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Silverton, Colorado Map
4 days ago

I started on the trail at 7:45 AM, and it took me a total of 5.5 hours to complete: 3 hours up, 2 hours down, with 30 minutes in the middle to rest at the lake. In early November I was the only person on the trail, making for a slightly nerve-wracking experience on the way up but a very serene one at the top. There was a decent amount of snow and ice at higher altitude, but with my YaxTrax I was fine. I recommend this hike as a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone - it's a very difficult climb but well worth it!

10 days ago


Beautiful all-around hike. Pretty strenuous/steady uphill climb, especially the last 1000ft. But definitely worth it! Spikes (or some type of traction) required at this point.

15 days ago

off road driving
21 days ago

One of our favorite trails while we were in the silverton area! Beautiful lake!

25 days ago

I've heard that it's a lovely hike, but we didn't actually do it because the directions link sent us to a place several miles down the road. The road conditions are really bad, so a couple of miles meant that the actual trallhead was out of our reach for the day. I realize that this was our own fault, but I wanted to leave a review so that others know not to trust the link sent to their phone.

27 days ago

I was only following the general outline of the loop, and kept going south beneath the face of Engineer Mountain....after awhile I felt the trail was not looking back to the trailhead and just figured it best to keep on it to the highway. So I ended up on 550, 4 miles and 1,400 feet below my car. Incredible hike....just an FYI

1 month ago

Hard hike. Beautiful hike. 65 years old and took me almost 8 hrs up and down. Ice lake was still not frozen but island lake was mostly frozen over. Trail was icy in spots.

beautiful views of red mountain

I actually hiked 4.8 miles to bear creek area from little Molas. was a great day sunny and cool. Views were spectacular. Could see Purgatory, Engineer, Turks and Sultan. Definitely want to go back.

off road driving
1 month ago

Very nice view when you reach the top. It's a slow drive with narrow parts, and many switch backs, but well worth the trip.

Tough incline in the way up but the icy waterfalls and streams along the way were just as beautiful as the final destination! We brought layers and striped down pretty quick, didn’t need as many as we thought.

1 month ago

Hiked this the second week of October on a beautiful sunny day. Made it to ice lake in about 3 hours with several short stops to catch our breath along the way. Started here:

Ice lakes trailhead
37. -773, 806 WA-107, Durango, CO 81301


The first 1/3 winds uphill and can be strenous at times. The second 1/3 is mostly flat as you hike along the lower ice lake basin. The last 1/3 is the toughest, with a steady, steep incline, but is worth it once you reach ice lake. We started around 10 AM and the air was crisp, but I was comfortable with 3 layers - flannel, sweatshirt, and light wind jacket - along with jeans and knee high socks. I was down to just the flannel by the end of the first 3rd and stayed that way the rest of the hike.

We ate lunch at ice lake and decided not to continue to island lake. Instead, we hiked back down the way we came, which took about 2.5 hrs with a few short breaks. It was killer on the quads, so beware of wobbly legs and take breaks to avoid unsteadiness.

I'm not a regular hiker but in decent shape (run 2 miles a few times a week) and was fine with breaks. Bring plenty of water.