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2 days ago

If you do one trail while you're in the San Juans, this should be it. 2WD accessible trailheads are hard to come by here! Wish we had known about the loop, but our guide book was old so it didn't include that option. Island Lake is breathtaking. The altitude and gain make this a difficult hike but there is only one small scramble section up to Island. Trail easy to navigate.

Amazing hike! We went in mid July and wildflowers were in peak bloom. This hike has it all....wildflowers, Mountain View’s, and amazing alpine lakes. This hike is a must. I would recommend going early or going on a weekday to avoid crowds. Several great spots to camp of you wanted to turn it into an overnight trip. I would say this hike is moderate and not hard. Easy switchbacks the whole way up.

Drove 2 1/2 hours to hike this trail a few days ago at 8 months pregnant. It was challenging but so worth it. We had some rain on the way up, but it passed and the view of Ice Lake and the majestic blue water did not disappoint. My husband and I had lunch at the lake and did not want to leave! If you can make it to the top, the hike back down is significantly faster and easier. It’s a must do!

I had so much fun on this 3 day trip.. very good trail, rolling hills and climb.. both ways are good exercise but still easy/moderate. We had a lot of visitors like deer, birds, chipmunks, etc. I highly recommend this trail for a day hike, or backpack, or even to get someone hooked to the outdoors, because the views are breathtaking and the rewards are high.

We only went 3 miles up and back down, but it was so beautiful!!! Lots of wildflowers and beautiful views of the mountains !

I love taking photos of my experiences and this was the hike of all hike to do just that. Note 1: when you get to the first water crossing don’t head up the river and bear crawl your way forward. Cross the river at the bottom. The obvious trail switch backs nicely to the top of the waterfall. From here it’s switch backs all the way to a beautiful meadow that leads to the final push of switchbacks. Once you get to the top and see Ice Lake, don’t stop there. Keep on the trail that continues to wind up. There’s another beautiful lake a bit higher that will offer amazing viewpoints down on Ice. There’s an old structure up there too along with a picnic table to have lunch. And since most hikers just stop at Ice to rest you’ll have this area all to yourself. After lunch and as you make your way back down to enjoy Ice Lake your eyes will be amazed all the way down to it. From here head to Island Lake. The emerald contrast to the blue you just experienced won’t be disappointing. Note 2: Keep heading around the Island Lake and keep an eye out for a faint trail that will loop back down to the trail you hiked up making your journey a loop. It’s a bit steeper going down this way but well worth the views and perspective of what your accent to Ice was like is very cool. See photos @jeanpaul574

Such a beautiful hike!! We went up to Island Lake on the wildlife trail on the right side when you first get to the base- glad we did it that way because of the elevation drop into Ice Lakes. Dog was fine and there were plenty of places for him to get some mountain stream water

8 days ago

Beautiful. Hike up to ice lake basin is steep but manageable. Camping in the lower basin is gorgeous- bring the bug spray!! Lots of mosquitos! Was there 8-10 July 2018. Lots of day hikers- not the place to go for solitude, but the crowd does thin out quite a bit if you venture on past Ice Lake to Fuller Lake/Island Lake. Coming back to attack the basin 13ers next year- didn’t see or hear of one person attempting while we were there. A CO must hike!

Unreal hike! The bit of the hike past the meadows is tough, but once you reach the lake you won't regret a thing. I continued upward to Island Lake - definitely worth the additional trek once you're there.

Great hike! Beautiful lake! Take lots of water and snacks so you can enjoy the day there.

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done.

11 days ago

What an amazing hike! Wildflowers at every turn, two lakes, waterfalls, and some amazing views. I would also suggest to hike the small trail up to island Lake after you get to Ice Lake. I am from Texas and this hike kicked my butt, but it was so worth it. There was quite a bit of smoke also due to the fire out side of Durango. I can not recommend this trail enough!

11 days ago

I hked this trail on 6-30-2018. It was challenging, but oh-so-worth it. Wildflowers were in bloom in late June. Here are a few tips and observations: We started early, when it was still cool. The trail was getting hot when we came down that afternoon. I'm 57, weigh 170 lbs and don't work out. I made it to the top, but the headwall is a tough, rocky slog. The lake was blindingly blue. It was cold and windy at the top, but we only stayed about 30 minutes and didn't need a windbreaker. Some landmarks: there is actually a small forest and small meadow (together about 1.5 miles). Then comes the big (Steep) forest and the amazing meadow, also about 1.5 miles. The final mile or so consists of switchbacks up the headwall. Consider taking a small O2 bottle of Boost if not in really good shape (like me).

12 days ago

I did this with a friend on July 2nd. It was AMAZING! It was very challenging for us in places but so worth it when you reach the lake. We are both 54 and from Missouri. We have done some hard rated trails in Arkansas but this was hard. It took us about 8 hours to complete. Just take plenty of water and snacks. I would also highly recommend trekking poles. Hope to do this one again.

This is absolutely amazing! 10/10. Killer. Do the lower, the upper and then don’t miss Island Lake and return via trail behind island lake.

I hiked this trail 3 days ago. Be sure to cross the first waterfall at the bottom, otherwise you will bear crawl to the top! I am 55 and in decent shape, it took about 7 hours with lots of breaks due to the elevation ( I live at sea level. Trekking poles are a must along with bug spray. Definitely a hike worth doing! No regrets.


17 days ago

Great hike, I didn’t find it as difficult as many made it out to be; did it with ease in just running shoes and no other gear (granted I’m 22 and in the military). Water crossings at this point in the season (late June) are really low and very simple. I highly recommend going to the left on the way up to ice lake and continuing on to Fuller lake. On the way back down it is worth the trek over to Island Lake. You won’t want to do it because it does require about another 300-400ft elevation gain but the views from that gain looking back on Ice Lake and the stop at Island Lake is totally worth it! Wouldn’t want to take this path on the way up as it is definitely much steeper.

18 days ago

First time hiking and we decided to do this Trail and MAN!!! It’s no joke but very well worth it. Would hike it again just not to soon

20 days ago

Fantastic hike, this is now one of my favorites in the area now. Lots of mosquitos though

on Crater Lake Trail

22 days ago

Great trail and so worth it! It’s actually 5.7 miles to the lake (11.4 round trip), so it’s longer than advertised. Easy grade and well worth it though! Particularly if the flowers are blooming

One of my favorite day hikes

Fantastic trail, wonderful views. The water crossings are easy to navigate for semi experienced hikers. Trekking poles are helpful. Also mosquitoes are highly active in this trail, bring bug spray.

Wildflowers are prime! Stunning. Pretty good workout.

Another special hike up this great trail through a sea of Wildflowers.

28 days ago

Phenomenal trail! It's beautiful from start to finish. Don't hesitate to go. If you see water, you just have to cross it. Bring your trekking poles. Get ready for a hell of a view at the lake. Bring your camera.

The most perfect hike you could ever take in CO or possibly the world. Leaves us truly speechless. The water REALLY is that blue! Be prepared for water crossings and a difficult ascent, but it is completely worth it.

There last August. One of the best hikes I’ve done. Great woods at the beginning. A fabulous meadow about mid hike with a great variety of wildflowers to wade through. And a big payoff at the top with a photo perfect lake. I’m in decent shape for pushing 60, and it was a good days exercise, hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

Steady elevation gain entire trail. With a heavy pack it was fun but tough lol. Island lake still has a little ice, but beautiful!

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