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Silverton, Colorado Map

The most perfect hike you could ever take in CO or possibly the world. Leaves us truly speechless. The water REALLY is that blue! Be prepared for water crossings and a difficult ascent, but it is completely worth it.

scenic driving
5 days ago

Can’t wait to do this one with some friends. Frozen lake, 12,960 elevation, beautiful views and only 3 hr ride even stopping and enjoying scenery.

off road driving
5 days ago

Seems like every trail around this area is very scenic

There last August. One of the best hikes I’ve done. Great woods at the beginning. A fabulous meadow about mid hike with a great variety of wildflowers to wade through. And a big payoff at the top with a photo perfect lake. I’m in decent shape for pushing 60, and it was a good days exercise, hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

We hiked this trail the first week in June, 2018. It was amazing. Epic views.

Steady elevation gain entire trail. With a heavy pack it was fun but tough lol. Island lake still has a little ice, but beautiful!

13 days ago

We only completed half of the trail, we saw the great meadowland, did not make it to the lake, but it was worth the hike! When made a detour for almost 4 hours drive back to Durango due to the 416 fire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/416_Fire.

13 days ago

My best friend and I tackled this bad boy last Friday (6/1) after spending the night at the Mineral Creek Campground near the trailhead. We started our hike around 10 am and completed it around 5 pm. We did spend some time relaxing and having lunch at Fuller Lake, which probably added an additional hour to our hike.

There were a plethora of magnificent waterfalls all the way to the top of Ice Lake, which made this strenuous trek incredibly worth while. When you reach the plateau right before the final ascent is where you arrive in the valley of waterfalls, which is absolutely astounding.

There was quite a bit of snow once we reached Ice Lake, and that continued up to Fuller Lake. However, we did make it all the way up without crampons. But there were a few parts where we postholed and almost fell in the river, as the snow was incredibly soft from the heat.

The weather was perfect (mid 60's) all the way up to Fuller Lake, without a cloud in the sky and just some strong wind near the summit where we had to pack on the layers.

We had Fuller Lake all to ourselves and spent around 45 minutes there having lunch and taking in the views. We also lucked out with the same fortune at the top of Island Lake.

The trek down can be a bit treacherous if you do not know the way, and it also didn't help that the trail was covered in snow. Luckily, I had the All Trails app pulled up on my phone and we were able to follow the trail via the online map.

This is one of the most majestic and challenging hikes I have ever done. I would love to come back a little later in the summer when the lakes have thawed and I can enjoy them in all their beauty!

14 days ago

Great hike. 6/1/18, Lake accessible. Some snow, but easily accomplished.

17 days ago

Great view from the top!!

Beautiful views all the way up the mountain! The Ice Lake and Island Lake are still frozen over and there was plenty of snow when you get to the last mile of the hike, but nothing crazy. Climbed with nothing but water, some snacks and one of my friends even had just running shoes! In the afternoon the lower lakes and ponds thaw and the flowers bloom, almost a different hike down!

Beautiful and so worth the hike. Great for backpacking.

Gorgeous hike! The trail was bone dry. Incredible views and you can get right up to the railroad and see the train pass.

Very hard but great views!!

Great hike in an awesome spot in the San Juan Mountains. Still wet and snowy for the last half mile to the top.

off road driving
23 days ago

Great easy off-road trail. 1 downed tree that was easy to pass under in my wrangler. Stopped about half a mile to the lake due to snow about 3 feet deep covering the remainder of the road. Hiked to the lake and it is currently completely frozen over. Few washouts on the trail at the start of each switchback you will have to straddle to get up in a vehicle. 4 wheel drive recommended but wasn’t needed in the Jeep. Medium clearance would be my suggestion. Plenty of rocks in the road but only had to move one to make it with no scrapes.

23 days ago

Nice Jeep trail to Kendall Peak. Had to stop where the road splits to go to Kendall peak and Kendall mountain due to too large of snow drifts across the road. There is a mine here with metal grating here as well. Hiked the rest of the way to Kendall Peak. Standing on Kendall 2 has a good view of all of Silverton. Easy hike as you can stay on the road crossing snow on foot. Gloves and wind breaker recommended if you go anytime soon. It’s cold up there even if warm in town. No cover from the wind and it was blowing something fierce.

23 days ago

Beautiful hike with plenty of switchbacks to help alleviate the elevation increase of 2430 feet. Filled with waterfalls year round. But LOTS of water flowing this time of year. If you go anytime soon I suggest gloves for the very last half mile of this hike as you will be thigh deep in snow when you fall in crossing it. I’m 5’4 and almost disappeared a few times. There is no way to avoid the snow nearing the top of the trail but push through it, it’s worth it. Other than that short sleeve and shorts were fine temperature wise. Lake was frozen over on arrival, but snow covered mountains made for a nice view. Saw many Marmots, 2 elk, a porcupine, and a LARGE Black Bear. Will be back to see the lake unthawed later in the year.

24 days ago

My all time favorite hike

Awesome trail!! We were unable to get to the upper lakes because of deep snow and the lower lake still had a small amount of ice on it. The waterfalls throughout the hike are amazing. We ate lunch near a huge waterfall right beside the split to go to the upper lakes. A hard hike but definitely worth it. It look my husband and I 3hrs to make it to the lower lake (we stopped frequently for lots of photo opportunities) and 1.5hrs back down.

nature trips
26 days ago

Short, simple, beautiful. And the water was cold but great! Recommend shoes with good ankle support because even though it’s easy, there was a lot of loose rock. Also to get all the way to the trailhead will require decent clearance on your car.

If you’re looking for the trailhead in google maps, it’s called Potato Lake, not spud lake.

Went up the trail 5/14/2018 during a perfect sunny warm day. The spring of 2018 was extremely dry so the climb up was overall pretty easy and dry. Came across a few down trees during the climb but our Land Rover Discovery fit under them with a few inches to spare. I assume the trail isn’t cleared very often. As we approached the summit we came across some drifted snow which blocked the trail as well as a fair amount of 1-3’ rocks that had fallen on the trail so we hike the last section up to the falls. Beautiful scenery and long range views. Great trail but as you reach the summit the trail narrows however there a several places to pull off on the way up. Passed only one other truck on the climb. Had a great time, great trail.

The trail was very icy and muddy, leaving areas of unmarked trail. Couldn’t summit as the snow was knee deep at about the 2.5 mile. Also, wind was very strong today.

Easier than we expected. Amazing views. It took us just over 4 hours round trip. No snow on the trail. Not too wet or muddy either. The mileage was spot on.

Once we crossed the Highway heading west there was a lot of snow and mud on the trail. Little Molas was still partially frozen, but the trail is doable.

Great trail! We didn't make it to the lakes. There was still snow on the trail.

Very good hike for our first Colorado hike. The altitude was an obstacle, but we managed. The dogs loved it, especially the stream down at the bottom. Would like to do this again when the trail is dry and no snow. Trail is rocky in some areas. Very nice views of the mountains.

The views from this trail are incredible! Hiked on 4/29/18 in mostly sunny weather with high winds. Was the only one on the trail for five hours. While Molas Lake itself was still frozen, the trail was 95% dry except for thick mud leading from the trailhead and patches of snow in shaded woody areas. The downhill views and Amimas River are well worth the return climb.

1 month ago

We decided to see how far we could get on this trail in April knowing that we would probably hit snow at some point. There was less snow this year than usual in Colorado (2018) but we were not able to get to the top in regular hiking shoes (snowshoes definitely would help). We kept falling through the top layer of snow/ice up to our knees/thighs which made trudging on very difficult. We got about 1.5 miles in / 1300 ft up before turning around. The trail was lost to the snow eventually too (used phone GPS and looked for cut logs where the trail would be cleared). It was still very pretty and worthwhile but we'll have to return once the snow is gone. The temperature at the end of April was quite pleasant: just had a hat, some long-sleeve layers on top, and shorts (even in the snow it wasn't that cold).

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