the top. Pretty rocky. The view is worth the hike to the top though! Just watch the trail carefully— it’s so rocky at the top, I took a wrong turn 3 times coming down; the trail is easy to use, especially since people have created a bunch of little cutoff trails to get some good views. The waterfalls are beautiful!

Amazing! Not an avid hiker and was able to navigate well. Bring water!!! Hiked to the second falls after turning back half way earlier in the week...so glad we went back! The views and scenery are so worth it! Will head for the lake next time!

13 days ago

Spent two hours meandering this trail with my toddler. It was perfect for him, 3 bridges which he could throw rocks and sticks off, mostly shaded and through forest, a place to dip feet in the steam. On an August Tuesday from 10-12pm we saw 1 biker only.

14 days ago

This trail is an ideal mountain biking trail as it is smooth with no technical aspects. As for hiking, I'd recommend doing in the spring or fall as it was very hot and dry in late July. Well marked with a good parking area and a clean pit toilet available. Also not crowded and plenty of fun roads to explore in the surrounding area.

Great hike with the family. At fishhook lake, lots of fish to catch! Keep going up to Lake Elmo for another beautifully secluded lake.

The toad leading to the trailhead is very rough and narrow at times. Recommend 4 wheel drive.

15 days ago

Very pretty trail on mostly open meadows. Does seem like you are walking on an off toad trail

my first hike it was amazing but snow kept us from finding the lake at the top

15 days ago

Unexpected lake if you continue further than the beginning Ridge. Saw a deer at the beginning hopping through the meadow.

This trail is heavily used by mountain bikers. The hike itself is beautiful with three lakes in one hike. FYI: at the Lost Lake/Lake Elmo junction.. Lost Lake is the shorter to hike to.. literally just around the corner. Elmo Lake is about a mile further from the junction.

This hike has gorgeous wildflowers (late July) and three pretty lakes spread out along the hike. It’s a great off-leash trail for dogs since it’s not crowded and has fresh water to play in. Next time we plan to pack tents in and camp lakeside.

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18 days ago

Absolutely love this fun, rolling hill hike! Beautiful! We did this with our kids/teens and we all enjoyed it. The cattle grazing on the other side of the fence were a fun bonus to watch as we hiked.

The trail is well marked.

Nice, easy hike. Went with my 64 year old mother-in-law with bad hips. Made it up in about 82 minutes. Plenty of shade, nice views, hundreds of butterflies! We saw a few small snakes, nothing poisonous.

A few important notes:
1. From the trailhead, the path starts at the entrance to the parking lot and goes south about a half mile before turning up a dirt road. DO NOT go up the Mad Creek trail, this leads in the complete opposite direction.
2. We found the trail to be longer than reported on here by about a half mile. It is about 6.4 miles round trip.

Not a ton of elevation gain, and coming back is super quick. Takes about 50min to an hour. Very doable in regular sneakers or even sandals. We carried water and food with us in addition to a change of clothes and towels to the hot springs.

Hike there: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2878118874
Hike back: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2878124077

As others have said, beautiful hike with epic views and really convenient to Steamboat. We saw 3 full grown elk, countless wildflowers and the best views that CO has to offer. Ends up at a small quarry with stunning views, especially for those with no fear of ledges! Take your time and take it all in. Pack a lunch. Much more exposed to the sun than you might guess. Slightly downhill most of the way out so slightly uphill on the way back.

23 days ago

We took our 9 and 10 year old children on this trail today. It was beautiful and easy enough that they did not complain at all. The struggle is that the trail has been mostly reclaimed by Mother Nature. There were some spots with an obvious trail marked by blue diamonds but in other areas we were using gps to find our way. It’s not an area we were worried about getting lost in, but in some of the meadows, foraging our own trail turned out to be tricky. I do recommend this hike, just be sure to have your gps handy!

We hiked only to the second falls, so total it was about 6 miles round trip. Entirely up hill for the three miles in. This was definitely a good work out, and the reward is so worth it. After you pass the bridge, make sure to turn around a couple times, the view is amazing. Once we got to the falls, there were pools to swim in, and we even went under the water fall. The water sure does take your breathe away, it is very, very cold!

I’ll second the use of GPS. You start out obviously following a Jeep trail. But about 10 minutes in there is a VERY obvious and well marked trail to the left (blue blazes seen on trees, just like Jeep trail). We followed the very well marked trail through a couple of beautiful alpine meadows all the way to the summit before realizing that was NOT the 1A loop. Oops... I tried to find the loop trail on the backside, but my hiking buddies decided out and back would be just fine. We did see a deer that hopped over the tall grasses to escape our notice. Anyway, don’t assume which way to go - check the map. Out and back to the summit was 2 miles total.

This trail is more of a dirt road that you can access other trails off of. The mountain is geared to mountain bikers instead of hikers. This trail is straight up with no break in incline the entire way. If you are a seasoned hiker at altitude, this is a moderate hike. If you are from the Midwest or sea level, this would be considered a difficult/strenuous hike. There is no shade the entire trail. The view of Mt. Werner ski mountain at the quarry is gorgeous.

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