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so beautiful and the falls at the end is gorgeous. easy hike!

2 days ago

Great, but challenging hike. We found another way up to escape majority of boulders by staying left of the trail next to bushes. Close to the top lonely goat joined us for a picture. It took us total 6h.

Beautiful trail! Not very crowded on a weekday, lots of variation in scenery.

Challenging (moderate/difficult) to Surprise Lake and a more moderate second half to Upper Cataract Lake. We left the TH at 6:30am, arrived at Upper Cataract shortly after 9:00am. We fished with small spinners and spoons and caught four brook trout. Great hike, we will be back to camp at Surprise Lake!

Nice easy hike around the lower lake. Tried fishing, but didnt even see a fish. Very busy trail. Perfect for families.

The first mile was OK but after that it is just cut down dead trees and not very pretty. We turned around after two miles in...kind of a disappointing hike. Maybe further in it gets better but not from what we could see.

6 days ago

Amazing 360 views from this summit! Thanks to the old beetle kill, there is very limited shade the entire route. Pack plenty of water, especially for your dogs.

Hiked this in July by myself. On a weekday I only saw 2 other people. Challenging boulderfield...especially if you get off trail. Start the field to the RIGHT of the large cairyn....if you start to the left you will be climbing straight up til you find the trail. Lots of goats and stunning views from the top. Summited in 2.5 hours...and I’m from Minnesota...so it’s doable...but challenging.

10 days ago

Nice hike, interesting differences in how the fire has affected the area. I’d estimate less than 20% is completely burnt - 60% is untouched. Regardless- many signs of new life as seen in my pictures!

The views down by the lakes were incredible. The beginning of the hike is not as scenic, but was worth the wait.

12 days ago

Many of the views are very beautiful. However, with all of the pine beetle kill, there are hundreds of downed trees that cover portions of the trail, particularly between the trails near the Cataract lakes in the north down to Boulder Lake. There is evidence that the Forest Service has tried to clear the trails by chainsawing out the dead pines that have fallen onto the trail(s), but they can't keep up with the blowdown.

There is plenty of water, and you never walk more than 2 or 3 miles between decent water sources.

Took the Rock Creek Trail for about 1.2 miles before a fellow hiker told us we were taking the much longer route with lots of bush whacking. Decided to turn around and take the Gore Trail instead. This trail was about 6 miles round trip from the trailhead to the lake. The trail itself wasn’t exceptionally interesting but the lake is well worth the trek. Beautiful views!

Sweet, simple, and to the point.

18 days ago

We had a great time, the weather was good. It was incline most of the way, but very gradual, so it made for a great workout. The lake was lovely and serene, and the return was easily managed. Definitely recommend this trail.

It was a beautiful day for a great hike through the aspens and the lodgepole pine forest. We did not make it to the falls because they were working on building a new bridge. It was not a challenging hike but was a well marked path. To get to this trail head you take Royal Buffalo up to a Y in the road and stay right. You will be on a gravel road. At the top you take a right and it will take you to the trailhead at the end.

19 days ago

What an amazing trail. We followed a river the whole time... my dog had a blast. No bikers, very few people - the falls at the top: beautiful

Just awful.
1. TH starts in residential area
2. No views until 5 miles in..
3. Until you’re 5 miles in, you’re walking over debris and dead trees..
4. Steady incline with no promise of a view at the top took the fun out of it

20 days ago

Spent 5 days at Upper Cataract lake. As others have said, the hike is not exactly easy but if I can do it it's not impossible (I was clocking a 40-50 minute mile). The lake is spectacular. Especially the side that has the shear cliffs. That side also has incredible fishing. Caught many brookies, browns, and hybrids.

Mirror lake, in my opinion, is okay but not nearly as nice as Upper Cataract. If you hike to Mirror lake be sure to cross the stream that runs out of Mirror lake even though you probably won't see the trail on the other side. Don't be tempted by the trail to your left unless you really, really like making your way over a very large boulder field. Don't ask me how I know.

Gorgeous views at the lake. Hike was tough for our 7 year old. Well worth the work to get to the lake. Not busy at all on a very nice sunday morning

Great challenging trail with an awesome payoff at the end with the falls. Climbed some rocks near the falls to get a beautiful view from the top. Finished in about 4 hours with stopping, but didn’t see any wildlife.

Started at 8am, very little traffic due to chance of rain. Turned out to be a beautiful day. 7 and 11 year olds did it no problem. Great hike!

Beautiful well-marked trail with light weekday traffic. Our dogs and we loved it!

Buffalo is a little bit of everything. A walk through the trees - the burn area right now is amazing to experience - a scramble through a challenging boulder field and a slow steady ascent to the summit. The views and the goats at the top are amazing. The journey down is rough on the knees and toes. Always a great hike.

This 2.3 mile loop trail around the lake is an easy trail (only 230 feet elevation gain) that offers a view of a waterfall cascading from perhaps 200-300 feet above. The sound of the waterfall accompanied us on most of the hike. The start of the hike (8:40am) was the most exciting....we were met early-on by a skinny fox who had just caught a chipmunk. I would have expected the fox to run away quickly, but he was much more intent upon securing the chipmunk in his mouth before making his exit. We also enjoyed seeing a huge beaver dam, but...no beavers. We completed the hike in about 1-1/2 hours, stopping to talk to a few couples along the way.

So far so good, on this trail now and it’s stunning even with the recent wild fires that raged through.

trail running
26 days ago

Children (9-12y.o.) friendly. Very easy, with great views at the end. Go very early in the morning 6:30am for trail running, there’s a lot of traffic. By 8:30-8:45am the parking lot is full.

This was an easy mountain ascent with some great views. We were tempted to go beyond the Tenderfoot Trail and would have if we had started earlier. It took us about an hour to ascend, take some breaks to enjoy the awesome views, and give the pups some breaks. It was a mostly sunny hike and quite warm for July.

30 days ago

I loved this trail. We went up via the Angler Trail and it was sort of steep but not terribly so in my opinion. And the views were amazing right from the start. This trail does pass through a lot of subdevelopment construction and by an electrical substation but once you clear the power lines about 50" into the hike, you leave that all behind. And that being said, the "unnatural" sights along the way weren't a buzz kill. Just know what to expect.
When we go to the end of the Angler Trail, unfortunately we went right when we should have gone left. The map seemed to our party of 5 hikers to point us right so we did... wrong! We should have gone left. Fortunately we did employ the GPS function and it became apparent after a quarter of a mile that we were going down the mountain rather than up. In fact we then ran into another hiker who was also coming down the wrong trail so I don't think it was us being stupid. Someone needs to revamp the map in this app.
Anyways we found our way back to the right trail and it was a short hike to the gorgeous outlook with a log bench perfect for a water and snack break enroute to the summit or a destination in and of itself for those looking for a half day hike (probably an hour and a half to get to it). Then the long slog to treeline but really a pleasant grade with good footing and great views. About 3 hours from the start we hit the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness sign at treeline (even saw a Ptarmigan bird just before this sign!). Then the long crossing of the open grassy meadows to the summit with expansive views in all directions. It took about an hour and 15" to get to the summit from there. There are a couple of false summits so don't get summit fever too early.
The summit was cool and very windy but beautiful. It is marked by a large cairn and you turn right off the Ptarmigan Trail at the sign pointing straight to Ute Mountain. The sign doesn't indicate the right turn to the summit but it's pretty obvious as the large cairn is visible from that sign.
This is a definite repeat! Very enjoyable with pretty wildflowers along the whole route, amazing views, gentle grade and good footing! Enjoy!

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